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Do you need to get rich quickly? Then look no further than Aldo Lagrutta.

Aldo claims that he is a full-time professional day trader and has personally trained the worlds largest banking institutions with his “super secret” and “magical” trading techniques. Simply pay $10k and your money worries are a thing of the past, a life of unlimited wealth and financial prosperity awaits you.

Need to have your head shrunk? Aldo can do that too. With his mystical chants, subconscious divination, and power to communicate with the spirit world, he can easily unlock unmeasurable wealth and prosperity. So he claims.

Need to lose that stubborn belly fat? Oh yes, Aldo got a “secret pill” that tastes like butter and is guaranteed to drop those extra pounds–virtually overnight! Just slather on the special ointment and those extra pounds will magically melt away.

Aldo Lagrutta is one of the worst con artists that TradingSchools.Org has written about. This guy is an outrageous douchebag with a demonstrated and provable evidence chain of defunct websites that leaves only one conclusion–Aldo Lagrutta is a conman. And his wife is a weirdo.

100% carnival barker and seller of the purest forms of snake oil.


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Thanks for reading today’s review of Aldo Lagrutta

During the month of January 2019, a reader requested that TradingSchools.Org conduct a thorough investigation and write a review about Aldo Lagrutta–a supposed full-time professional day trader.

Today, we will present the findings of this investigation and combine the findings into an overall review of the products and services offered for sale.

What is Aldo Lagrutta selling? A better question would be–what is Aldo Lagrutta not selling? Let’s take a closer look… A website that purports to teach you how to trade Futures contracts through intense ‘hand-holding.’ For a monthly fee, Aldo Lagrutta will spoonfeed Futures trading recommendations directly to your inbox. The cost of these spoonfed Futures trading recommendations is $150 per month or $997 per year. Websites offering a book that supposedly teaches you how to trade crude oil Futures contracts profitably, even if you have no experience or little money to invest. According to the promotional material, Aldo claims that “Crude Oil traders with little experience” read his book and now typically earn $4,000 each week, trading only a single Futures contract. Gain “piece of mind” and “amazing abilities” with a one-on-one coaching program. They claim to trade live, with you, over the internet and direct your trading and decision-making process. The coaching is several thousand dollars per student and includes a highly secretive trading technique called “Waves Of Energy.” The promotional materials include implicit guarantees of 80% winning trades. A website that promises to teach the methods of “professional oil traders” and this method will tell you exactly “when to buy or sell for amazing profits.” In fact, the promotional materials proclaim that within the first week, you can expect a winning trade of 40, 50, or even 100 points in the Crude Oil Futures market. Further, the website promises that “it’s not to good to be true” and that you will earn more in a single trade than most people earn in a month.

Additionally, they claim that they personally trained the employees of Shell, Chevron, Conoco, Petro China, JP Morgan, Bank of America, Citi, and many other top-tier financial institutions. Aldo claims that he “stumbled upon something shocking, and so groundbreaking, that it would make trading easy forever.”

And finally, the cost of this program is only $10,000 and includes the super-secretive “Oil Barrel” indicator that is “shocking and beyond the known possibilities of mankind.” A master class that teaches the secrets of Elliot Wave in only one hour, and will make you profitable in one day. a whack-a-doodle revelation where Aldo reveals his most precious trading secret. For a fee. a series of multi-thousand dollar boot camps and courses on trader psychology. In these courses, Aldo and his perennially weirdo wife will teach you the “Secrets of the subconscious mind” and how to “cultivate positive energy” through chants and rituals, how to “communicate with the unconscious mind,” and apply new age Neuroscience combined with spiritual meditation and mystical intuition techniques.

