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A ridiculous charlatan wearing a turban, and claiming to have earned 25,574% investment returns in only 10 months. One of the more wild and whacky trading Guru’s that we have reviewed.

The amazing Dr. Singh of Dr. Singh Options purports to have come to the United States with only $8 dollars in his pocket. Claims to have gotten a PhD in options trading and now lives in a castle. With a horse-drawn carriage.

Claims to be in the top 1% of wealthiest people in the United States. A long and zany history of writing books about buying millions of dollars in real estate with only $101, getting rich through spirituality and prayer, getting rich through network marketing, and getting rich trading options.

Claims to have a zero-risk strategy and is friends with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Thanks for reading today’s review of Dr. Singh Options

What is Dr. Singh Options? The service is a stock option picking service from an Indian immigrant that goes by the name Dr. Harsimran Singh, PhD. The cost of the stocks options signals service is available in three pricing plans:

  • Plan A: $95 per month. Which includes a copy of a free book titled “Stock Options – Work only 30 minutes per day.” And also daily updates of suggested stock options picks.
  • Plan B: $995 per year. Which includes additional education and access to “proof” of Dr. Singh’s actual trading account statements.
  • Plan C: $1495 per year. All of the above. Plus a super-added bonus and access to biotech stocks updates.

How is the service marketed?

It appears that the Dr. Singh Options trading service uses a clever affinity-based marketing scheme. Dr. Singh apparently has deep ties within the Indian and Pakistani communities. A lot of readers might not be aware but the population of Indian-born and Pakistani-born immigrants currently residing in the United States is a little over 2.5 million. Quite a large market.

This particular population of immigrants is highly entrepreneurial and many maintain a deep affiliation with their regional religious practices. The primary religious influences are Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Muslim.

Over the years, Dr. Singh has tapped into multiple veins of this community by offering various products that appeal directly to this entrepreneurial and religious community. For instance, he published a book titled “26 Steps To Spiritual and Financial Riches” which is sort of a new age spiritual mishmash of how positive thinking can lead to millions of dollars in profits.

Dr. Singh Options Book

Use the power of prayer to earn millions!


Or perhaps investing in ‘spiritual investing’ is not your thing…then Dr. Singh has another book titled “A to Z of Foreclosures: How to acquire millions of dollars of real estate with only $101.

A to Z Foreclosures

Buy millions in real estate with only $101!


Acquiring millions of dollars of real estate with only $101 dollars? Seems like a highly dubious claim to me.

Maybe you are not into buying millions of dollars of real estate for only $101? Maybe you are looking for something a little less stressful? No problem. Dr. Singh can also teach you to become a millionaire through pyramid marketing.

Dr. Singh network marketing book

Become a millionaire by selling vitamin supplements!

Obviously, the amazing Dr. Singh has his fingers spread throughout various ventures, including getting rich through spirituality, getting rich with real estate, and getting rich with network marketing. But to keep things simple, let us continue with only the Dr. Singh Stock Options picking service.

Dr. Singh Options

Imagine you are driving home after a long day at the pencil sharpening factory. Life is boring, and so is your job. But alas! On a mighty and majestic billboard, on the side of the road! You see the following glimmer of hope…


Oh my god! What is heck is this billboard!?

You can hardly believe your good luck. Finally, you can fire your financial advisor and experience 90% WINNING STOCK TIPS. You drive home as fast as you can. You visit this amazing website and are greeted with the following video.


I don’t know about you, but I found this video to be uproariously hilarious. Whom would believe such nonsense? Anyway, for fun, TradingSchools.Org reached out to Dr. Singh at both of his websites. We wanted to see for ourselves the fantastic guaranteed returns that Dr. Singh was promising to investors.

You can find Dr. Singh at either WinningWinning.com or DrSinghOptions.com.

In our conversation with Dr. Singh, we asked for a detailed breakdown of returns from his supposed stock picks. We were sent a spreadsheet that contains ZERO LOSSES.

In fact, the materials that were presented to TradingSchools.Org show the following return on investment from June 17, 2016 through March 17, 2017 to be 25,574%.

To give you some perspective, this would be an average of 2,557% per month. To give you some perspective on the outrageousness of these supposed investment returns, we calculated the following:

  1. Invest $1000 with Dr. Singh Stock Options service
  2. Compound the supposed % gains over ONLY the prior 10 months
  3. Display the results

A $1k investment, after 10 months is now worth over $30 quadrillion dollars.

