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Need to turn your $10k trading account into $10,240,000 in only a year? Not a problem. For only $99 per month, Renato Santos can teach you his secret trading methods that are “100% real” and proven to deliver 98% winning trades.

Renato Santos purported life story includes something out of an Indiana Jones movie. Where he claims to have learned to trade and risk management by sneaking through the Brazilian rain forest buying and selling rough diamonds. A quaint tale of adventure that includes world travels, fighting over diamonds with giant anaconda snakes, and outrunning a hungry jaguar.

A ridiculous charlatan with absolutely no proof of trading success. Unwilling to verify trading performance with redacted account statements. Uncooperative with the review. Avoid this hustler and professional con artist.

Thanks for reading today’s review of Diamond Setups

Diamond Setups is a live day trading room that specializes in day trading the Emini SP500 futures contract. The cost of the live day trading room is $99 per month.

As per Archive.org, DiamondSetups.com appeared on the day trading educational scene sometime in 2010.

DiamondSetups.com is an active marketer on StockTwits.com. This appears to be the main marketing channel.

Diamond Setups also occupies the following social media channels:

The owner of Diamond Setups

The company was founded by a person named Renato Santos. A supposed rough diamond dealer that learned the business of risk management and trading by purchasing rough diamonds in the wild jungles of Brazil.

Renato tells quite the quaint narrative of how he was forced to buy diamonds in the dangerous and unforgiving Brazilian jungle. How the light in the jungle was very bad, and since the light was so bad, he was forced to make snap decisions on which diamonds to purchase. Invariably, he purchased some bad diamonds in the middle of the jungle, and this experienced taught him about risk management.

I have only one question for Renato. Why didn’t you bring a flashlight?

Apparently, after purchasing bags full of diamonds and wearing an outfit that resembled Indiana Jones, Renato would bring his bags full of diamonds to New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Israel, Belgium, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, and even Brazil. This experience taught him to trade and understand markets.

At some point, after years of dealing with jaguars, giant anaconda, jungle bandits, and bloodthirsty diamond dealers…he decided to transfer his superior trading skills to world financial markets and become a full-time professional day trader.

Supposed trading performance of Renato Santos

Renato Santos wants to teach you how to be a full-time professional day trader. For only $99 per month.

Renato Santos is making some outrageous and amazing performance claims, which include a 90%+ win ratio and never a losing month. For the 1st five months of 2017, Renato claims to be up over 130% for his trading account.

A perusal of the Diamond Setups performance page reveals nearly nonstop winning trading performance.

  • 2016 98% winning weeks
  • 2015 96% winning weeks
  • 2014 84% winning weeks
  • 2013 96% winning weeks

In addition, Renato is also making some thoroughly outrageous and amazing advertising claims on StockTwits.com. For instance, Renato advertises something called a “Traders Challenge” where he claims to have doubled a live $10,000 trading account 10 times since 2015.

Diamond SetUps

Getting rich is easy with DiamondSetups.com chat room.

To give you an idea of just how outrageous these performance claims…an account balance that began with $10k in 2015 would now be valued at $10,240,000. Truly amazing! A few more months and Renato can single-handedly solve the burden of the Brazilian national debt.

Contacting Renato Santos of Diamond Setups

During the month of May 2017, TradingSchools.Org contacted Renato Santos of Diamond Setups. What we really wanted to know…could Renato document or verify these truly astounding results? Renato Santos responded via email that he could provide no proof of results. In fact, he stated it is not important how much he makes from trading, or how much he loses from trading. That this information is totally irrelevant.

We asked for redacted account statements that verified his trades, or whether he even has a live trading account. Renato responded that he doesn’t even share his account statements with his wife. So why should he share his account statements with paying subscribers?

A truly remarkable response for a complete and total fraud.

Wrapping things up

I would like to give partial credit for this review to Dr. Dean Handley, who was the first to spot this fraud. In fact, Dean created a humorous video about his personal experience in dealing with Renato Santos.

Thanks for reading. And remember, there is nothing wrong with hiring a trading educator. But make sure that the trading educator is willing to show redacted account statements that verify trading performance.


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