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Would you like a $100k, fully funded Forex trading account, for free? Great news. Just purchase this $16k educational program and your Forex trading dreams will all come true.

Except, according to the CFTC, the persons behind this so-called trading opportunity are long time pyramid swindlers and financial hustlers.

Before you plunk down $16k and $327 monthly, you better read the past history of these financial hustlers; Kevin Jones and Matthew Poll.

With Olympic sprinter like qualities, they outpace financial regulators and create new companies, perpetuating the same old Forex “job” scam.

Pros: Clever marketing.
Cons: Owners of the company are absolute con-artists with a long and sad history of pyramid schemes and regulatory action.

Thanks for reading today’s review of Day Trade Academy

Before I begin, nearly all of the information for this review was provided to TradingSchools.Org by the Utah Department of Securities, the CFTC, and a former employee of Day Trade Academy.

What is the Day Trading Academy? In a nutshell, the company is advertising a Forex day trading education, with the opportunity to receive a fully funded trading account of $100,000.

However, like all things trading related, you have to read the fine print. And you have to ask a multitude of questions. The following are the exact details of what the company is offering.

Trader Executive Program

The Trader Executive Program has a sign-up fee of $15,595. With an additional fee of $327 per month. Included is a secret indicator, twice per week (1 hour) coaching for 12 weeks, and access to recorded webinars.

A student must complete 12 weeks of educational materials, and an additional 6 weeks of successfully trading on a Forex simulator.

If the student trades successfully with a simulator and meets an undefined performance threshold, then the company will award the student with a $3k Forex account.

The student gets to keep 80% of profits.

Trader Pro Funding Program

The Pro Funding Program has a sign-up fee of $7,195. With an additional fee of $327 per month. Included is a secret indicator, twice per week (1 hour) coaching for 9 weeks, and access to recorded webinars.

A student must complete 9 weeks of educational materials, and an additional 6 weeks of successfully trading on a Forex simulator.

If the student trades successfully with a simulator and meets an undefined performance threshold, then the company will award the student with a $2k Forex account.

The student gets to keep 60% of profits.

Trader Pro Program with NO funding option

The Trader Pro program does not include the opportunity for a funded account. The student is required to pay $4,195 upfront and $327 per month. Included is twice per week (1 hour) coaching for 6 weeks.

Included are educational materials and recorded webinars.

Trader Lite Program

The Trader Lite program costs $876 per month and gives access to only educational materials.

What about the $100k fully funded account?

TradingSchools.Org contacted the company and asked about the supposed promise for a fully funded $100k Forex trading account. The company replied that any additional funds must be provided by the student, either by additional deposit or through any profits the trader earned.

Now let’s talk about whom owns this company.

Kevin Jones and Mathew Poll

I would like to introduce Kevin Jones and Mathew Poll. Both are longtime pyramid/Ponzi scheme hustlers and active members of the Mormon church.

Kevin Jones

Professional Forex Trader?

Kevin Jones got his start as a door-to-door salesman. According to his social media profile, he managed a team of 25 door-to-door salesmen that specialized in the usual door-to-door gimmickry; aluminum siding, kitchen knives, vacuum cleaners, and soap.

Eventually, he moved into pyramid marketing schemes that included selling residential phone services, and then eventually Forex trading educational products.

According to the former employee of Day Trade Academy, Kevin Jones has a long time friend and business partner named Matthew Poll.

Matthew Poll

Forex Trading Coach?

Mathew Poll got his start as an insurance salesman. He eventually joined Kevin selling a pyramid scheme named Telcel Solutions. The following video describes this “Telecom Business Opportunity.” Basically, spend $12,500 for the opportunity to sell other people a piece of the pyramid for $12,500.

A History Of Pyramid Schemes

According to an interview that TradingSchools.Org conducted with the Utah Division of Securities–they are very familiar Kevin Jones and Mathew Poll.

