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Dan Gramza of Gramza Capital Managment is a creature of the Money Show/Traders Expo investment seminar circuit. A place where shady investments and the ignorant collide into a spasm of money-losing opportunities.

Dan Gramza touts himself as a world-class money manager. He is not. In fact, his lack of money management experience is confirmed by FINRA and the National Futures Association. A resume of investment success so skinny that it would make an anorexic teenage girl vomit with envy.

Dan also proclaims himself some sort of Karate expert and occasional street fighter. Claims he has more ‘black belts’ than a Nordstrom department store. Appears to be nothing more than a ‘red herring’ type diversion to distract from no verifiable record of ever trading successfully.

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Thanks for reading today’s review of Dan Gramza of Gramza Capital Management

Dan Gramza of Gramza Capital Management is a long, long, long time trading educator. According to Archive.Org, the DanGramza.com website first appeared back in 2008. However, Dan Gramza has been selling ‘market wisdom’ since before the time of the internet. My earliest recollection of Dan Gramza is watching him speak at the Las Vegas Traders Expo, back in the 1990’s.

Dan is an old school trading educational dinosaur.

If you have spent any amount of time on the seminar circuit: Traders Expo or Money Show, then you have definitely bumped into Dan Gramza nearly every single time. He is nearly always a ‘featured speaker’. However, don’t get yourself too excited. Any knucklehead with between $5k to $10k can have the honor of being a featured speaker at these swamp shows. Its a ‘pay-to-play’ scheme.

Are the Traders Expo and Money Show investment seminars really ‘swamp shows?’ Oh yeah. All manner of whack-a-doodle investments can be found. As you stroll through the aisles, it is not uncommon to be pitched an investment in a coconut farm in Bolivia or an ostrich egg investment opportunity in Waco, Texas.

The bottom line…don’t expect to get much financial nourishment from this whack-a-doodle investment seminar circuit.

What is Dan Gramza selling?

According to the DanGramza.com website, Dan is selling an “advanced market studies” course for $119. As well as a $79 monthly advisory service.

What is included in the advisory service? Each day, Dan will coo into his microphone trading recommendations for 21 futures markets. I use the word ‘coo’ because this is exactly how he sounds. Like a pigeon cooing. Or maybe like Mr. Rodgers, as he explains that “its a beautiful day in the neighborhood.”

Dan is very soft spoken and friendly. And its so darn disarming that it drives me crazy. Like during Halloween trick-or-treat when your favorite neighbor gave you an apple. You are pissed you got an apple. But it’s your favorite neighbor.

Anyway, Dan Gramza is also an excellent public speaker. He is well polished and every syllable flows off his lips like a ballad from Andrea Bocelli. He is that good. I have sat through his “featured speaker” presentation and after listening to him speak, my credit card was practically jumping out of my wallet.

In fact, many people that go to the Traders Expo or Money Show, and after listening to Dan speak, they are herded into “Dan’s Master Class” which is a sideshow educational course that costs $139 to attend. Supposedly, you will learn the ‘super secrets’ that have made Dan Gramza a world class money manager.

Part of Dan Gramza’s glossy appeal is that he touts his supposed credentials as a “World Class Money Manager.” The name, Gramza Capital Management just sounds so darn fancy and authoritative. But is Dan Gramza really a “World Class Money Manager” as he touts? Let’s have a closer look.

Gramza Capital Management

Would you invest your money in Gramza Capital Management? Sure sounds fancy. But is it real? This is where things get shady as hell.

According to BrokerCheck at Finra.Org, we searched for any asset management companies named Gramza Capital Management, or derivation of this name. Nothing appears. There also appears to be no website for Gramza Capital Management. Not a good sign for this so-called “World Class Money Manager.”

We next searched the Nation Futures Association for Gramza Capital Management and Dan Gramza. We got a hit! But the results were very discouraging. Apparently, Dan Gramza was a money manager for only a single year. And that year was 1991. Before the Berlin Wall came down. And fashion was much different…this was considered appropriate fashion in 1991:

“Floor Traders” circa 1991. The original captains of the trading universe.

So let me get this straight Dan…you were a money manager for a single year–back in 1991. Yet, in your dog and pony show presentation, you present yourself as a “World Class Money Manager?” Sounds like a wet dream to me.

Furthermore, when you dig a little deeper, it turns out that you were really nothing more than a common commodity broker that bounced around 4 different firms in only a 5-year span.

As early as 2001, Dan Gramza has been promising the release of his highly anticipated trading books “Trading in the Eye of the Storm” and “The Handbook of Japanese Candle Trading Strategies”. Yet, its now 2018 and Dan keeps promising these books will be published at any moment! Come on Dan, its been damn near 20 years and you keep promising the release of the so-called books.

If all of this doesn’t sound ridiculous enough…Dan Gramza proudly proclaims to the universe that he is some sort of karate fighting master and occasional street fighter. Have a look at his choice morsel that was pulled from his bio:

Dan holds a sixth degree black belt in Kyokushin karate, a second degree black belt in True High Form jiujitsu, a first degree black belt in Hakaryu jiujitsu, and has studied the arts of judo, aikido, jujitsu, bujitsu, jojitsu and bojitsu.

Wow Dan, I am truly impressed. A world-class money manager, a kick-ass karate fighter, and occasional street brawler. All of this sounds great, but where is your actual trading track record? We attempted to discover this information…repeatedly through email. None could be provided.

Wrapping things up

Dan Gramza is actually a really nice guy. A good person. But in my opinion, Dan is leaving himself open to easy criticism. Anyone with only marginal critical thinking skills can easily see through the polish of his presentation. A world-class money manager, he is not.

Dan could do the entire trading universe a great favor…publish a verifiable track record of actual trading. I hope he does. But just like his supposed books, that has been promising for nearly 20 years, I doubt we will ever really know the truth.

Instead, we are fed a dose of ‘shiny objects’ like the Karate nonsense, or the countless other claims that appear to be nothing more than ego inflation, peacock feathers, and media puffery.

Thanks for reading. Would love to know your opinion of Dan Gramza.


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