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Not easy finding a penny stock, day trading service that actually makes money. Sean Dekmar of Dekmar Trades is a pretty good day trader. A little light on trading performance, but he is also a young guy with a lot of upside potential.

If your dream is to sling penny stocks for daily profits, then Dekmar Trades might be a good place to start learning and earning.

Performance verified with actual brokerage statements.

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Thanks for reading today’s review of Dekmar Trades

Dekmar Trades a live day trading room and a stock trading educational business. The owner of the company is Sean Dekmar. The cost of the service is a flat $60 per month. At the time of this review, there are no “upsell” courses, mentorships, DVD’s, or super-secret indicators that members must also subscribe too. It is just a cheap little trading room at $60 per month.

Before I go any further, let me first state that TradingSchools.Org signed up as an affiliate marketer for Dekmar Trades. So if you subscribe to the monthly chat room then TradingSchools.Org receives the princely sum of $12 per subscriber. Nothing to get excited about. But I wanted the audience to be aware of this potential conflict of interest.

The next thing I want to discuss is my initial impression of Dekmar Trades–from Day 1, I went into this review 100% sure that Dekmar Trades was a scam. In fact, I was not even going to write about the company. The website has nearly zero web traffic, and hardly anyone contacted TradingSchools.Org to write a review. In the past year, only three people asked about Dekmar Trades. I am pretty sure that the “three people” that asked for the review were actually Sean Dekmar himself.

Why write a review?

Sean Dekmar pestered the hell out of me to write a review. Normally, trading vendors will squirm and avoid a TradingSchools.Org review at all costs. The TradingSchools.Org website is 99.9% negative reviews. And so I usually have to create multiple personas in order to initiate a conversation about a potential review. Vendors are fearful that something negative will be written.

What is interesting about Sean Dekmar of Dekmar Trades is that he just kept after me and demanded that I attend the live trading room. Eventually, using an alias, I attended the live day trading room for several days.

Inside the Live Trading Room

Dekmar Trading

Penny stocks are delicious.

One of the first things that I noticed about the chat room is that the community is pretty vibrant. For a relatively unknown stock trading chat room, I was surprised to see dozens of people communicating, with plenty of interesting banter going back and forth.

The next thing I noticed and caused me immediate concern is that Sean Dekmar loves stocks priced $1 – $10 per share. The dreaded penny stocks. Normally, when I see anything even remotely affiliated with penny stocks…I think of Tim Sykes. Visions of “trader porn” fill my head. At any moment I thought that I was going to hear Sean Dekmar start rambling about his newest Lamborghini or 5-star vacation to a tropical paradise. To my surprise, Sean Dekmar doesn’t do “trader porn.”

Instead, what I witnessed was a single guy that is totally obsessed with day trading the market. And I mean really obsessed. For the time that I spent inside of the trading room, it was not uncommon to see Sean commenting for 8 consecutive hours. There is no way in hell that I would be able to sit in front of a screen, hour after hour, day after day.

I guess the point that I am trying to make is that Sean Dekmar is very focused on that trading screen. He obviously has no other job, unless he is doing something extra in the evening.

Trading Results

Penny stocks day trading is definitely not my thing. In fact, I am highly suspicious of just about all day trading services. What really intrigued me was whether this guy could sling penny stocks and actually make any money (using a retail brokerage account). So the next step was to track his alerts and keep a record of what he was recommending.

After keeping a decent ‘scorecard’ of his intraday trading alerts, I next contacted Sean and revealed that TradingSchools.Org was actually trolling him with an anonymous persona. It was time for the litmus test, I wanted to see brokerage statements. I wanted to verify that this dude was actually trading. To my surprise, he actually complied and sent me a virtual swimming pool of brokerage statements. One thing I can say for sure, he does trade…a lot. And his trade size is very, very small.

Impressed as I was about having something that was actually verifiable, I could not help but cringe at how much time and effort was being expended for so many ‘rinky-dink’ trades. And my next big concern was that many of his trades were not actually called within the live trading room.

Tracking Live Results

Instead of publishing a swamp of brokerage statements, containing trades that were not actually called within the live trading room, I asked Sean Dekmar to clean things up. What I really wanted to see was an actual brokerage statement that contained each and every trade that was actually called in front of the live trading room.

We next agreed that for an entire month, he would only execute exactly the trades being called inside of the live trading room. And for the entire month, I wanted to see the end of day live brokerage statement that verified, each and every trade. And I wanted the daily account statements sent via email. The pressure was really on. But he really wanted a good review, so I laid out the framework and he agreed to everything. What I was hoping was to create a scenario where a “newbie” could see, in black and white, in granular detail what this guy was actually doing.

Truth be told, I thought he would fail miserably. To my surprise, he did the following…

TradingSchools.Org started tracking daily account statements on March 6, 2017. The following are all recorded trades from March 6 – March 29.

Dekmar Trades

Dekmar Trades

So, for the 20 days that we live tracked the trades, Sean Dekmar earned a total of $3,607 in trading income. These were the actual trades that were live tracked from just the live trading room. There were a couple of trades that TradingSchools.Org missed during our live tracking which actually increased the monthly total to $4,062, but was not included because they were out of the tracking time range. We kept the final tally at $3.6k.

For the month of April 2017, we are only at 2 trading days. I decided to include both days, which gives us a month of live tracking. +$402 and +$78 for April 2017.

Dekmar Trades

Sean Dekmar

What Sean Dekmar Learned

In speaking with Sean Dekmar about this last month of live tracking, he learned a few things. The first is that it was incredibly stressful having me watching his every move for an entire month. It is one thing to ‘sling’ trading advice like a rowdy drunk, but it’s an entirely different animal when someone is eyeballing and recording his every move. I can imagine it was not fun. But I also believe it was a good experience because it really sharpened his focus and forced him into only taking the most choice trading setups.

It would have been a real disaster if he would have crashed and burned. But it would have made a great story to write about (people love crash and burn stories). In fact, I was 99.99% sure that the review was going to be a dire warning for anyone day trading penny stocks. This did not turn out the way I had imagined.

Penny stock day-trading is not for everyone

Personally, the amount of effort and stress involved with day trading penny stocks does not fit my personality. Too stressful. And for the majority of people, this type of trading is going to end badly. But for a few, that are willing to sit in front of a trading screen for 8-hours at a stretch…it might a good job. I think that the best thing that Sean Dekmar has going for him is his extreme competitiveness and his youth. Old guys like myself just don’t have the mental horsepower to remain engaged for such long stretches of time.

Also, I am really curious if Sean can keep this thing going for the long term. I can only imagine the stress and efforts that this young guy is putting into trading and running a live trading room. It is one thing to trade, it’s a whole different animal when you have to trade all day, and then sit for hours and teach people how to trade. Time will tell. Hopefully, I can report back in a few months with more solid performance.

And if he crashes and burns, that will also make a fine story.

Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to comment. And if you sign up, remind him that you are a TradingSchools.Org reader…and we continue to watch.


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