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Emini Tutor is yet another certified NinjaTrader Ecosystem Educational Provider with NO VERIFIABLE TRADING ACCOUNT and no verifiable history of ever trading successfully. Yet, vendor expects the naive newbie to fork over $5k for a “Platinum Bachelor’s Degree” as worthless as an education at Donald Trump University.

The vendor was uncooperative and highly manipulative during the investigative phase of this review.

Yet another charlatan trading on a simulator, recording fake trades and trying to convince anyone that will send him money that he is a full-time professional futures trader. A waste of time from a soft-spoken carnival barker. Avoid.

Thanks for reading today’s review of Emini Tutor

Emini Tutor is a day trading education company that specializes in mentoring and tutoring students on how to become full-time professional futures traders. The owner of the company is a guy named Horst. I have no idea what his last name it. He does not publish it, nor reveal it. Horst is offering the following products and services:

  • Silver Associates Degree $2975
  • Gold Bachelor’s Degree $2575
  • Platinum Bachelor’s Degree $4750

The Emini Tutor is currently occupying the following web, and social media profiles:

About Horst from Emini Tutor

Horst claims that he was “bitten by the trading bug” in 2000. That he went through 3 years of hard knocks and losing money, only to discover that trading success was finally found by hiring a good trading coach. In fact, he hired three different trading coaches before finally realizing the secret powers of Elliott Wave and Gann Theory.

In addition, Horst also incorporates into his training program various aspects of mind control. The Emini Tutor website is a mishmash of psychological “psycho-babble” including terms like E-Mini Mentalism, EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques, Intuitional Trading, and subconscious reprogramming.

Trading vendors and trading educators all seem to have their own secret sauce. Whether it be a super-secret algorithm, a fancy sounding trading indicator, an appeal to spirituality or Jesus, a formula that calculates shifting stars and moon patterns, the ability to supposedly read institutional order flow, etc. We at TradingSchools.Org have seen it all, and heard it all.

Horst from Emini Tutor appears to be using a formula of pseudoscientific technical analysis indicators, with a heavy helping of psycho-babble.

Of course, all of this sounds so fine and dandy on a website. But what we at TradingSchools.Org are only interested in…does this guy trade? Does he trade profitably? Has Horst demonstrated any verifiable ability to actually pull profits from the markets?

Contacting Horst, asking about trading performance.

In the past 2 years, TradingSchools.Org has received 7 requests to review Emini Tutor. In addition, we have received one complaint.

In speaking with all requesting parties, the first question we wanted to know…how did you find EminiTutor.com? How did you come into contact with Horst? All parties found Horst through a listing on the Ninja Trader Ecosystem website. Emini Tutor is listed as a “verified educational provider” for Ninja Trader. This listing provided a sense of comfort and assurance that Ninja Trader had actually vetted Horst and found him worthy of an educational provider listing.

Furthermore, all parties wanted to know if the many trading videos posted on YouTube were real trades? They wanted to know if Horst was creating fraudulently produced videos of Horst making big profits while day trading. A perusal of the YouTube page includes page after page of nothing but Horst supposedly executing winning trades. In fact, in the 50 videos…we could not find a single losing day. Simply incredible. If true.

During the month of May 2017, TradingSchools.Org reached out to Horst at Emini Tutor requesting information for our review. We provided examples of what a positive review looks like, and what a negative review looks like. The heart of a positive review contains undeniable proof that the trading mentor is actually trading. That he can demonstrate that what he is teaching has been validated in real-time market conditions.

We also explained that nearly all negative reviews were the result of the trading educator making fraudulent claims as to personal trading performance. And we would be writing about any exposed fraud.

Emini Tutor and Horst, a manipulative hustler.

Horst responded to our request to validate his personal trading performance with a long-winded ridiculous explanation as to why he could provide no proof that he even has an active trading account. We offered to redact, conceal, or simply flash view a monthly account statement that verified only a single executed trade. The bar was set rediculously low. His response was predictable, sad, manipulative, and downright pathetic.

Eventually, he admitted that he did not actually have a trading account and that his “trading educational and mentorship program” was for “educational purposes only.”

I am left to wonder how anyone cold possible send this outright con-artist nearly $5k for a ‘Platinum Batchelor’s Degree’?

Emini Tutor

Anyone can be a simulated trading hero.

The one negative review that TradingSchools.Org received came from a customer that felt duped, embarrassed and ashamed of being taken. That he was drawn into the scam by Horst’s sales pitch that successful trading was “all just a matter of having his mind reprogrammed“. And that Horst assured him that the YouTube videos were all 100% real trades. He was only later to discover that the YouTube videos were all created in simulated trading, recorded in hindsight.

Thanks for reading. And remember, there is nothing wrong with hiring a trading educator…just make sure that the trading educator has demonstrated his craft in real time. Ask for account statements. If none provided…simply move on.

And shame on NinjaTrader for giving this Horst character free advertising in which to conduct his fraud.

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Jeff Klus

My problem is not with Horst, my experience is it works.
My problem is with the integrity of the CME, ICE etc
Plus are the Ninja trading sites along with the rest all in bed with the CME etc.
Are they the crooks, not Horst?

Rob B

Really? Maybe you should ask your buddy Horst to show actual proof he can trade profitably. Or maybe minor details like that don’t bother you.

And yes the Real World data feed and all are part of trading.

Jeff K

Horst system works fine,, if he wants to keep his privacy on trading $$, more power to him. Only reason his system would fail is if you don’t have the balls to hold the trades to target, and that is an issue between your ears not the system.
Why does it work on SIM, but not real $ is an issue between your ears, period.


