Raging Bull Business Plan

In February 2021, Raging Bull submitted a business plan to the court in hopes of ressurecting the castrated carcass.

However, the temporary receiver of Raging Bull has declared that their “business plan” is dead on arrival.

Most notable in this document is that Raging Bull is trying to collect $1,151,795 in a PPP loan…which is likely a forgivable loan.

Let’s not forget that this money is our money, we are the taxpayer, and I am sure that nobody that was victimized by these thieves wants them to receive a free $1.1 million.

Instead, I have a proposal, we should give them $500 to open a Robinhood account. Since they are millionaire traders, then they should be able to parlay the $500 into millions within a few weeks.

And finally, and most laughably, they are claiming that if they are allowed to reopen, then they will be able to generate $50+ million almost immediately from sales of their bogus investment products.

Good luck with that!



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