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A father and son team of supposed super traders, claiming to have earned 8,359% since Jan 4, 2016. Truly outrageous nonsense from a couple of knuckleheads that have no business giving investment advice to anyone. The father, Mike Gutridge recently filed bankruptcy in 2013 and declared to the court that he had only $10 in cash in his pocket. And now, to the amazement of the investment community, these ass clowns are claiming to be magically earning an average of 1,682% each and every month from day trading stocks. Neither of these individuals are willing to provide even the most midget sized portion of evidence that these trading gains are legitimate. But of course, they are willing to sell you “the secrets” to day success. Both claim the blessings of Jesus. Hallelujah. Pure nonsense.

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Pros: Nothing to recommend.
Cons: Absolutely zero proof to their amazing claims of earning 8,359% since Jan 4, 2016. One of the partners recently filed bankruptcy. Pure nonsense from a couple of day trading wannabees.

Thanks for reading today’s review of AMG Trading and Investments.

What is The website is offering an assortment of trading products which include the following: day trading chat room at $145 per month, swing trading chat room at $95 per month, Level 1 trading course $250, Level 2 trading course at $250, Level 3 trading course at $250, Day Trading Options course at $250, and a mentorship program starting at $200.

Who is AMG Trading and Investments? On the About Page of AMG Trading and Investments, you will not find any individual taking ownership of the company. They simply describe themselves as a “Father and Son team that enjoy trading”, and that they are Christians with the following philosophy…

We strongly believe in a commandment that God has given us.
Treat others as you wish to be treated.
This is the golden rule that we structure our lives and business by.
We have experienced that it is better to give than receive.

Surely, this is a wonderful quote to live by. However, I find it very odd and unsettling that this father and son trading team are unwilling to reveal their identity to the public. We are supposed to simply have faith, and simply hope they are not scammers.

Supposed Trading Performance

On the AMG Trading and Investments website, this dynamic duo of trading are making claims that since January 4, 2016, the day trading chat room has earned an amazing 8,359.09% return on investment.

AMG Trading And

In other words, if you started with a stock trading account of $1,000, then in only 5 short months, your $1,000 investment would now be worth a whopping $83,359. How incredible is this? Well, I have written quite a few reviews in the past 1.5 years at TradingSchools.Org, and an 8,359% return in only 5 months is about as outrageous a claim that I have ever witnessed.

Imagine if you started with a trading account of $10k? In only 5 months, you would have nearly $850,000 in profits!

Just to give you some idea of how preposterous these claims of investment returns, lets look at the supposed AMG Trading And Investments monthly performance claims of earning 1,672% each and every month. Suppose that you start with only a $1,000 trading account, and by compounding 1,672% each and every month, at the end of ONLY ONE YEAR your account would now be worth $35,321,429. Whom in the world would believe such outright nonsense?

A 1,672% monthly return. Whom in heck do these bozo’s think they are fooling? Of course, AMG Trading and Investments is supposed to clearly include legal disclosures that unequivocally state whether these trades are real or hypothetical. But alas, these trading wannabes do not even understand the most basic disclosures that are required by the FTC,  the SEC, or the CFTC. Instead, they have this lame home brew disclosure that states, “We are not investment advisers, and prior performance is no guarantee of future performance”. I wonder if they even realize that by not clearly stating whether these performance claims are real or hypothetical, and by using such claims for financial gain makes them a target for securities fraud, and mail fraud. Both civil and criminal.

When I look at some of these trading educational websites that are promising 1,672% monthly returns, I cannot help but conjure up images of The Tooth Fairy, or Bigfoot, or a Chupacabra. Whom in the heck is going to believe such nonsense?

Contacting AMG Trading and Investments

Of course, maybe Bigfoot does exist, and so I reached out to AMG Trading and Investments and attempted to gather some sort of proof of these 1,672% monthly returns. I called the phone number listed on the website, 877-866-3809, but of course there was never an answer. I left a message and hoped for a call back, but of course when the owner of the company realized that the call was coming from Emmett Moore with TradingSchools.Org, I got absolutely no response. I sent emails asking for help in verifying these amazing investment returns, but of course no response. Once they realized that a wolf was at the door, they then barricaded themselves inside, desperately attempting to keep me from the truth.

Sheep to be shornHowever, if you really want to get some fast and amazing service then simply send an anonymous email and describe yourself as a trading newbie and you are looking to learn how to trade. I call this “The Sheep” email, where I contact the trading educator and act as if I am a poor helpless trader looking to learn. I describe myself as a complete newbie with a $1,000 trading account and ONLY A FEW THOUSAND DOLLARS TO SPEND ON A TRADING EDUCATION. In other words, I describe myself as a complete fucking idiot that is practically begging to to be scammed. And for good measure, I throw in a bible verse and use the word “blessings”.  The Sheep email is simply to entice engagement, and sure enough, the idiot running this company was only too willing to sell me his secrets. The trading secrets that allow a person to turn a $1,000 trading account into a new career as a professional day trader. But of course, I needed to first purchase the educational courses and the day trading room and sign up for personal mentoring.

The People Making Promises of 1,682% monthly returns

One of the people on Twitter that I love to read is a person that goes by the name, “GuruLeaks”. This person loves to also research trading guru’s and dig up interesting information. GuruLeaks was kind enough to research and discover that the father and son team running this company are named Mike Gutridge and his son Anthony Gutridge.

Mike Gutridge Trading

In addition to outing these guys, GuruLeaks also discovered a recent bankruptcy filing that certainly does not lend much credibility to the notion that either of these individuals are earning 1,672% each month by day trading stocks. Have a look at the bankruptcy filing for Mike Gutridge, this guy claims on his website to earn a massive income day trading stocks? However, the BK filing from 2013 clearly states that his only assets are half ownership of a motorcycle, a couple of guns, $300 in a checking account, some clothes and household items, and $10 in cash.


These guys love to profess their “Love Of The Lord”. And that is great. But I wonder how their fellow parishioners would feel if they knew that these guys are representing themselves as having investment returns of 8,359% in only 5 months? Truly nutty.

Wrapping Things Up

This was an interesting review for me. Simply because of the father and son dynamic. When I look at this situation, I see Anthony as a young man trying to make his way in the world. I understand the temptation of lying for financial gain, I know where it leads. Its tough when you are young man, living in a world that idolizes money and wealth, and you are trying to figure out how in the heck you going to make it. Its obvious that a good amount of time and effort has gone into the creation of their online educational venture, and I do enjoy watching the entrepreneurialism. However, whenever you start making claims of earning over 8,000% in only 5 months, then you are just another fraudster, peddling hopes and dreams of day trading glory.

Mike Gutridge AMG InvestmentsMike Gutridge, the father, he should know better. What sort of Dad would be comfortable knowing that his kid is knowingly committing fraud for financial gain? Fraud is a big word. But lets call it what it is….claims of 8,000% returns in only 5 months is quite obviously fraud. Using these claims to entice people to spend money on educational products is financial fraud, plain and simple. Sure, the SEC is probably not going to waste their time with this small time con from a couple of knuckleheads trying to make rent money. Its certainly not the code that I would want my kid to live by.

Well that’s it for today. Yet another trading educational company making wild and fantastic promises, but unwilling and or unable to provide even the smallest amount of evidence.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to leave your comments below.


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