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Feel like being ripped off by a plagiarising jerk? Do you buy investment and trading books on Ever bought an investment book and then quickly realized that the book is worthless gibberish?

Andrew Johnson currently has 26 trading books listed on Amazon and sells an incredible 600+ copies each month. This con artist is pulling a massive fraud and generating an incredible $10k to $15k monthly.

Each book is little more than poorly plagiarized word soup, written by non-native English speakers, desperate to earn $1 per hour.

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Thanks for reading today’s review of Andrew Johnson Trading Books

These past few months, I was invited to speak at a “Bloggers Summit.” Basically, I was invited to tell my personal story of starting a blog and then growing the audience from zero visitors to several thousand daily readers.

The audience was primarily novice writers, broke ass poets, failed novelists, daydreamers, a smidgen of internet promotors, and a pinch of artistic types. Basically, everyone was trying to figure out how to make money at writing.

Whether it be a book, or a blog, or a technical writer, this “Bloggers Summit” was akin to the TradersExpo/MoneyShow. Where newbie traders are herded through a gauntlet of trading courses, software, trading coaches, magical trading indicators, etc.

Except the “Bloggers Summit” was selling all manner of magical potion that mystically turns anyone into the next Hemingway. You get the point.

I had to give my corny story. All of my life’s failures, going to prison, having very little formal education, no training as a writer…and give the audience some sort of roadmap to building an audience.

I explained to the audience that you don’t really need to be a good writer. With practice, you get better over time. I exampled one of my old blog posts — rife with errors. Barely readable. And totally embarrassing. A total piece of shit article.

Next, I explained that in today’s modern era, with the speed of the internet, there is no greater commodity than THE TRUTH.

The internet allows humans to do what they do exceedingly well…be deceptive. And do it at the expense of others. I explained that whatever the chosen writing niche, if you are the person that gets closest to the stinging truth, then you will always have an eager audience.

But writing about the truth is not as easy as it sounds. My truth might not be your truth. My perception of reality might be much different than yours. Carl Bernstein, the American journalist that brought down Richard Nixon said it best, “as a journalist, you must always seek out and write about, the best obtainable version of the truth.” The best obtainable version of the truth.

With my most noble gesture and feeling sort of like Yoda among the padawan, I told my audience to go out into the world and simply write about the truth. That there is not a more powerful thing in the universe than THE TRUTH. I felt so noble.

The next speaker was a guy named Andrew Johnson. He had a different message.

Andrew Johnson

The next speaker was a marquee, premier speaker. A guy that was earning $50k each month as a writer. I was extremely interested in hearing what he had to say. The truth is that I hardly earn anything, and I sure as hell wanted to learn how to earn $50k each month.

He explained that we didn’t need to be broke! That the key to earning a fat income at writing was to simply find stuff that has already been written, sells well, and then rewrite the material. Add a little bit of pizazz and sparkle and that is pretty much all you need.

He next explained that he actually doesn’t even write books. He just finds poor people in 3rd world countries that can write English, but usually cannot speak it. That these “Coconut Hunters” as he described them were a perfect source of cheap labor.

The key to success is finding a niche of books that already sell really well, and then pay these poor “Coconut Hunters” a dollar an hour to rewrite the material. As I listened, I started to feel queasy. Like I was slowly being dipped in snake oil.

The crescendo of the presentation was that he would teach anyone his “super secret writing system” for a fee of only $5,995. Of course, for a limited time only.

An audience member then asked if he could provide an example of some books that he had written by his “Coconut Hunters.” He replied, “Sure, let’s take a look at a niche that I currently occupy and typically earn about $10k to $15k each month.”

With rapt attention, all eyes were then presented the following books. All sold on Amazon.

