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For nearly his entire adult lifetime, Price Headley of Big Trends has been selling some form of ‘Investment Tonic.’

This long-time trading guru of 16+ years can often be found prognosticating and bloviating on CNBC and Fox Business.

He proclaims to be a trading and investment master of every financial environment. A spin-meister and master carnival huckster. The masses are lured from the television towards the computer. Where they are offered a boatload of BS. Everything from magical trading indicators, BootCamps, stock picking services, and mentorships.

Price Headley has no track record of ever trading successfully. And wants nothing to do with tough questions about his past.

A literal school bus full of people has contacted TradingSchools.Org with horror stories of busted trading accounts, fantasy trading results, lost retirement savings, and sleight-of-hand performance summaries.

This guy is a charlatan and con artist of the highest order.


Pros: A master salesman. A+ financial bullshit artist and very good marketer.
Cons: A sweet talking slickster that would lick the wax our of your ear--if he could sell it for a nickel.

Today’s review is Big Trends with Price Headley

What is Big Trends? The Big Trends trading service is a combination of trading education, newsletters, and trading alert services.

Big Trends is owned by longtime trading educator/trading guru–Price Headley. A review of Archive.Org reveals that Price Headley has been selling all manner of trading educational products since about the year 2000.

A deep dive onto the archived web pages of Big Trends reveals that Price Headley has sold just about every ‘magical trading tonic’ known to mankind. For awhile, he proclaimed the secrets of Forex trading riches. During the tech bubble, he proclaimed masterful insight into which tech companies were “about to explode higher!” During the housing crises of 2008, with the flamboyance of a lovestruck peacock, he prognosticated about the direction of the housing market.

Whatever the hot investment trend, Price Headley attempts to position himself as the person that knows everything. And he is willing to sell you his secret wisdom for only a small annual fee of $1,999.99. Of course, the regular cost is $3,999.99 and hedge fund managers and economists the world over have gladly paid the higher fee. But today is your lucky day, for a limited time only, you can be privy to the amazing inside secrets of Price Headley and Big Trends.

Whatever the current investment trend, Price Headley wants to be your friend. So what is Price Headley currently selling?

Big Trends available products and services

The following is the currently available list. But view quickly, and don’t refresh your browser. Because at any moment, he will remove a product, and something shinier might steal the spotlight. Current offerings as follows:

  • Options Shark: $1995 per year. Need to earn 200% in two weeks or less? No problem. At least this is what Price Headley is claiming.
  • FANG Options Advisory: $1995. Facebook, Apple, Google, Netflix. They are hot and Price Headley delivers hot picks for these super hot stocks. 100% per week profits!
  • Credit Spreads: $1995. 80% winners! 25% to 40% each week. So easy.
  • Index Options Timer: $995. 80% winners! 25% to 35% gains so easy a Caveman can do it.
  • Earnings Explosion: $995. 100% earnings with little to no effort.
  • Smart Options Spreads: $995. $1,000 per month profits are not uncommon.
  • ETF Options Trader: $995.  Electrify your ETF returns with this “copy and paste” method.
  • Afternoon Channel Trader: $995. 11% per week with a $5k account.
  • Big Trends Daily Scans: $995. 6 daily stock picks. Unlock the exciting power of technical analysis.

Want to be part of Price Headley’s ‘Inner Circle?’ Great news, for only $995 Price is going to reveal further secrets that have never, ever been released. This information is released every Friday at 12:30 PM EST.

Do you use ThinkOrSwim or TradeStation? For only $499, you can download Price Headley’s ‘revolutionary’ trading toolkit. It contains 8 truly unique trading indicators with ‘secret’ settings, all users are sworn to secrecy. Included are the Percent R, Donchian Channel, Acceleration Bands, CCI, and a moving average.

Perhaps you are an undisciplined trader, and you really need to get your butt kicked into shape. Like a chubby girl in January, its time for a Bootcamp! And Price Headley has 12 different Bootcamp educational programs priced at $195 each. There is everything from ETF trading BootCamp to Indicators BootCamp to Swing Trading BootCamp. There is a Bootcamp for every single situation. And you need them all.

Maybe a BootCamp is too rough. Maybe you want your hand held, with a soft and gentle touch. You prefer a mother’s whisper, sweetly consoling that scraped knee. Well, no problem! Price Headley has the perfect program for you. It’s called the Triple Crown Coaching program. For a one-time fee of only $4,995, Price Headley will softly stroke your ego. Whisper sweet words into your ear. Coo and encourage and gently walk you through the delightful garden of Price Headley’s market wisdom. Your financial dreams will all come true.

