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A self proclaimed, millionaire day trader that refuses to verify anything. No track record of trades. Live Trading room has no live trading. Moderator refuses to verify existence of live trading account. Absolutely no free trial, period. Instead, room owner is running a single month, turn and burn subscription service that primarily runs ads on Craigslist looking for naive people looking for a job. A charlatan with nothing to offer.

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Pros: Nothing. The live trading room is about as entertaining and useful as watching CNBC, only much more expensive.
Cons: Moderator proclaims to be a millionaire trader that "makes big bank daily", however its just marketing puffery and pure fantasy. Absolutely no transparency, no live trading account, no record of trades, no trading on the screen. No free trial to evaluate trading service. A complete and total waste of time.

Today’s review is

A stocks day trading room owned by Anthony “AJ” Haworth. The monthly fee for the service is $197, and the trading room is moderated daily during regular market hours.

Initial Observation

Awesome Calls is a relatively new day trading room, a quick search on Wayback.Org shows that the website was built and began offering day trading advice during the month of June, 2014. A quick look at the original website proclaims that “AJ” is a millionaire day trader and that we can learn his exclusive strategies for a small fee, and we can also quickly become amazing traders just like AJ.

The most recent website dated June 2015, shows a little bit more marketing polish. AJ appears to have abandoned the proclamation that he is a millionaire trader and instead now proclaims that he is a “Proven Professional Day Trader”.  Personally, I like the bold statement that he is a millionaire day trader instead of just a proven professional day trader.

On May 10, 2015 a reader of TradingSchools.Org contacted me via email, and asked if I could please review I said sure. Next, I contacted AJ and requested a free trial. However, AJ responded that their is no free trial, that his trading was far to valuable to be given away for free. He proclaimed that you don’t become a millionaire day trader by giving away trading secrets, instead his secrets could only be purchased by first spending $197 each month, and then the secrets would be “dripped out like a fountain of golden rain”. When I read that the secrets would be dripped out like a fountain of golden rain, my initial thought was of someone trying to pee on my head. But AJ apparently has a different perspective on what is golden rain.

Next, I asked AJ if he could please provide me with some sort of proof that had earned a million dollars day trading. He denied my request with the explanation that revealing his trades could accidentally reveal his core strategy. Next I requested only a single day’s worth of trading statements, he replied that I must be hard of hearing and that I did not need to see his trading results. Instead, he explained that all I needed was to read his twitter feed, where I could see masses of adoring fans that were “making bank”.

My final attempt at getting AJ to open up was to reveal that my name was Emmett Moore from Trading Schools.Org. I would be writing a review about his service. And that his repeated denials at any sort of transparency would likely result in a negative written review. I also requested that we meet in person, so that he could see that I am not such a horrible ogre. AJ lists his address at simply, Beverly Hills. He flat refused me and stopped answering my emails and requests.

One Month Later

About a month later, I got an email from the same person that contacted me several weeks earlier. This was the person that had originally contacted me, and requested the initial review. Apparently, he did not take my advice to avoid AwesomeCalls and inspite of me telling him that this guy was as shifty and evasive as an August cockroach, he still went ahead and spent the $197 to discover the secrets of AJ’s golden shower. Things did not turn out so well. After three weeks, he quickly discovered that AJ is not revealing anything more than stock market conversation. The only time AJ would announce a trade was well after the market had moved, and then mysteriously AJ would begin shouting and crying that he had told everyone.

The subscriber was not going to renew his AwesomeCalls monthly memborship and was feeling pretty foolish for sending this guy money. However, he did have three days remaining on his trading room membership. Of those three days, I attended and recorded two of those days.

Awesome Calls

Everyday, AJ will have a list of about 10 stocks that are on his watch list. After sending AJ a direct chat while in the live trading room, and through the online instant messaging system, it became very quickly and very painfully AJ's Awesome Callsobvious that AJ knows absolutely nothing about the stock market. Sure, he knows how to put a chart on a screen and apply a technical indicator…but I am afraid that if you ask this guy anything about fundamentals, he is way out of his league. He is simply a mouthpiece that just talks about stocks.

At the end of the trading day, AJ will pluck out a few charts and mark them up with after the fact market magic. He creates these cute little pictures with commentary of supposed events that took place inside of the trading room. Unfortunately, its all pure nonsense. Anyone can be a genius after the market closes. He then posts these lame little pieces of fraud onto Twitter for everyone to see.

After recording 8 hours of AJ’s useless dribble, I can tell you with absolute clarity, this guy is a complete fraud. No live trading whatsoever. No trading DOM. No order entry or exit on the screen, just a nonstop useless dribble from a guy just smart enough to display a chart on computer.

