Dark Pool Secrets with Stephanie Kammerman

Back in November 2016, TradingSchools.Org published a review of The Stock Whisperer. We gave it low marks. Really low.

The owner of the company, a gorgeous lady named Stephanie Kammerman was purporting to be some sort of financial mystic. Apparently, while she was working as a stock brokers assistant (aka: cold caller) she was given the “secret” to something truly magical…something called ‘Dark Pools.’

This mystical sounding name ‘Dark Pools’ is the sort of language we find in a children’s book. It conjures images of unicorns, leprechauns, Hansel and Gretel, and dancing fairies. But lets now blow away the smoke and be completely honest — there is nothing magical or mystical regarding ‘Dark Pools.’

In fact, dark pools are just part of the securities ecosystem in which stocks are bought and sold. If you own a Vanguard mutual fund, or a Robinhood stock account, or a lame account at TD Ameritrade…then you are using ‘Dark Pools.’

The name ‘Dark Pools’ and any information gleamed from buying and selling on ‘Dark Pools’ is completely useless. In fact, the trading activity on ‘Dark Pools’ mimics exactly the trading activity on the NYSE or the NASDAQ.

However, Stephanie latched onto this corny and mystical sounding name and is milking it like a prized cow. Or bull, depending on her mood.

Stephanie Kammerman 93% winning trades?

According to Stephanie, she wields this magical black pools nonsense and wins 93% of her trades. And according to our prior review, we had calculated her investment returns in the thousands of percent per year. Of course, we reached out to her during our first review, and she had no verifiable track record to share.

Instead, the best she can now offer are “video recordings” and a stacks of disheveled scraps of paper unceremoniously plopped between file folders. Its really odd. And meant to act as some sort of “proof” of her investment prowess.

93% winning trades. Whom would actually believe something so corny and ridiculous? If anyone could produce such an amazing track record, why would they be selling it in a book?

Apparently, several readers that reached out me to declared, ” The book, it’s nonsense” and “a work of pure fiction.” Another person quipped, “I got the book for free, but she scammed on the shipping costs.”

dark pool secrets


Yet another person declared, “I was hoping to see her topless” and “yep, I am fool for a pretty face.”

Stripper Pole Economics

If there is one thing most male readers agree. She is a sexy looking lady. There is definitely something about her that oozes sex appeal. For us guys in our 50’s and 60’s, she really knows how to ring that bell.

And that’s why, I believe, she has been so successful at the ‘Investment Educational’ game. Her niche is pretty simple. She suckers us middle aged idiots into her chat room. We get to talk to a pretty girl. Sure, we have to pay for the pleasure. But its all basically benign and corny.

The T Spot

Apparently, he found the “T-Spot.”

What is funny is that she offers the “special treatment” education for a few thousand dollars more, and some other corny and sexually charged language about her “T spot” and other special secrets. One can only fantasize what we get for $4k.

Middle aged guys, like myself, are completely dopey and unprepared when an attractive lady lavishes us with attention. And Stephanie is a pro at appealing to our vulnerabilities. She is a master entertainer and really good singer.

Another thing I find really funny…if you Google search Stephanie Kammerman, one of the most common queries is “Is Stephanie Kammerman married?” and “Stephanie Kammerman husband.” Google would not place these queries in their native search box unless people are searching for this exact question.

Another sucker.

Isn’t that just pathetic? Us middle aged fools actually got the attention of Google and they attempted to answer that query. No, I wont be telling you whether she is married or single because…its a secret.

Dark Pool Secrets: the infomercial.

For those that need a little extra entertainment, you have to check out Stephanie’s sticky sweet, and outrageously stupid informercial.

The REAL Dark Pool Secrets

For those that really want to learn about the secrets of the “Dark Pools” then I would recommend that read Michael Lewis’s book: Flash Boys. A Wall Street Revolt.

Also, I wrote a review of Flash Boys awhile back. In my opinion, anyone that actively trades stocks should read this book. It will give you the inside dope on how ‘Dark Pools’ really work on Wall Street.

Thanks for reading. And don’t forget to leave a comment below.

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M.R. Hall
M.R. Hall (@guest_5057201)
6 months ago

I saw the comment that someone said she was gorgeous? Thank God I never asked them to get me a blind date. I question your idea of what is gorgeous. WOW!!!

Keith D.
Keith D. (@guest_5057200)
6 months ago

This guy sounds like a bitter misogynist, hard to take him seriously.
Tons of scammers claim 85%+ track records – what does this have to do with her gender?

William Hernandez
William Hernandez (@guest_5056189)
1 year ago

Shit I just order her free book and video for $19.95 shipping.

