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Complete Currency Trader is yet another Forex Trading Education company offering a $14,000 trading package from individuals that have absolutely zero track record of every trading successfully. The owner of company and the sales manager of company both claim to be “full time professional traders and Hedge Fund managers”, yet are unwilling or unable to justify outrageous claims of trading success. Company is employing shady marketing tactics and empowering an army of fake reviews to swamp the internet. The company maintains an address that is listed as a “hot spot” for fraudulent internet related activities. Avoid.

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Pros: Clever marketing
Cons: Company owner and sales manager can provide absolutely zero proof of prior trading success. Both claim to be "Professional Forex traders and a Hedge Fund Manger" but no track record of either exists. Company using a physical address listed by a British non-profit group specializing in fraud prevention as, "a hot spot for internet related fraud".

Thanks for reading today’s review of Complete Currency Trader

What is Complete Currency Trader? is a Forex day trading educational website owned by a person named James Edward. The company appears to be a two person operation. The founder, James Edwards claims to be a 10 year veteran of the Royal Marines, and later became a “bodyguard to the rich and famous”. James Edwards discovered Forex trading and began trading live markets in 2006.

James Edwards claims to have quickly established himself as a world renowned and well respected expert at Forex trading.

James Edwards also claims to be a “Hedge Fund Manager”, though no prior work history or financial institution where he supposedly worked as a “Hedge Fund Manager” are listed.

Complete Currency Trader has a second employee named Brian Stickney, that appears to be living in Las Vegas, Nevada. Brian Stickney claims that in 2012 he was introduced to Complete Currency Trader and “achieved incredibly success with the system”. Brain Stickney claims that since 2008, “Brian has been a full time currency trader and spot Forex trader”.

The website appears to have come online in late 2012, as per Archive.Org.

Complete Currency Trader Products and Services

Complete Currency Trader is offering the following products and services:

  • Introduction Course $99.99
  • Elite Insider’s Club – Annual $696.00
  • Alexei Janssen’s Trading Minds Course $3,497.00
  • Complete Currency Trader Course $9,497.00
  • Elite Insider’s Club – Monthly – Every month $147.00

A review of the website reveals that the only listed product is the Introduction Course at a cost of $99.99. However, this product is simply used as marketing bait. Once a person makes the initial step of purchasing the relatively inexpensive Introduction Course, then the person will weave and wind through a primrose path of clever marketing and continuous up sell opportunities.

For instance, “Now that you have purchased the basic course, now its time to learn the true secrets that unlock massive profits and unlimited wealth, etc”. The end point is to convince the consumer to spend roughly $12,000 to $15,000 for the super mega course and mentoring.

Complaints about Complete Currency Trader

Since January 2016, Trading Schools has received three separate and unsolicited complaints from individuals that had cumulatively spent nearly $30,000 in educational fee’s with Complete Currency Trader.

None of these individuals were happy. They all described the company as heavy on selling products, and light on actual Forex trading.

The most common complaint regarding James Edward and Brian Stickney is that nobody has actually ever been able to witness any live trading. The Complete Currency Trader educational package is quite simply, an educational package. There is no verifiable track record of any prior trading success for either James Edward or Brian Stickney. However, these individuals were lured into purchasing by a combination of marketing factors.

The first piece of marketing are the daily YouTube videos that are published by either James Edward or Brian Stickney. The videos are remarkably similar in that they begin by talking about the daily happenings in the Forex markets, and then there is a conversation about the trades that each supposedly executed during the course of the trading day. Since there is no live trading room experience, then individuals must simply trust that the stated trades are authentic. However, none of the purchasers of the Complete Currency Trader education package were able to convince either James Edward or Brian Stickney to release account statements that verified the trading results. In retrospect, the purchasers of Complete Currency Trader expressed regret about not verifying that either of these individuals were actually trading.

The second piece of marketing that played a role in convincing them to purchase the Complete Currency Trader were the sheer volume of the positive reviews that the Complete Currency Trader have listed on YouTube and Google. The “crowd effect” gave them a sense of trust and authenticity.

How the Complete Currency Trader creates the illusion through positive reviews

In 2013, after the Complete Currency Trader educational package was developed, they began an aggressive affiliate marketing campaign and began publishing high commission rates on popular affiliate promotion websites.