And the best part is that all of the personalized coaching sessions with Price Headley will be recorded in full HD video. As Price explains on his website, “these priceless  mentoring sessions will be available to you for life.” No kidding folks. I can’t make this shit up.

Complaints, Broken Promises, Busted Trading Accounts

One thing you will not find anywhere on the Big Trends website are stated performance results. Its simply does not exist. Prospective purchasers must simply trust.

TradingSchools.Org reached out to Price Headley at Big Trends in hopes of writing an official review–complete with performance discovery and disclosure. Unfortunately, Price Headley at Big Trends wanted nothing to do our tough questions. We could watch in real time as they furiously opened and quickly deleted our requests for performance disclosure. Finally, the closest admission to guilt was a response that simply quipped, “All trading services are for entertainment and educational purposes only.”

So how have customers performed by following this long-time trading guru? Not so good. Since 2015, TradingSchools.Org has received a constant, and consistent ‘slow trickle’ of complaints.

The complaints are remarkably similar. The victim signed up for a trading advisory service, or an auto trading service through various integrated brokerages. The results were consistently abysmal. However, on the accompanying web promotional’s that are blasted to prospective customers, there were hardly every any mention of losing trades. They simply disappeared like a fart on a windy day.

But for those stuck with massive losses, the smell of losses remains. Like a fart in a Japanese bathhouse. And like all good and smelly farts, the odor finds a way to escape. And it make its way over to TradingSchools.Org.

The following are a few choice quotes from extremely pissed off customers of Price Headley at Big Trends.

The only thing consistent was the losing of my money. After 9 months, not a single winning month. Lost 65% of my life savings. -gb

Price sounds so smart. A real talker. That helped me lose $50k. -ml

After 4 months auto-trading on Think Or Swim, he lost nearly everything. This guy is horrible. Its a scam. -rn

I signed up for Option Sniper (now defunct). He destroyed my account. -sm

To continue with the complaints would beleaguer the point. You get it. This guy is a fraud.

Big Trends and Price Headley: the marketing scheme

Typically, when I draft a review. I look at the web analytics of the subject vendor. I want to know how much traffic that Google is awarding to the website. With Big Trends and Price Headley, there is very little Google keywords ranking. So, I found it really curious how this guy was able to generate so many customers and complaints.

Well, it turns out that Price Headley has been hustling the usual financial media channels: CNBC, Fox Business, Bloomberg and Wall Street Journal. Essentially, these video media outlets need interviews. And so they have a cast or cadre of supposed “financial experts” that throw onto the air and ask questions. Price Headley is great at this. This guy can spin a story faster than a slot machine will take your money. Is Tesla up 5%? Price knows the exact reason why! Like he has a finger up the butt of Elon Musk.his blabber mouth will blabber for as long they give him airtime.

This blabber mouth will blabber for as long they give him airtime.

Of course, at the bottom of the screen. Just below the distinguished looking face of Price Headley is a visual that reads: Price Headley,, Founder, and President.

Big Trends

Investment advise from television talking heads?

One has to wonder if media outlets like CNBC, Fox Business, etc, do they vet any of these clowns? How in the heck did this knucklehead get himself on the show?

In my opinion, they pick the people that sound ‘learned’, and most importantly…look the part. Doesn’t Price ‘look’ like a stereotypical hedge fund manager? What if he had an outrageous afro? Would he still be on the show?

Big Trends Price Headley

I really want to give you investment advice.

Wrapping Things Up

There is nothing wrong with hiring a trading educator. Or subscribing to an investment advisory. Or an investment newsletter. Heck, I am the biggest sucker for investment newsletters. I buy just about everything. And keep it right next to the toilet. Nothing better than sitting on the commode and reading an investment newsletter. One of the simple pleasures.

But, it’s important that the vendor has some sort of verifiable track record. Something that gives us a realistic expectation of the good, and the bad.

Guys like Price Headley at Big Trends, they really irritate me. They have worked for nothing, they are masters of bullshit. Virtual con artists. They curate an image and manipulate themselves onto popular media channels, and then pitch their useless products and services. The results are predictable.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Would love to read your opinions below.


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