Wow, invest $1k and its worth over $30 quadrillion in only 10 months. Seriously Dr. Singh?

And the best part is the Dr. Singh provides a “full money back guarantee of investment returns.” How does that money back guarantee work, Dr. Singh? The money back guarantee requires that the participant must be a subscriber for at least one year. And if the trading signals ever lose money, then after an entire year of paying the monthly fee, you can request a refund.

What we really wanted to know, would anyone be stupid enough to believe this sort of nonsense? Apparently yes.

TradingSchools.Org scraped the web and discovered various complaints, which we will include several below…

Complaint A:


Complaint B:

I don’t think this guy even knows how an option works. The emails he sent me at the end of 2016, begining of 2017 have an example prediction for the coming week that he challenges you to watch for profitability. Of the three weeks he predicted, one prediction made money and two closed out in the red. Yet, in the subsequent week’s email, he claims they all were profitable. He even lists triple digit profits for the previous week’s losing trade. I guess he expected nobody to actually check, either that or his reality is somewhat skewed. The numbers don’t lie.

Complaint C:

I signed up 3 weeks ago, was only interested in the weekly recommendations given their much higher potential profitability than his monthly recommendations.  First week it went well, 2nd week I lost on a trade with the winning probability of 80-89%, and last week I lost on a trade with the probability of 90%+.  Sent him an email asking for refund, to which got a reply that he only refunds on losing MONTHLY recommendations and that he was sorry.  Good lesson for me — read refund policy carefully.  He does say that he only refunds if the monthly trades go wrong.  So, if you are into weekly’s — STAY AWAY.

Complaint D:

Beware of this service.  It will make you an automatic subscriber, continue to charge your credit card and not respond to phone calls or emails to cancel the service.  I have tried repeatedly to contact them and they will not respond to emails or phone calls.  Then, without knowing, they charged my credit card $995.00 through PayPal.  10 emails and 3 phone calls and messages since and CRICKETS.  All we were looking to do is stop the service but they don’t care about customer service anyway.  So, as a solution, we are looking for those that have been taken advantage of by this company.  We have informed them by all means of communication we could to reach out to them but they do not respond.  As a company, we demanded a return of our charges several times without a response.  We have raised a few thousand to go after them legally if we have to but they could simply answer their emails or return phone calls and return our $$ and we would walk away but they do not respond in any way.  First we will take some of the money and hire online “hit men” to discredit this fraud, then we will begin a lawsuit against them.  As a 30+ year American Express holder, they are working with me to make this right and then, according to the customer service rep, make a decision weather they are worthy of taking the America Express card.

Complaint E:

Dr. Singh’s service is a total scam – a pure waste of money.  The one thing he does that he says he will do is email a sheet of potential trades to be taken each week.

Whether those trades have any validity or real potential for profit is a whole other question.  He has this whole story about how he wants to teach new options traders

the system he used to become a millionaire himself and then publish his 2nd book about them.  He has not intention of teaching anyone anything.  His credit spread trades

each week bring such a small return that you can barely cover commisions and have, as others have already mentioned, a 10x greater risk of your money than reward.  I am a member of this service and have contacted Dr. Singh’s office for assistance or instruction and they don’t answer the phone.  Their voice mail answers and says it is full.  He says you can follow the trades in his account and did indeed give login info for monitoring purposes.  His account shows that he rarely even takes the trades himself.  Sometimes they

were placed to be filled but at entirely different prices than he had given on the order sheet he sends out.  I RECOMMEND THAT YOU STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM DR. SINGH’S


Now I don’t want to be too hard on the people that were foolish enough to get suckered into this. But people, please. If someone guarantee’s 2,500% each and every week, with no losing months, and no losing trades….and even includes a money back guarantee? Well, you know the saying “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

Well, that’s it for today. Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to leave a comment, and if you were unfortunate enough to be sucked into this obvious scam, I would love to read about your experience below.

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Sylvia C.

I am happy to say that Dr. Singh’s option strategies are easy to follow. Since I joined the program on 9th April I had made money each week, except one trade DATA from which I lost $57 at 12th May expiration. For the month of May I made enough money to cover my 1 year subscription.

Stray Dog

Since you have gone to the trouble to post on this site Dr. Singh, I mean Sylvia C. post your verified trading statements as well and then maybe we will believe you.