RP Automatic
RP Automatic (@guest_4055832)
1 year ago

jeeeeez. how did market trading slip over to a persons face and features. If you all have the attention span of a moth then you all deserve to be scammed. If one cant get their mind out of the t&a then they dont belong in the market. Came here to see how many people fell for the ploy. Trust me if she was giving away MARKET CLEARING HOUSE secrets she would of already been shot or a injunction would have already been filed against her. Listen to what she said basically the law is allowing a insider trading whole sale market, 24 hours away from the public print. Not even Stefanie will know when it is happening for 24 hours. Just keep an eye on open interest and volume when it prints and trade the open with a call or put option in the direction of the trend. If you see the signs of a top buy time with a put option a month out and vice a versa for a bottom. You will figure it out when you begin to act like a professional. Other wise just hangout at the t&a bar where you can be scammed for your money and find the face and features your looking for.

Options Snoopy
Options Snoopy (@guest_4055749)
1 year ago

When I first saw the commercial, I thought scam. She is f-ugly. She looks like a little overwight Jewish man with long dark hair. Jewish women do not age well! You have really bad taste.

George (@guest_5056625)
9 months ago
Reply to  Options Snoopy

She does look like a little overweight Jewish man with long hair…and I should know beat because I actually am a little overweight Jewish man;

Guido Bontempi
Guido Bontempi (@guest_4055670)
1 year ago

She’s not that attractive. I hit MUTE the instant her stupid commercial comes on. Anyone who buys her book expecting to get rich is an idiot.

Nicole Means
Nicole Means (@guest_4055598)
1 year ago

I am a woman, love learning the market and investments, and totally laughed out loud to all of your commentary and your funny take on things. The “stripper pole economics” thing really caught me off guard and sent me over the edge, very genius to mix that in with serious financial talk. I have started googling all of these so called “insider” people and seminar hawkers that keep popping up on every website you visit. Thanks to people like you, I keep getting a lot of free dinners at their events, but they don’t get any of my money. I think half of the time at those seminar events, they are paying fake actors or family friends to pretend they are buying their overpriced packages in order to convince other people to buy along with them.

You also gave me insight as to how men think, as I did not know men regardless of their age would pay money just to sit in a chat room with a hot woman just to talk. I would never do that for a man, I would only do it if it were a famous rock star I had liked for years, it could not just be some random cute guy on the Internet. By the way, that woman is NOT cute, she is average at best, see girls like her working the checkout line any day of the week at any given retail store. Come to Ohio and I will show you some real knockout women that look like movie stars. Our state is crawling with hot women, a plain Jane like her would go unnoticed.

Jon Sotelo
Jon Sotelo (@guest_4055467)
1 year ago

You talked so negative about stephanie only to promote your own book. You are just as fake.

Jeffrois (@guest_4055413)
1 year ago

This review is really just trying to slam Kammerman since she’s perceived as good-looking to some people. She’s actually solid and has successful trading discipline, with results to back her approach.

Flash Boys is a pretty good book too… but this author just comes off like a jealous herb and a bitter shut-in. Give it a rest, we all develop skill from many different sources along the trading journey. To slam one as “better” just ignores the applicability of that person’s trading approach at that specific time in that trader’s unique timeline. To pretend you “know everything” about trading is laughable, when trading is as uncertain a mindset as was ever created. Or, at least successful professional traders know how to discern “certainty” from the absolute uncertainty of the markets.

Dark Pool prints are a great guide to hidden order flow, check them out and you will see trading opportunities develop days in advance of the retail trading market.

Fready (@guest_5056444)
11 months ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

The merchandising company that assembled this sales presentation structure probably sold cook books and TV infomercials for garden hoses. Selling what is now down to the science of computerized trading VS the pre internet ways in place in the 90’s should not be redundantly addressed in the manner it was done. She looks more like someone’s niece. Pole dancers are tall and skinny glamor posers, who have silicone boobs and dress in string bikini type of clothing; which is having almost nothing on.
People should read the technical interpretation aspects of the charting introspection in the book before commenting. Never judge a book by it’s cover (or selling techniques) probably applies here in a big way.

Robert (@guest_4055685)
1 year ago
Reply to  Jeffrois

So, you have applied the ‘Dark Pools’ concept with some success?

Rich Belmont
Rich Belmont (@guest_3050625)
1 year ago

I could do without the “I was hoping to see her topless” stuff, but I appreciate the substance of your report. You are doing a real public service. (By the way, it’s Stefanie (with an f).)

elotrolado (@guest_5056645)
9 months ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

sexist and objectifying i’d say

Longshot (@guest_5056227)
1 year ago
Reply to  Rich Belmont

She pretty much invited that comment by talking about her “T Spot.” I just saw my first YT ad with her…of course she was marketing to everyone who saw their accounts drop recently with COVID-19 in March. I guess you could avoid that by reading her Dark Pool Hieroglyphics back in February or something.

I still think Ken Calhoun (currently active on Elitetrader and making all sorts of bad permabear calls) is the biggest jerk of all the vendors. He may not be a literal crook like some of them, but he has a major attitude and zero track record outside of a good period in 2009.

Grant (@guest_3048103)
2 years ago

Erm, did she not simply describe an over the counter transaction?

Troy (@guest_3048098)
2 years ago

Thanks again for the review Emmett. This is one of your kinder reviews. Makes me think you skinny dipped into the “Dark Pool”. Keep up the good work and let me know when your first book is out. Your a budding writer and fun to read!

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