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Christain Financial Radio Network

Unfortunately, complaints have started to pile up from real traders that simply cannot duplicate the trades called within the trading room. The trading method, which is scalping has serious flaws that we discovered trading in a real market with with real money.

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Pros: A simple method. Scalping and short term trading method.
Cons: Traded markets, in particular Natural Gas and Soybeans cannot be replicated. Thin and light traded markets cannot be scalped. Many, many customer complaints. CFRN refuses to acknowledge the problem and continues to sell flawed product.

CFRN Updated Review

On Christmas Eve, December 2014, I wrote a highly positive review of the Christian Financial Radio Network. Of course, I am always really careful about posting a positive review simply because I know that a lot of folks will rush out and spend thousands of dollars on the product. In addition to purchasing the product, I have to consider that a person is trusting that my information will be valid for them. I take this responsibility very seriously.

My First Complaint About CFRN and Dewayne Reeves

On February 2, 2014 I received an email from a person trading out of Switzerland. They explained that based upon my positive review, they had spent $4,000 for the trading course. They then began paper trading as recommended by Dewayne. After a month of paper trading and copying approximately 85% of the trades called with the trading room, they decided to begin trading with a live trading account. The live trading results were horrible. In fact, the rate in which they were able to copy the live trades within the trading room had plummeted down to 15%. The end result is that a $30,000 futures trading account had quickly lost $10,000. I felt terrible. I felt responsible. Dewayne said that the trader was at fault and just needed to try harder.

The following month I once again began to record the live trades within the CFRN trading room. On paper they looked great. However, the person out of Switzerland continued to struggle and lose money. This confused me. I could see the trades happening on the screen recordings, and I could see the trades being executed at CFRN, however the Swiss trader kept missing the trades by just a tiny moment.

I then received another email from a trader living in South America. They had also read my review, sent $3,000 and also lost money because they simply could not copy the trades in the CFRN trading room. I became really distressed and then asked that both traders send account statements so that I could hopefully figure out, via time stamp where the problem was happening. I contacted Dewayne and expressed my concerns. He became less and less enthused about my questions and began delaying responses. Eventually he told me to go away and stop contacting him. I explained that real people were losing a lot of money, and they were losing it very fast as a result of my positive review. A bit shamefully, and with more than a bit of regret…I got to see a side of CFRN that is certainly not very Christian.

Figuring Out The Problem

After beating myself up, and spending many hours reviewing the trading data posted at CFRN versus the foreign clients, I began to see the problem and the pattern is very clear. The majority of the losses and the disconnect was happening between the Natural Gas and the Soybean trades. These two markets represent a big portion of the CFRN profits and are used to market the CFRN course, however these markets in particular are very thin markets. What is a thin market? It simply means that there is not a lot of trading volume, and anyone using limit orders would have a difficult time getting a price fill. With the foreign traders, I discovered the problem…latency. This was a simple matter of people being too far away from the central exchange in Chicago. Michael at CFRN was able to execute these small scalping trades because he lives very to close to the exchange, but the folks living farther away had absolutely no chance of replication.

The issue of replication is a huge deal. And I take full responsibility for those that I hurt. In fact, after discovering that my review had caused this damage, I nearly shut down the Trading Schools blog. Whom wants to spread misinformation and cause the innocent to lose their savings? Not me.

Where Do We Go From Here?

I have learned a valuable lesson from this. Although a trading room may prove successful on a simulator or even a live trading account, I really need to take into account whether the trades can actually be repeated. I also need to consider that I have entered thousands of trades on a DOM and have a lot of experience. Even with my vast experience, I also had a very difficult time replicating the CFRN trades. With this being said, I have to sincerely apologize to all readers, known and unknown, that took action and paid CFRN money. The truth is the truth, and it has become apparent that the scalping method taught at CFRN is not going to work for the majority. And considering that there are plenty of educators out there where trades are easily replicated, I have to remove my endorsement.

More Negative Reviews

In total, I received about 30 emails from people that had either participated in the trial, had paid money to CFRN, or lost money trading in a live account. I even got a phone call from a lady in Oregon that had purchased the program based upon a review she had read about in Futures Truth and how Dean Handley had also written a positive review. I reached out to Dean Handley and requested information and whether he had properly vetted CFRN. He simply replied that his review was written on a quick observation and had no screen recordings or live trading data to back up his claim. He could provide me nothing, but ironically marketed to me his own trading room (Tessaract Trading). I thought this a very cynical and self serving response. Anyway, if I ever attempt to open or offer a trading room, somebody better shoot me quick!

Where There Is Smoke, There Is Usually Fire

Over the past several months, there is now enough smoke to cause me a massive amount of coughing. And I  now have enough real people stacked up that have lost real money from real trading accounts because the CFRN scalping method cannot be replicated. I feel bad. I got duped. I have asked that CRFN make changes, but no response. Perhaps if enough of us start making a fuss, then Dewayne and Michael will admit that the method does now work for most and that scalping cannot work for those that do not live within a very close proximity of the exchange.

What Is Most Important

To me, what is most important is that since I started this blog, I have learned a lot about trading performance. And beyond discovering whether a trading product is an outright fraud, I need to make sure that the trading room performance can be copied by a grandmother. Seriously, if a grandma from Oregon cannot make money, then I wont ever take another chance and recommend a product unless the trader has a fighting chance. Many apologies to my readers. Especially those that lost money.



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