Neither of these clowns is qualified to “shrink your head” in any capacity. I remain unconvinced they can communicate with the spirit world. A website that acts like a pyramid of worship and adornment dedicated to the supposed greatness of Aldo Lagrutta. There is gibberish about how Aldo is a Certified Financial Technician, which is little more than a $20 certificate that a homeless dog could qualify for. Yet more gibberish about being a “coveted Certified Elliott Wave Analyst” which is yet again another $3 certificate. A member of the Society of Technical Analysis, which is $4.99 certificate. And finally, Aldo proudly proclaims to be the recipient of the Bronwen Wood Prize of London. Well, I searched for the Bronwen Wood Prize, its some whack-a-doodle organization that is, yep you guessed it…selling a bunch of zany courses on getting rich.

However, there is one thing we definitely know for certain…according to the CFTC, FINRA, and National Futures Association, there is no Aldo Lagrutta registered in any capacity. Yet, it appears, according to the CFTC that Aldo Lagrutta should be registered as a Commodity Trading Advisor.

Facially Implausible. In other words, this looks like a SCAM

My lawyers are always harping on me to include the words “facially implausible.” I hate lawyered words, especially the sort of words that obfuscate and cloud the cleanest and clearest communication.

So let me be as direct as possible, on the face of this, it appears that Aldo Lagrutta is running a scam. And he appears to be nothing more than a petty conman. However, some readers will not be convinced at such a poignant opinion, and they want more evidence.

So let’s continue to explore the evidence…

The supposed track record of Aldo Lagruta

Using an alias, TradingSchools.Org began a series of conversations with Aldo Lagrutta and his sidekick, and perennially weirdo wife-Kristen Lagrutta.

In short, we wanted verifiable Futures brokerage statements that resemble any of the financial huff puffery on display, through this myriad of associated websites.

The response was not encouraging. In fact, it was outrageously laughable and entirely predictable. Aldo Lagrutta and his wife, the supposed educators of the worlds largest financial companies could not verify a lick of their trading results.

I wasn’t asking for much. Just a 2018, year-end result which every Futures brokerage sends to each client. Apparently, Aldo has no idea that such a document even exists.

Instead, Aldo and his weirdo wife employed what I would describe as pretzel logic. They would use words and phrases like, “what difference does it make if you see my actual results, because you cannot possibly replicate my superior performance, and since you will never be such a master of trading, then showing you will only confuse you.” Excuse me? What kind of answer is this?

Around and around we went. Deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole we ventured. And the deeper we dug, the angrier and more pathetic Aldo became. Towards the end, he became aggressive, belligerent, dismissive, and ultimately very angry.

The conman always becomes the angriest when you come to close to the heart of his fraud. I have witnessed this time and again.

Yet more evidence of SCAMS perpetrated by Aldo Lagrutta

Every good conman has more than one trick. And Aldo is very good with his tricks. Let’s now take a look at a few of his former, and current activities–not related to trading Futures contracts. Hopefully, I do not need to translate this. Mucho Dinero Rapido is self-explanatory. The website is now defunct, but we were able to obtain an archived copy through the following link. Since the website is in Spanish, you will need to click the translate button. Once you click the translate button, you better stay buckled in your seat…what appears next is some of the most outrageously fraudulent material on the internet.

According to Aldo’s website, he is “LOOKING FOR PEOPLE WHO NEED TO EARN QUICK MONEY!” and Aldo has a ‘secret formula’ that promises students $25,000 each day and that 99.9999% of the population does not know his ‘secret formula.’ And one of his students actually earned $2.5 million dollars in only 2 days! According to Aldo, he discovered something called the Cybernetic Transposition Method of financial accumulation. Seriously, folks, I can’t make this shit up. Have a look for yourself. a $4k (on sale only today for only $970, but act fast) whack-a-doodle personal coaching program that promises to “accumulate the riches you want” and “be a master of any activity.” Amazingly, Aldo promises that you will own your own jet, become a master lover, transform your personal appearance, become a world-class dancer, a karate fighter, and achieve internal cleansing. Whatever that means. do you need to lose weight fast? And I mean really fast? Well, Aldo can fix that with ease. According to Aldo, he has a secret fat loss product and system called the “AMATE” system. Included with this system is a “magic pill” (yes, he actually is selling a magic pill) that immediately removes 40% of your fat–virtually overnight. The best part is that the “Amate” system requires little to no exercise and that you will “eat like a carnivore.”