Options Trading: Quick Starters Guide To Options Trading (Quick Starters Guide To Trading) (Volume 3)Cryptocurrency: How to Make a Lot of Money Investing and Trading in Cryptocurrency: Unlocking the Lucrative World of Cryptocurrency (Cryptocurrency Investing and Trading) (Volume 1)Real Estate Investing: How to Become a Real Estate Investing King: The Ultimate Real Estate Investment Blueprint (Volume 1)Day Trading: The Ultimate Guide to Day Trading: Uncovering Day Trading Profit Making Secrets (The Ultimate Guide To Trading) (Volume 4)Swing Trading: The Definitive And Step by Step Guide To Swing Trading: Trade Like A Pro (How to Invest and Trade Like a Pro Book 1)Forex: Strategies on How to Excel at FOREX Trading: Trade Like A King (Strategies on How to Excel at Trading Book 2)Options Trading: How To Excel At Options Trading: Trade Like A King (Strategies On How To Excel At Trading Book 3)How To Be A Options Trading King: Options Trade Like A King (How To Be A Trading King Book 4)Binary Options: A Beginner’s Guide to Binary Options: Uncovering the Secrets of Binary Options (A Beginners Guide To Trading Book 2)How To Be A Binary Options Trading King: Trade Like A Binary Options King (How To Be A Trading King) (Volume 3)Day Trading: Quick Starters Guide To Day Trading (Quick Starters Guide To Trading Book 1)Stocks: The Ultimate Guide to Investing and Trading Stocks: Getting an Edge with Trading StocksFOREX: Quick Starters Guide To FOREX Trading (Quick Starters Guide To Trading Book 2)How To Be A Day Trading King: Day Trade Like A King (How To Be A Trading King Book 1)Binary Options: The Ultimate Guide to Binary Options: Uncovering Binary Options Profit Making Secrets (The Ultimate Guide To Trading Book 1)Day Trading: A Beginner’s Guide to Day Trading: Discover How to Be a Day Trading King (A Beginners Guide To Trading Book 3)Day Trading: Strategies on How to Excel at Day Trading: Trade Like A KingForex: A Beginner’s Guide to Forex: Uncover the Secrets of Forex (A Beginners Guide To Trading Book 4)Forex: The Ultimate Guide to Forex: Uncovering Forex Profit Making Secrets (The Ultimate Guide To Trading Book 2)Options Trading: A Beginners Guide to Options Trading: Unlocking the Secrets of Options Trading (A Beginners Guide To Trading Book 1)Options Trading:The Ultimate Guide to Options Trading: Uncovering Options Trading Profit Making Secrets (The Ultimate Guide To Trading Book 3)

As the books crossed the screen, my eyes began to hurt and exasperate. I simply couldn’t believe what I witnessing. He had hired an army of “coconut hunters” to create every single one of these so-called trading and investment books.

He explained that he no idea what much of the terminology contained within these books actually meant. He had no idea what a binary option was, was clueless about Forex, had never attempted to day trade or swing trade, in fact…he explained that he didn’t even have a trading account!

The “beauty” of his so-called publishing system was that you simply buy a popular trading book and then pay a poor person to rewrite the material. After the material is written, you then pay another poor person $25 for a really nice book cover. In fact, he explained that he invested more time and effort into the book cover than the actual book itself!

I began to immediately think about all of the poor souls that were reading this gibberish. They were spending their money and wasting their time, in the naive hope that something valuable was hidden within the pages of these books.

At this point in his presentation, I knew that pretty much everything he was saying was probably a lie. But what I really wanted to know…how many of these books was he actually selling on the largest bookstore on the planet — Amazon.

Volume and Sales

Getting the volume and sales figures for all of these shitty books was not easy. But I really had to know how many people were buying this crap. The data is available through a sales API in raw format. Amazon will give the data to anyone. But you need someone to parse and make sense of it.

Next, I contacted a really smart Russian programmer that gave me the total sales volume. On average, the swindler that created these books is selling between 590 to 650 copies each month. The total estimated revenue, after Amazon fees is between $11k and $15k monthly.

What an amazing scam this guy is pulling. I had to know more. So I next emailed the “author” of these books with a few questions.

  1. How was he able to get hundreds of 4 and 5 star reviews on Amazon?
  2. Who is the picture of Andrew Johnson?
  3. How much does he typically spend on each book?

To my surprise, he actually answered me.

He gets the hundreds of awesome reviews by using a service that pays for the book and then drafts a positive review. The company then returns the book, but the review sticks around, even after the book is returned for a refund.

And the picture of Andrew Johnson on the author home page? This guy…

He looks smart enough.

He is just a stock image that he scraped from a free image site.

Just amazing. Everything about these books, including the author, is a big fat fraud. But I really wanted to know, how much was he spending to produce each book? According to ‘Andrew Johnson’ he tries to keep it below $100 each book.

The worlds great investment

According to Amazon, Andrew Johnson has 26 published book. That’s a total cost of $2600 to produce this worthless pile of investment gibberish. He then typically earns over $10k each month. Just wow. Why in the hell am I not doing this?

According to the author, the key is to keep cranking out new books as quickly as possible. The 26 books currently for sale on Amazon were all written and published within an 8-week period.

The author further elaborated that “people start to catch on after awhile.” In other words, the general public begins to realize that the books are worthless investment advice. At that point, the author explained you simply have the same books re-written and new book covers created, and a new author profile. Put it all back on Amazon as ‘new’ trading books.

What a scam.

Wrapping things up

For the past 4 years, I have written about dozens of investment and trading scams. Little did I know that such fertile ground would be found on Amazon. There are thousands of trading books for sale. Writing about them will be part of my new regiment.

In the process, we will also find the books that actually have something valuable and worthy for public consumption. Hopefully, we can push those to the top. And push the scams and frauds back to the bottom.

Thanks for reading.


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