Sorry Jeff but even his “student” charts all looked the same, that doesn’t happen in the real world. I must admit, I did like his background music.

I am one who PAID FOR AND DID Horst’s training. As did 2 friends. One did really well with, but has personal phobia of more than one contract. But he does very well. Not a BSer! He referred me after had done first 2 courses and was steadily doing well. Facts from one (and friends) who have done his full training: Downside: He won’t let you record anything. He doesn’t give you anything written. You have to just take your own notes when you do his class each week. It’s a lot of nuances, which do all make sense when… Read more »
Rob B
” I made a lot of very good trades in sim. But when I went live, I really didn’t have a large enough capital to not be too stressed out.” According to Emmett, “in the 50 videos…we could not find a single losing day”, so why would you experience any stress with no winning dies. On the other hand if Horst is lying about those no winning days you can bet he is lying about everything else. As far as those mysterious friends that are making money, I have known lots of folks that love to brag about their winners… Read more »
It doesn’t sound any different from any other coin-tossing method that works well enough to be a breakevener , yup, on sim. Exactly, RobB, about always hearing stories of some initial success. It’s always initial in the blurbs and testimonials. ” I just started and doing really well…in sim” etc. or “been following along in sim for 1 month, will tell you more later in 3 months” , and two years later no more word like the the ‘testimonial” person never existed. Or hearing about another guy who tried this vendor’s method five years ago and might say oh i… Read more »
Rob B
DTChurn, I have heard everything you wrote from wanna be day traders. I Skype with many day traders and sometimes it is down right painful. After getting off the Kool-Aid and realizing this whole industry is one big scam, I tell others. And some just cannot accept reality going from one room to another thinking one of them must be legit. It is like the old saying you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink. Instead of the 7 Stages of Grief, each person must go through the 7 Stages of Reality before realizing these… Read more »
Horst is a former student of a person named “Henry” (most likely a fake name), who ran several trading rooms, the name of the longest standing one was NFT or “New Futures Trading”. Henry’s borrowed some of the Nexgen ideas and mixed in some guru-like brain washing psycho babble; he would train you his method of fibonaccis and macdbb’s for a mere 10K USD (afaik). Things got nasty once Mr Henry founded a ‘hedge fund’ with promises of vast riches, and eventually ran away with a million USD investors money, disappearing into the void… I have no idea what Horsts… Read more »
Jim Penski

I see a lot of good coaches being slammed on this website. It has to make a person wonder if the author is bought and paid for. Just like Tech review websites the number 1 spot goes to the product/service with the deepest pockets… sad.

Stray Dog

Good coaches who can’t or won’t provide any evidence that they do trade, can trade or that the method they are selling can be traded profitably.

If brains were dynamite some people wouldn’t have enough to blow their head off if they sneezed.

Sure, for those who don’t mind being sold a dream down the river of the particular vendor coach’s delusion, where the “coach” has long since stopped trading live where he can sell hotdog platinum packages for $4k each. They probably enjoy the interaction of the “coaching session” somewhat where the captive audience-dupe initially listens to them respectfully something the dream coach probably doesn’t get much of in their real life of family and circle who have long known they run a shamshow. Kind of like, oh yeah, you mean the next door neighbor with the “palm reader” sign on their… Read more »
Rob B

“I see a lot of good coaches being slammed on this website. ” All these “Good” coaches have to do is actually show proof of their claims. Apparently that is just too high a bar to set. Being they cannot show any proof maybe you can. But somehow I serous doubt it as it is pretty clear you must be associated with a vendor, why else post a motherhood statement yet once provide no evidence to back it up.


Ninjatrader is crap, but loved by all the fancy super trading coaches out there. In this software you can create as many simulator-accounts as you want. You can name them “Live-Trading” or “Real-Money” or use your name or whatever. All the charts and order tools with these simu-accounts look 100% like real money accounts! There is no “Demo” or “Simu” sign. The background of the simu-DOM is dark grey and the live-DOM is light grey. It´s very easy to make the simu-DOM light grey! Be careful if someone shows you with Ninjatrader what a great trader he/she is.


But scammers don’t know even that, they show dark grey dom and say it’s live.

Rob B

If you cannot make money trading live, might as well make money replaying recorded data. It is after all so much easier to do. The only problem is I have not found anyplace to take those Sim bucks made trading recorded data. Maybe they will accept it in exchange for bit coins.

Mike M

I believe SIM bucks could be the new cryptocurrency. If you can’t make real money just trade in SIM bucks the next best thing. Unfortunately, you can’t make car payments or pay your mortgage with SIM bucks, but you know what it’s financial entertainment. When and if the regulators come down on these charlatans, maybe their lawyers will accept their SIM bucks.

I remember a relatively newer member on bmtfioforum who came to the site looking for advice. Granted there was a lot of shill kool-aid, but he pretty much ditched all the few legit advice including staying away from snakeoil vendors, then disappeared. A year later he came back and said he had been learning from Horst. Too bad this review wasn’t around then. Maybe he learned his lesson after enough of his churn phase to be one of the people that sent tradingschools a complaint after being churned out of a “platinum” package. All of these scamsters have stopped trying… Read more »

Yeah, a lot of people ignore good advice because of greed. It happens all the time.

But I’ll give some of them a break because as a newb it’s hard to know who to believe. Some of the shills and kool aid guys are very convincing. They make the daytrading for a living dream seem very very real.


nah, the specific case I recalled wasn’t about greed, “James”(Pete). He thought he knew better and went with a vendor who wasn’t mentioned on bmt. His new act to try to pretend to be a “sane” alter, preaching to the choir tagging my post supposedly correcting it, but the b__ks disease still seeps out.