Apparently, this product tastes like butter and can be smoothed upon problem areas where the fat will instantaneously disappear. Like magic. Once again, I cant make this shit up. It’s right on his website.

Shall I continue naming each and every one of these outrageous websites? I have a bunch more. But to continue is to only fuel your deliriousness and utter disgust with this character. I have so many browsers opened to so many scams that I simply cannot count them.  How about SmartGoals? A secret success program that involves spiritual channeling, secrets of the Pharaohs, and other absolutely whacky material.

Wrapping things up

This evidence is clearly damning. Any person of sound mind and common sense should be able to recognize that Aldo Lagrutta is nothing more than a clever con man. Who’s life work is nothing more than a venerable panoply of phony financial products, outlandish and unqualified mental health products, whacky pills to help you lose weight, and financial coaching that appears to have zero value.

Avoid this huckster.

Thanks for reading.

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Clay L Builder
Clay L Builder (@guest_5061287)
3 months ago

Whoever wrote the above is a total shmuck!! I have just completed a 5 day course with Professor Aldo Lagrutta and it has been nothing short of brilliant. The trading analysis techniques he has shown me, have already helped me make £1800 profit, using a 10K equity pot. How is that zero value! Like I said, Shmuck.

Truth Crusader
Truth Crusader (@guest_3053071)
1 year ago

You are aware that CEWA is administered by the EWI, right? ..

Aldo Lagrutta
Aldo Lagrutta (@guest_1042159)
2 years ago

I must admit that reading this review was fun for me; so much, I had to read it twice. Yet, it is beyond me how Mr. Moore can get away with writing such misogynistic article on a public forum like this one without anyone pointing it out.

I’m sure my wife can take Mr. Moore’s insult.  Having lived with me for over three decades she learnt to deal with sexism and insults. Yes, it took me decades to understand and change the machismo I had learned growing up and that Mr. Emmett Moore failed to include in his review.

Regrettably, he also failed to get many of his facts straight and instead based the article on impressions, assumptions and surprisingly, things that are actually made up. Since it would take too long to answer each example of inaccuracy, hyperbole and dramatization found in the article, I will only focus on one aspect that clearly and openly exposes his false statements.

So in order to do that, I will open a Public Challenge for Mr. Moore. According to him, acquiring the designation of the MSTA – Member of the Society of Technical Analysis (a UK organization) requires simply paying a fee of $4.99. I offer Mr. Moore ONE THOUSAND times that price if he is able to buy such a cheap certificate within the next 30 days. Of course it must be the valid certificate issued by the Society of Technical Analysis.

I am sure with everything that Mr. Moore has learned about trading from all the products he has personally tested in order to make his reviews, he knows so much about trading that he could pass those exams in just a couple of days. 

$5,000.00 if Mr. Moore can buy, as he says, the certificate for $4.99 in 30 days.

But that’s only the first challenge… Let’s be fair, unlike this site which falsely reviews and sets out to destroy decent businesses – many of which can probably be absolutely serious – and let’s give Mr. Moore a second chance to prove his claims, shall we?

According to him a “homeless dog” can qualify to become a Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) for a little more than $20. So, assuming that Mr. Moore is a lot more intelligent than a “homeless dog”, I will pay him from my own pocket, another $5,000 if he can qualify and pass the exams to earn the CFTe’s certification within the next 30 days.

I believe that should be enough for Mr. Moore to prove himself as honest and not lying to the  followers of his site. However, if he is unable to prove that he is more than a “homeless dog”, and even if he is unable to just buy a cheap certificate for $4.99, let’s not call him a total liar  or “homeless dog” just yet. 

In order to be as “fair” as possible – and just with the intention of helping Mr. Moore understand the meaning of the word “fair” – I would be open to give him a third challenge before we can conclude that his site and reviews are not reliable in any way and should not be taken seriously by anyone in search of an honest Trading Business, mentor or school.