The most popular affiliate promotion website is The Warrior Forum website is frequented by an average 120,000 to 200,000 active, professional affiliate marketers each month. Complete Currency Trader began promoting on Warrior Forum in late 2012. The following is the promotional piece published on Warrior Forum.

What was the net effect of using Warrior Forum as the main promotional venue? If you Google search or You Tube search Complete Currency Trader, then you will find hundreds of “real customer testimonials” that all proclaim the wonders and magic of the Complete Currency Trader educational package. One guy in particular claimed to be making hundreds of thousands of dollars each month after learning the trading secrets. The videos and online blog posts of these paid marketers are quite outrageous, often funny, and complete garbage.

Signing up to be an affiliate marketer for Complete Currency Trader is quite simple. I signed up in under a minute and was given a large batch of promotional graphics, stories to tell, and tips and tricks on how to market the program. With such a streamlined and well planned promotional campaign, its quite easy to see why so many are actively marketing a promotional program that pays up to $4,500 per sale.

More Cause for Concern

Complete Currency Trader

A real office?

Complete Currency Trader uses some very slick graphics that purport a fancy trading office located in London.

James Edward Complete Currency Trader

Fake Promotional Backdrop

In addition, the images of James Edward and Brian Stickney convey as sense of legitimacy and importance. However, these images are simply stock images with a graphics overlay and background.

My question is simply, are these just a couple of guys operating this business out of a cheap apartment?

Why is there no published track record?

If James Edward is a “Hedge Fund Manager”, then whom and where?

In my opinion, the most worrying sign of fraud is the published address for Complete Currency Trader. The official address for this company is listed as Complete Currency Trader Ltd 145-157 St John Street London EC1V 4PW United Kingdom. Why is this address worrisome?

According to Interfraud.Org, a UK based fraud advisory group, the listed address of 145-157 St John Street London EC1V 4PW United Kingdom is a well know address for many internet scams. In fact, there are multiple fraud warnings, published by several well respected sources (BBC) that describe this address as a “Hot Spot for fraudulent internet related activities”. You can spend hours reading about the different businesses that have been using this address, which essentially is a “dark drop box”.

The Complete Currency Trader’s listed address is the same address used by several fraudulent boiler rooms that were recently shuttered by British Financial Authorities. In addition to boiler rooms, this address has been used for mail order scams, Nigerian scams, counterfeit consumer goods scams, Binary Options scams, and extortion scams relating to internet pornography.

Why would James Edwards choose to house the Complete Currency Trader in such an esteemed location? Makes you wonder.

Contacting Complete Currency Trader

Of course, with all these warning signs, perhaps James Edwards and Brian Stickney are actually “full time, professional Forex traders” and “Hedge Fund managers”? The only way to know for sure was to contact them directly and ask some very basic questions. The Trading Schools questions come in two flavors: Flavor A is the Sheep email and Flavor B is the Wolf email.

The Sheep email is an email where I use an anonymous email and fictional name. I contact the company and describe myself as a newbie trader with money to spend. That I have tried everything and really need help. Sure enough, they jumped all over the Sheep email and tripped all over themselves trying to convince me that the Complete Currency Trader would be the last trading educational product that I would ever need. All I needed was to purchase the secret software and that they would mentor me on my journey to financial freedom.

The Wolf email is different. I introduce myself and am very direct. I highlight my caution and concern and that I would gladly pay the $14,000 in fee’s, but that I simply needed to see the personal trading performance of either James Edwards or Brian Stickney. Of course, none could be provided. But I was emphatically assured that if I applied the course materials, then I should have no problem achieving success. Once again, I explained that I was ready to immediately send over the $14,000 tuition fee, but I just need only a morsel of proof that either has ever traded successfully.

At that point, these characters know that the gig is up. And they simply refuse to respond to further inquiries. Neither of these individuals could produce even a fleck of evidence.

Wrapping Things Up

Another day, and yet another Trading Educator/Hedge Fund Manager that feels that is absolutely fine that someone send them $14,000 for a trading course, but that it is absolutely absurd that anyone would perform due diligence on their claims of trading success.

There is nothing wrong with spending money on a a trading educational course. But there is something absolutely rotten when the individual selling the course has absolutely no business giving financial advice.

Well that’s it for today. Sorry that this was yet another crappy review about yet another shady character operating out of a location better know for Revenge Porn than successful trading. Thanks for reading and dont forget to leave your comments below. Even the haters will find that their opinions are cherished.


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