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Jon and Pete Najarian: Financial Charlatans, Indicator Hustlers, and Ponzi Promoters?
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Jon and Pete Najarian are longtime talking heads on CNBC. But does being on CNBC and pontificating in macho overtones make you a successful investor? Apparently not. Neither Jon or Pete could provide TradingSchools.Org with a verifiable track record of ever investing successfully. Their line of defense appears to be “since we are on TV, then we must be real.”

However, in spite of having no track record, they expect that starry-eyed television viewers should gleefully send them $16,000 per year for their magical trading products and services.

Additionally, Pete and Jon Najarian are more than happy to endorse your investment product or service for a handsome promotional endorsement fee. Just recently, one of the companies they promoted was shuttered by the United States Secret Service and the US Attorney in Arizona for running a massive Ponzi scheme where hundreds of elderly investors lost multiple millions of dollars.

Both of these characters appear to be no better, and perhaps worse than CNBC alumni — Jim Cramer. Another sloppy financial charlatan that we recently exposed.


Loud mouthed salesmanship at its finest.

Top tier carnival barkers

World-class marketing


No verifiable trading performance

Company is filled with financial rejects, barred brokers, and others of dubious reputation

The Najarian’s recently, and wholeheartedly promoted a massive Ponzi scheme in Phoenix Arizona

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