So Mr. Moore, I am sure you will appreciate being paid $10,000 in the next 30 days while earning the most serious and prestigious certifications in the trading industry. Think about it, at the end of this challenge you will:

1.- Proof to everyone that what you said about me is true
2.- Get $10,000 in your paypal account
3.- Earn the most prestigious certificates that can actually set you apart in the entire trading industry

What do you have to lose? Not taking the challenge will imply that you will lose your credibility and prove that your claims are false. 

To start this challenge, please send me a scan of your driver’s license so I know your actual identity and can compare that to the certification. Thereafter, I will check once more in 30 days starting from today the 22nd of February 2019 to see your new certifications and celebrate your achievements.

If anyone reading Mr. Moore’s article is interested in the truth of his email exchange with me, simply write me an email to: and I will be happy to send you the entire unaltered chain. 

Yes, Mr. Moore changed what I actually wrote to him. Compare this to what he says… 

These were my exact words in my email to him:

“My suggestion is, don’t become a TOP member without testing
it thoroughly. It cost you only $1 to test us, and you will have 14
days to check our trade recommendations, our courses, videos,
market analysis, support, etc… “

Anyone who wants to truly verify what we do can simply take our $1 trial. And by the way, Mr. Moore also mischaracterized me when he told you I was a “clever con man”. I am not clever at all! 

Otherwise, can anyone explain how a “clever con man” could be so stupid as to give access to all his materials for 14 days for $1?

Nadina S
Nadina S (@guest_1044237)
2 years ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

Emmett you need to sort this website out. No one can see where to look for the latest comments therefore the discussions will die out. We told you this before, The area on the right where links to the latest comments used to be is no longer there. You blamed it on the website update but did nothing about it. If this was the case two years ago when we were all after Global Trade Room, none of the discussions would have been as effective. You need to sort this out or fraudsters will go unpunished.

Simon Watson
Simon Watson (@guest_1042378)
2 years ago
Reply to  Aldo Lagrutta

The problem with you Mr. Aldo, and with the trading professional as a whole, is it suffers from justification bias.
In fact a lot of well-meaning tradesman often evolve into charlatans simply by ‘justifying’ every dishonest action.

Let me put it this way. Im sure you and your wife are well-meaning individuals and I have no doubt you are certified/educated/well versed in technical analysis and trading, and I can see from your responses to Emmet that you are passionately defending this. That’s all well and good, but his main accusation against you and other like-minded traders is very simple and straightforward:
You do not have a single iota of evidence in the form of either:
Financial statements, Brokerage statements from a live account or any legitamite 3rd party audit to support the claim that you are a profitable trader.
With the absence of the above, you are no different than the thousands of so called gurus with ‘hypothetical’ performance and results from ‘simulated’ ninja trader trades which all means absolutely nothing.

I’m certain Emmett would be ready and willing to chew his shoe and people would be lining up with cash in hand ready to sign up for your course if you broke away from the old tradition of hypothetical trader and actually traded real crash with irrefutable results.

So my suggestion is instead of fighting the straw man of the insults to your technical credibility, instead hit us where it really hurts and prove to us that you and your wife and genuine proven successful traders. Educational gurus with more certifications and degrees than a thermostat are a dime a dozen and completely meaningless just fyi.
All the best…

Todd (@guest_1042401)
2 years ago
Reply to  Aldo Lagrutta

Yo Aldo, I ran into you when you were pedding you nonsense, and changing it (different indicator etc) every couple of months, with Scott Morris, of The OIL MONEY, brought you onto to scene. Even he got sick of the complaints about you and disbanded from you and he is FAR from ethical. Remember the DIAMONDS marketing strategy indicator your wife was peddling? Where did that go??

You and your crazy wife, work extremely hard, in SELLING your wares…

You know how you can make millions and never have to worry about money again, just pedding your stuff? PROVE IT WORKS!!! PROVE IT!!!