In fact, they were both ordered to Cease and Desist operations for a Forex scheme named Freedom Wealth Group. Essentially, Freedom Wealth Group was a pyramid/Ponzi scheme where Sucker A would convince Sucker B that Freedom Wealth Group had a magic trading indicator that would solve all of their money problems. Simply place the indicator on a Forex chart, copy the trades, and then money would magically appear in their Forex trading account.

As with all pyramid/Ponzi-type schemes, you will eventually run out of Suckers. The people at the top of the pyramid get paid, while the people on the bottom of the pyramid get hustled. Some of the people that were hustled by Kevin Jones and Mathew Poll eventually filed a complaint with the State of Utah.

After the State of Utah figured out that the entire operation was a pyramid investment scheme, they ordered Freedom Wealth Group to cease operations. You can see an archived copy of the Freedom Wealth Group website here. So what did Kevin and Mathew do next? Just start a new company and keep doing the same thing!

Another Forex Pyramid Scheme

Within a matter of weeks from being busted for Freedom Wealth Group, they quickly formed a new company named Tactic Trading. But this time, they took things a step further. Instead of offering a magical trading indicator, they ‘white labeled’ the Sierra Chart trading platform and renamed it Green Chart.

In addition, they formed a partnership with an offshore, unregulated Forex broker that was operating illegally within the United States. Unbeknownst to customers, they received a kickback from each new account and a commission percentage of the entire trading volume. All of this is highly illegal in the United States.

Sure enough…the Utah Division of Securities started to receive a batch of new complaints that were remarkably similar to the Freedom Wealth Group complaints. In a nutshell, people were spending thousands of dollars for the Green Chart trading software, magical trading indicators, an educational product, and the opportunity to ‘sell’ the pyramid program to family and friends. The Utah Division of Securities was not impressed. They were once again shut down.

So now, we are talking about the original scheme of Freedom Wealth Group, that continues with Tactic Trading. Both shut down. A simple Google search for ‘Tactic Trade/Freedom Wealth Group’ will reveal page after page of online complaints from people that were scammed.

So what does Kevin Jones and Mathew Poll do next? You guessed it. Create yet another Forex trading and educational company mish-mashed with the flavor of pyramid. But by this time, they have figured out how to confuse and delay the State of Utah. Just create a bunch of different Forex trading companies! Swamp the securities regulators with a multitude of companies.

An Egypt full of pyramid schemes

The following is a list of known companies that these hustlers are currently using. But, by no means is this a complete list. This is only what we were able to easily find. There are probably much more. So let’s take a look at what TradingSchools.Org has been able to track down:

Did you notice the promo video for the telecommunications pyramid scheme is essentially the same promo video for the Forex trading scheme?

Its pretty clever how they essentially, decentralized the operation into a multitude of smaller businesses. This makes enforcement by regulators extremely difficult. Each company is a separate enforcement action. What can the State of Utah do?

Here comes the CFTC

At this point, it has become pretty obvious to the State of Utah that Kevin Jones and Mathew Poll are not going to quit so easily. In addition, the scheme has now branched into all 50 states via job site ‘ad postings’.

Like cancer, these guys just keep spreading out. Time for federal regulators. Time to bring in the “Big Guns.”

On June 5, 2017, the CFTC charged the Forex brokerage known as Tallinex, Kevin Jones, Matthew Poll, and their shell company; General Trader Fulfillment with fraud.

Tallinex was charged with illegally accepting $1.5 million dollars from customers located within the United States, and General Trader Fulfillment was charged with fraud.

How is it fraud? Glad you asked. According to the CFTC, Tallinex was fraudulently misrepresenting the profits of General Trader Fulfillment students. In other words, Kevin Jones and Mathew Poll were telling potential students that graduates of their trading program were making huge sums of money. And this information was supposedly verified and authenticated by Tallinex.