Awesome Calls Business Model

Obviously, this guy is a one pump chump. A person subscribes to his service for a month, quickly discovers he is a fraud and then moves onto the the next trading room. AJ understand this, and so in order to keep finding suckers to pay into this lameness, he will resort to spamming Craigslist for more suckers. Below is one of his Craigslist ads, which you can find he spams on Craigslist nationwide like an out of control meth head tweaker.

Awesome Calls


How could anyone fall for this stuff? He proclaims to have the largest and most successful stock day trading room in the country. Really? Quit my day job? Ok, whatever.

Truthfully, I dont have much sympathy for anyone that that would fall for such a blatant and obvious fraud. The guy is just a loudmouth moron that is looking to hustle a few suckers for extra cash. A small fish that barely deserves a review. However, one of my readers got suckered by this fraud, and so I figured I would just put in a little time and expose him.

Who is This Anthony “AJ” Hayworth?

Apparently before became AJ became a millionaire trader, he owned an escrow company. But that went down the drain when the State of California busted him for collusion. He is pretty lucky that he avoided a criminal prosecution on the collusion charge, but is this really relevant to his day trading room? Well, as a former ex-con myself, I would like to grant him a little extra wiggle room. However, he is obviously just continuing his shady nonsense in just another industry. Within the context of the trading educator community he must feel like a deer that just found a bag of fresh corn. He fits right in!

The Way Back For Anthony

As hard as I can be on some of these blatantly fraudulent trading rooms, I always attempt to offer a way back because these reviews hurt their income. Perhaps AJ can change. I would love to come back and write a new review. But before that happens, he would need to do the following:

  1. Create a spreadsheet of trades that users can view in real time. Not these lame after market pictures.
  2. Put his trades live on the screen, for all to see. I have plenty of stock day trading rooms that do this now, he should as well.
  3. Stop with the No Free Trial nonsense. At the very least, offer a single day.
  4. Be transparent. Stop proclaiming you are a millionaire trader living in Beverly Hills. Nobody believes your BS.

I have written some pretty nasty reviews before, only to come back and write stories of success and redemption. There is a way back. But with this guy, it might take a little longer. My suspicion is that he probably has never even had a trading account.

Well that’s it for today. Thanks for reading. And a special note to the reader that informed me of this trading room, I am sorry if I made you feel like a fool for falling for this guy. But you should of had some reservations when he would not show you any prior trades, no live trading account, and no free trial. Hopefully, you learned something and can avoid this type of nonsense in the future.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to leave your comments below.

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lisa cole

its amazing how many shills he has that are paper trading and posting on twitter to bait others


I am not a member but his premarket on twitter- today 11/3 had approx. 10 stocks and they all made money DCIX was first and it went up over 300%

Just Saying
Just Saying

If you have 8 hours of video that proves this guy is a fraud, why didn’t you post any of it?

Emmit, you are biased troll.. Just because of your miss fortunes in life or poor decisions you choose to try and ruin others. I’m a member of Awesome calls and everything I just read is sheer BS coming out of your mouth.. Yes a lot of rooms are crap. But because someone denied you a bank statement or trading logs you call them a con? If you came and asked me for the same stuff I’d say screw off, non of your business… I’ve made several Thousands Trading, I can say that’s AJ and his Moderator calls are the best… Read more »
Rob B

” I can say that’s AJ and his Moderator calls are the best I’ve seen. Hell I made $500 bucks yesterday in his Room by one of his calls.”

Wow if you say so it must be true!!! Who the hell needs any damn proof. That scum bag Emmett. He is ruining it for everyone. I am with you bro.


There’s a big difference, shill, between tradingschools and compromised beachforums which never ask for proof where a bunch of shills fester and populate like termintes in a rotted ninjacessed log. Granted this was a far earlier review, all Emmett needs to do to substantiate the motivation for this review to the readers, is to mention the reports from former duped clients of this tr where they can reveal the truth about lots of losers and decimation of their savings accounts funneled wastefully into this sham.


You guys are all wrong. Since joining this chatroom I am 3/3 on the day and 1/1 the other day. It’s a amazing chatroom with so much knowledge. I wish you guys would give him a chance. Its only $25 for one day and definately worth it.