You will get so many orders, you won’t know what to do with yourself.

It isn’t difficult… We will be waiting for that evidence Aldo

Truth Crusader
Truth Crusader (@guest_1041517)
2 years ago

Hm i can’t follow-up on my comments it seems (Henry?) Mitchell consults not sure if he does train ..maybe. /PS You heard of Wealth 365? Oh, and, btw; there is no way you can master EW in that length of time as w/ anything mastery takes yrs ..

Truth Crusader
Truth Crusader (@guest_1041530)
2 years ago
Reply to  Truth Crusader

Ok; there’s a bigass delay ..

Truth Crusader
Truth Crusader (@guest_1041505)
2 years ago

If you want to dwell into subconscience have a look at Charles Faulkner in New Mkt Wizards intention power is absolutely veritable. P(os)M(ental)A(ttitude)


/ and let’s take intuition trading in part also appraises this (left brain right brain thinking) equally, yes, intuition ..having the right kind of knowledge ..That’s not all, it doesn’t explain how you can get a feeling to slow down right b4 you would hit a deer ..

As to spirits ghosts are real / if you don’t start believing ..

Aldo (did?) spend yrs in India so he /should/ be wary of all of ’em sorts of gurus (hey Emmett btw 🙂 no shutdwn; relief), etc.

Those 😉 are not some of the most outrageous statements..have you come across hotel brokers, Emmett? Or like on the internet “buy 10b (smth/ w/ever) 10% Gross/Net..SWIFT” OKD ..etcetc. Gold is in but jet fuel JPIA (or some) was a perennial favorite ..

Truth Crusader
Truth Crusader (@guest_1041504)
2 years ago

Jeff (Quinto) is who I have to thank when i decided to base my trading on honesty ..I’ve written abt Aldo; Aldo (was, at least) rude, unpleasant, arrogant ..but his stuff works.

Stanton Analytics ..

Yeah I admit it did have that feel to it then again I(‘ve) had access to his OB indicator..really does what it says it would

Not that I use that and before I go on saying any more – like Ed Seykota says, ‘systems don’t need to be changed’ it does need to have a defineable edge, test everything on your own data ..;) since I can’t code I paper trade; meaning sim these days; you wanna do that for 2yrs, ok 1yr – min, the second up the ante but I dunno open an a/c w/ Oanda for like $5 ..

Patience and discipline is where it’s at. That and money mngt but those aforementioned two you really need to keep tabs on yourself ..don’t wanna hear it/but that’s reality(?) ..

Oh, and btw – day trading is the hardest ..i’m still wondering if i can/it’s supposedly so intense no one can do it succesfully day in day out

Go figure ..

Oil certainly can deliver that , in a mth in fact I’m moving over to the QM if there is a mini for your mkt trade that) it’s in the news ..This you wanna do; shiny things (trade anythign that comes along) the thing is, you wanna go where the action is; watch for mkts in the news, because everyone is piling on those ..yeah, no, know what you do, but if that creates added liquidity that’s the idea ..

Truth Crusader
Truth Crusader (@guest_1041510)
2 years ago
Reply to  Truth Crusader

(Henry?) Mitchell consults I’m not sure if trains though ..maybe.

Nadina S
Nadina S (@guest_1041394)
2 years ago

Emmett what is it with the website, why are recent comments no longer there on the right?

Bob (@guest_1041304)
2 years ago

It’s been awhile since I’ve checked in. I noticed you still haven’t done John Carter. Why don’t you just admit that he bought your silence. Oh that’s right you have a non disclosure agreement. You do great work but it just makes me wonder how many others have bought you off too?

GemBow (@guest_1041112)
2 years ago

REAL “Will Power” and discipline:

BigLou (@guest_1040964)
2 years ago

Emmett who cares about Aldo! I want to know more about his weirdo wife and don’t tell me to buy Time Life Books Mysteries Of The Unknown Commercial “READ THE BOOK”!

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