So think about this a moment…a student wants to become a full-time trader, and he wants that $100k company funded trading account. The trading educator is telling the student that everyone is making huge sums of money and that everything can be verified by simply talking to Tallinex. Of course, Tallinex is located in Estonia and they couldn’t give a damn about US regulators, nor the welfare of the students of Kevin and Matthew. Tallinex just wants new accounts and trading volume, they will say anything.

It’s a sad and pathetic tale. But it takes on a new meaning when a former employee of Kevin and Matthew colorfully describes the poor and pathetic souls that went into debt to purchase the $16k educational program. The person described the victims of Kevin and Matthew as “salt of the earth” type persons. With little resources, usually the working poor, with little understanding of financial instruments.

The Forex Fraud continues…Capital City Markets

None of this fraud works without a Forex broker. And since June 5, 2017…the CFTC effectively eliminated one-leg of the scheme. But as we have learned from the prior history of Kevin Jones and Matthew Poll, they are not going away easily. With skills honed through years of selling vacuum cleaners door-to-door, they know that the next sucker can be found at the next door.

So what do Kevin and Mathew do next? Start a Forex brokerage!

On June 1st, immediately after the CFTC busts Tallinex for fraud and orders them to stop accepting US based customers…a brand new Forex brokerage magically appears! It is named

According to the former employee of Kevin and Matthew, they are the buttholes behind Capital City Markets.

But Kevin and Matthew are pretty smart guys. The company is registered in the lovely hamlet of Vanuatu. An island in the middle of the South Pacific. A place that is known for extreme secrecy and completely out of the reach of the CFTC.

Capital City Markets Vanuatu

US investors, please say hello to your new Forex brokers.

The audacity of these scammers. It is simply amazing how persistent they continue with this scam.

Wrapping Things Up

These are the types of reviews that really fluster me. A tremendous amount of time goes into researching how the fraud is being executed. You can track down and expose the person and the company. But what do you do when they simply create a new company name?

And then blast ‘help wanted’ ads all over the internet? Luring in the next batch of suckers.

And the CFTC and the State of Utah? Can you imagine the resources that they must expend? It’s just crazy. These companies are like cockroaches.

Thanks for reading. Would love to read your comments and opinions.

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I am someone who works as an executive of Day Trading Academy and we are based out of Utah and do about 30 million in revenue a year. Neither of these two people are even janitors of our company. There is some major confusion here. I am also looking at the report and I have been in this industry for years and what this is proportion is not possible. I also just read this complaint you listed about the CFTC and it is 99% directed at this out of the country broker that was out of compliance. Even for this… Read more »


I’m glad I came across this. I wanted to ask you if you think these are the same people behind the following two sites also. Home And. The second site seems more obvious, as it’s a similar layout to a few of the other ones you listed above. The first site has the same exact offer for the education and funded accounts as described in your review. Lastly, there is a recent posting on in regards to the second website I provided saying the indicator works but he didn’t want to buy the program to keep using it.… Read more »


Hi guys I just wanted to clear the air a little hear. I know this group, I have traded with them and met these individuals and this is by far the worst coverage of facts I think I have ever read. I guess if you are looking for something negative well you will find it here. It won’t be even close to true but it will be negative. First off there has never been any fraud charges. EVER! Not from the CFTC, not the SEC no one. There was a case with the CFTC that the company is paying a… Read more »


Hey Dave or should I call you Forrest? So, this blog is completely false? Is this the fourth MLM scam that these 2 have put together? Well, Forrest the answer is YES! That is really all anybody needs to know, but Forrest you want to say there is no fraud alleged by the CFTC. If you do a word search in the CFTC Complaint you will see the word FRAUD comes up not once or twice, BUT 30 TIMES! The Complaint is against Tallinex AND AND AND General Trader Fulfillment, did you get that Forrest? It is against BOTH companies.… Read more »


Forrest? My name is Dave. Is this some kind of troll joke. I really don’t get it. I guess I would ask what the name is of the 4 MLMs they have ran. Saying something online without any facts is just dumb. Who are you? What is your relationship to this group? It is so easy to just get on and say some words, to actually do some research would take work. I would ask for just one to prove your point. I actually know these two individuals and Tel Cel Solutions was a telecom auditing business for corporations. I… Read more »