Rob B

And the shills just keep on coming. So you made all of 4 self proclaimed trades and have concluded the room is awesome. What shill nonsense! Why don’t you make 3 months of live trades based on his trade calls and then show Emmett your brokerage statements of proof of your claims, being the TR operator cannot. As I have said in a 1000 post you would be the 1st to do it.

yep , it’s always I “just” joined and am making bank! , never I’ve been trading with this sham room for 3 years and living on trading entirely with my brokerage statements and irs tax returns to prove it. The truth is after 30 to 90 days the retailer has churned out of the fraud room, perhaps unfortunately with losses in addition to the insult of the fee of the worthless hotdog combo education or the monthly churn fees. But then again this is just a shll popping up like the carnival headbop game , when the Emmett review spotlight… Read more »
Rob B
Wow, Really Tony!! Gosh no one here is familiar with Emmett’s past. Give me a break. I tell you what is sad; if you are associated with or defending one of the biggest con artist TR ever – GTR. This is the first site to ever demand these con artist actually show proof of their claims and they are clueless what to do about. They are so use to having scam-o-pedia and Ninja cesspool to give them credibility even though they can show no proof of their claims. So what do they do when they come across a site that… Read more »
shill card.jpg
Stray Dog

OMG! WOW! OMG, OMG, OMG!!! Wow Tony thanks Pal, we’d have never known. Hang on, wait a minute,

Today is March 10th, 2017 I was Aj’s sub for several months and confirm every word in this review. I personally blew over $20,000 in his room soon after joining. And witnessed others blowing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Here is a little update. Aj opened paper trading account and keeps making random calls. He doesn’t care much because what is supposed to be a trade alert is just a call, he calls stocks, not trades stocks. Hundreds of traders blew their real money trading accounts ever since this review was written. In April, May and June 2016 all of… Read more »

Was a member in his room. The man knows nothing from trading. He is just a plain thief.


rereading the review. the bit about the vendor being like a deer finding a bag of popcorn made me have a good lol for the day!

I cannot give this room a poor enough review. I’ve been trading over 20 years and I will say AJ is a fraud. His small talent is trading off a 1 minute chart…and it is a small talent. He lacks basic understanding of anything having to do with stocks, markets, finance, etc. I thought the other mods might be worth the money but NO. I realized quickly AJ’s only value is as a contrarian indicator. He is wrong so often. I lost money on probably 5 out of the 6 trades I was stupid enough to follow him into. It’s… Read more »
Sound the furu sirens! There were some decent traders/moderators in the room from memory however I found AJ himself is out of his league. Additionally, his general tone and behavior is child like and completely unwarranted. Overall, the guy trades based on what he ‘thinks’ calling out plays and price targets randomly with almost no merit. “It’s going to $12”, “I want $19”, all lines that he commonly uses. So many times I saw him call out a target till he’s blue in the face, it misses the mark completely and instead heads in the other direction. Plain stupid. Then… Read more »

Wow! That was incredibly well written and I hope it will help others from dropping $ to join a room where ALL trades ALL the time “MAKE BANK” lol
There is only one way to make it as a trader, and that is to master the art of trading. Period.
Well, unless you are a FURU in which case you do not have to trade a single share.. all you’d have to do is throw around darts and pump the ones that hit bulls-eye while ignoring all others.

Frank heck

Bman, one of the biggest penny pumpers on the net has joined this site. Beware of the same scams as he ran before. Ran a free chat and started to charge dumb folks behind the scenes for 400 a pop to trade pennies for .02

Martin Vanderon
Martin Vanderon

AwesomeCalls Moderators

Can someone give a fair and honest opinion about Bman in the Awesome Calls chat? I find he never looses on trades.


Bman is one of the best traders out there without a doubt. I thought he would participate in the chat more but he is almost non existent. He doesn’t lose on trades much because he can pump trades to his 20,000 twitter followers until he’s green.

After seeing AJ tweet time’n time again figured I’d give it a shot. Boy was that a bad idea. He talks SO much and has SO many ideas he will always be right on a few.. and yes, you guessed it, those are the one you see reviewed on twitter he will never ever mention on twitter a call that went south. He is so twisted, that in his defense, I think he really does believe that he is special. Guy is nothing short of a moron IMHO. He never trades ANYTHING, he just tells others his “ideas” Stay away…!!!!… Read more »

2 or 3 of the morning 10 calls sometimes work, the other 7-8 are dogs which he never addresses. ‘well, you had your chance’ is a response. it is impossible to track all, and proper entry is near impossible on most. a complete shyster and bully if you challenge any of the wrong calls.

The greatest shame with “AwesomeCalls” chatroom isn’t the room itself (there are plenty of rooms out there, some worst, a lot better, but regardless). The biggest shame is that this AJ guy somehow got BMan Alerts on board as a moderator + to help hype AJ’s room. BMan, for those who don’t know, was the owner of a free chatroom that really helped a lot of newbies out back in the day. He always offered help after hours, and I met a lot of legit traders via his room. When I saw that BMan was promoting it, I had to… Read more »