Hi – I have been a subscriber to Dr. Singh for about a year. He got me started into trading options initially. Yes – his weekly picks have about a 95% win rate and there are many weeks of 100% win rates on the weeklys. His monthly picks have about a 95% win rate as well and most months are 100% win rates. His weeklys are selling bull put spreads anywhere from a 30 delta to a 10 delta, and he labels the 30 deltas as more aggressive than the 10 deltas so it is clear for readers. Yes the… Read more »
Stray Dog

With such a high win rate you’ll have no trouble providing proof of your claims will you John1131 but we won’t hold our breath waiting for you to do so.


I love how so many of these “testimonial” shills have the exact same wording. Obvious the same person is posting them all, reminds me of the ol days with Rob and all his “friends.”

Alan Herskowitz
Alan Herskowitz

I have been a subscriber to Dr. Singh’s Options Newsletter for almost six months. I cannot be more pleased with the results. The weekly newsletter has a variety of option recommends each week. I really like vertical spread trades and Dr. Singh’s weekly newsletter usually has 10-12 different vertical spread trades these from which to choose each week. I am happy to report that my success rate is quite high. I expect to be a subscriber to Dr Singh’s Options Newsletter for many years to come!

Stray Dog

Wow, what a surprise. Another claim of success that is absent of any supporting proof. Where are your verified trading statements from the last 6 months Alan?

Gary Cooper
Gary Cooper
I have been a subscriber to Dr Singh’s option trading publication for about ten weeks. My trading has been overwhelming successfully. I trade only “bull put spreads”. Typically I pick one weekly trade from each catagory. And trade three of these put spreads per week. I only use bull put spreads because they require a very low capital commitment and have a predictable, well defined, loss potential. In the ten weeks of using Dr Singh’s recommend trades, out of 30 trades I have had 29 winning and ONE loosing trade. I anxiously await his weekly email so that I can… Read more »
Stray Dog

Hey Gary and all you other shills show us your verified trading statements. If anything you said was true you’d be leading with the proof.

Gary Streeter
Gary Streeter
I joined Dr Singh’s program in January ‘2017 and kept a journal prior using his recommendations. The weekly picks were not only consistently 90% correct, but the observations of what area and price levels to sell options is just as beneficial as the education he provides… Honestly, Dr Singh’s strategy is not a get rich quick scheme, schemes that never work, rather, it could be a get rich slowly approach if you are disciplined and patient. If you want to learn how to be successful in option spreads, then this is your way to go, not only you can earn… Read more »
Brian Iowe

I have been a subscriber for three weeks and I have been making money each week. I have been trading since 1992 and have always enjoyed option trading, but somehow drifted away from it. Thank you for bringing me back to options and narrowing my focus to just spread trading.

Stray Dog

Emmett, your review of the conman Dr Singh must be doing some damage. The shills are coming out of the woodwork. Hey shills, show us those trading statements or get your guru to show his. Yeah, I thought as much.

Robert Sprice
Robert Sprice

Just a note to say thank you for all your trade recommendations. I’ve been making small weekly trades from my small account for two weeks now and every trade has made me money!! I’m up $288 in 2 weeks. I’m totally blown away by all my success! I honestly can’t thank you enough!!

Stray Dog

Send us the proof Robert, I mean Dr. Singh.

Joe Warren

Option trading has certainly been a learning process for me but in following Dr. Singh’s method I have ventured into several option trades on my on with good success. The one advice I would give new option traders is to exit the option promptly if becomes apparent that it is not going as you hoped, especially do this for any 3X options as they can move quickly in an unfavorable direction.

Stray Dog

May I venture to also offer readers one piece of advice too? Don’t buy a course from someone who is a charlatan, a fraud and who refuses to provide verified proof of their trading success. Oh and another piece of free advice don’t believe the shills.

Bob Butman

Although I have been a member of Dr. Singh’s club for several months now, I have only recently begun actively trading. My very small trading account limits my ability to make trades, but of the few I have made, only once did a trade go against me. Dr. Singh truly proposes trades that have a 98% chance of being a “win”. I would highly recommend others to benefit from his wisdom.

Stray Dog

And I would highly recommend others to not believe the BS from shills who produce no proof nor believe a vendor who produces no proof.

Terence Keeffe
Terence Keeffe

I have been pleasantly surprised this week, with my first four trades with you all being profitable, in fact I almost made enough this week to cover my yearly subscription. You can consider me impressed! Thanks for a good start to this service, I look forward to many more profitable trades with you.

Stray Dog

We have a new contender for the Darwin Awards. I think you’re in with a strong chance Terrence.