Hey Guys I am back on with a new update. I just heard through the grape vine that this complaint is pending settlement with GTF and not Tallinex. Tallinex was the big fish the entire time. That it actually took place a while ago and that there was some coach of theirs who may or may not have acted as an IB without the knowledge of GTF. It seems the CFTC got clear what had happened and they came to a resolution to settle the matter out of court and it is pending approval which we should see published publicly… Read more »

the next sucker?

I just spoke with someone working for Franklin Liberty and they sent me a video developed some guy named Levi this last February. It is exactly this program you describe. Except, now they have waived the $800+ initial fee to $50. The other costs are the same. The biggest question I have for him is, if you can make so much money at this, why are you wasting your time trying to sell the program to me? Why aren’t you out trading right now? It makes not sense. The presentation is convincing with a lot of bells and whistles. But… Read more »

Joshua Farnsworth
Joshua Farnsworth

There’s a Kevin Jones SR. and a JR. I believe Jones SR. passed away so his son is running things now. I just upgraded to coaching with the program and personally I really like it and I think there’s a lot of benefit and potential. I have had no reason to doubt there claims to far other than their weird business model which came across really scammy at first and the fact that they’re always trying to push towards people upgrading with there constant promotions they put out. Using the things they have taught me I currently ave a 85%… Read more »


Man am I glad I looked these guys up. I know nothing of day trading and almost made the jump. TOOOO much bad history on the owners. If it sounds to good to be true it probably is.


review day trading academy? I get my popcorn


‘According to the CFTC, Tallinex was fraudulently misrepresenting the profits of General Trader Fulfillment students. In other words, Kevin Jones and Mathew Poll were telling potential students that graduates of their trading program were making huge sums of money. And this information was supposedly verified and authenticated by Tallinex.’ ‘supposedly’? Would be good to expand on this, it’s not a reliable statement as it stands. Did you contact Tallinex and ask for their side of the story? As for the offshore thing, CTFC/NFA and the politicians are just trying to stifle competition in favour of the futures industry. That’s why… Read more »


how the hell aren’t they in jail. a-holes like these guys make me sick. what is the loophole they keep jumping through to avoid jail time ??

Mike M

Does the con man have a soul? I doubt it very much. Wow this business of online trading is a sewer that just keeps growing. Hopefully they are not allowed to run their schemes anymore. I can’t understand why someone would pay a fee to trade money they already are in possession of, somewhat similar to TST. People need to educate themselves before getting into bed financially with a company. At the very least do some background checks.

Rob B
Rob B

Mike, Have you finally come around to what I keep saying and that is this whole industry is corrupt. There are no exception just different levels of how big a scum bag they are.


I feel MikeM has come to the realization about this whole snakeoil retail traducation industry RobB. It’s shocking at first to realize the extent then it can be just depressive imo, as review after review and more scammy tricks and evidence surfaces because you realize this may never end as more new people try to find ways to invest or trade their money each month and every year. Those who are lucky enough to have read tradingschools first may still be in kool-aid dream state and will still give choice appealing shams “a chance”. As for this day trade academy… Read more »

Mike M

It’s just crazy and I couldn’t put it any other way. Absolutely insane that a sizable amount of individuals are out to take what they can from the public. I know this problem with retail always being the last to hold the bag existed since the market had boom and bust cycles, but the online trading vendors are taking it to another level of deceit. Pay me and I will teach you to trade your way to financial freedom. The uninformed are losing money, time and a sense of well being. It is another level of scum when they keep… Read more »

Mike M

dtchurn so true, they seem to be TST on steroids. The shills on their website are also classic. It’s nuts that you pay them to steal your money. It is the equivalent of me paying a mugger to rob me and then say thank you. LOL. This is real life insanity.