Laurens Bensdorp of Trading Mastery School. Can You Trust This Dude?

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Laurens Bensdorp of Trading Mastery School wants you to send him $42,500 for his “trading secrets.”

He claims to be a full-time professional systems trader that collects rare French wines and enjoys a carefree life of travel and opulence. 

Claims to be a “former hedge fund manager” and “venture capitalist” that “can train a grandmother to earn $90k per year in only 15-minutes.”

Unfortunately, Laurens Bensdorp and his Trading Mastery School appear to be a conman’s paradise. He refused to verify his trading performance and appears to have zero track record of ever trading successfully. Appears to be a clever con artist looking to swindle hapless investors with his “trading systems.”

Marketing is ultra shady. His book is bad. And his marketing scheme is blatantly deceptive.

Avoid this carnival barker.


Extremely clever marketing through Amazon book sales


No verifiable track record

Cannot verify he was ever a “former hedge fund manager”

Is not qualified nor registered as a “money manager”

Non-compliance with CFTC Rule 4.41

Non-compliance with Investment Advisers Act of 1940

Thanks for reading today’s review of Trading Mastery School

What is Trading Mastery School and who is Laurens Bensdorp? According to the Trading Mastery School website, the company is offering a “VIP Elite Mentoring Program” which costs $42,500 and lasts six months.

The owner of the company, Laurens Bensdorp claims that he is a former money manager and has managed the investments of thousands of individuals.

Further, he claims truly incredible investment returns and claims that he has been a “full-time professional trader for the past 19 years” and “trained thousands of traders.”

His ‘self professed’ claims include that he has earned between 40% to 80% per year, every single year, with no mention of any losing years.

On his “about me” page and related written materials, he claims that he has learned “trading secrets” that “only the most exclusive traders understand.”

Additionally, Laurens Bensdorp also claims that “trading is so easy that I can train your grandmother in 15-minutes how to be a professional trader.”

A closer look at Laurens Bensdorp

At TradingSchools.Org, we have written about all manner of investment whack-a-doodle. Especially the sort that claim “trading secrets” and being able to train grandmothers into full-time professional traders in only 15-minutes. As nutty as this all reads, the claims of Laurens Bensdorp keep streaming forth like a river of hyped investment nonsense.

Example: Laurens claims that before he was a “professional trader” he was a rafting guide. Immediately after selling his raft, he was hired by a venture capital company to manage all the companies investments. No mention of who this supposed venture capital company actually is.

This simply does not pass the sniff test. How many supposed venture capital companies hire a rafting guide to manage their billion-dollar portfolios? Who would actually believe such nonsense?

The wild exaggerations and self-aggrandizement just keep coming…

As Laurens also claims, he is now so fabulously wealthy from his trading that he now “travels the world” and “collects high-end French wines” and enjoys “taking long walks on the beach with my wife.”

Every good conman needs an opaque personal charity. Something that furthers the legend and magnificence yet obfuscates the truth. Laurens squarely fits into this category as he claims “my charitable organization and personal philanthropy helps disadvantaged children in Columbia.”

TradingSchools.Org did a bit of digging and discovered that this supposed charity now leads to a defunct web address. In short, this appears to be the product of a very ripe imagination.

The Trading Mastery School Marketing Machine

As an investigator of supposed ‘trading gurus’ and snake oil investment products, I am always interested in the clever techniques that online swindlers use to attract new targets.

Laurens Bensdorp is a savvy and clever marketer. It appears that his primary marketing channel is through the promotion of a book that he sells on Amazon.

The book has a very clever title: The 30-Minute Stock Trader. I mean who does not want “A Stress-Free Strategy for Financial Freedom?”

The book is essentially being given away for free on Amazon — which is the world’s largest bookseller. So, how many copies of this book does Laurens sell each month? According to a well-known publisher (TCK Publishing) that specializes in marketing books on Amazon, the 30-Minute Stock Trader sells approximately 15 books per day or 219 per month.

Think about that a moment…if you were attempting to sell $42,500 in investment snake oil trading systems, you can probably find plenty willing suckers at 219 per month.

The 30-Minute Stock Trader: The Stress-Free Trading Strategy for Financial Freedom

Is the book any good? We were certainly curious, and so we purchased a copy and proceeded to read the entire book.

I will admit, the book is not that bad. It does contain a very basic trading system that was easy to program and backtest. Is the system any good? Basically, the system simply buys stocks after a pullback.

Buying stocks after a pullback is certainly nothing special or new. In fact, just about every system vendor on planet Earth has been selling a variation of this simple strategy.

And since we are in year 12 of the current bull market — ALL LONG STOCK STRATEGIES HAVE PERFORMED MAGNIFICENTLY. However, at some point, these sorts of strategies will not work.

I do not want to dive too deeply into the merits or the flaws contained within Laurens’s book. Simply because, the book is really nothing more than a ‘lead funnel’ to drive people onto his website, where they will be driven yet deeper into the ‘upsell.’

The ‘endgame’ is clear, Lauren Bensdorp is in the primary business of selling a $42,500 trading education.

Shady Marketing, Outright Lies, and a $250 scam offer

I really dislike shady marketers. Lauren Bensdorp is in a class of his own. Let me give you an example…

During the month of December 2019, I received an email from Lauren. And contained within this email was the following message header, “Your FedEx Letter.”

This email contained a message that he was “sending me a FedEx letter” and that I could read the letter by simply clicking the link. I clicked the link.

The link took me to one of the most outrageously dishonest sales presentations that I have ever witnessed. It was full of pure financial mumbo-jumbo about how I could expect to earn $90,000 in my very first year of trading.

But only if I spent $42,500 for his supposed ‘trading secrets.’

Additionally, and quite distastefully, he cooed onto the sales page that if I would take a phone call, that he would give me $250 for simply getting onto the phone.

Always a sucker, I took him up on his offer. But before I could schedule a phone call, he had me fill out a massive questionnaire that pinpointed exactly how much and where my investments were being held. (Red Flag)

I filled out the stupid sales questions (using an alias) and thought to myself, “at least I will get a free $250.”

Boy was I wrong. The $250 was a scam. It turned out that before we had a telephone conversation, he wanted me to Paypal him $250.

After the phone call, if I was not happy…then he would give me $250. What sort of conman would pull such a thing? Apparently, the name is Laurens Bensdorp.

The Trading Performance of Laurens Bensdorp

Truthfully, I can put up with a mountain of shady marketing. Even the most honest vendors can be shady.

But the ultimate demarcation line is verifiable trading performance. And so, I reached out to Lauren and notified him that I was ready to move forward, that I would be immediately sending him $42,500 for the “Elite Mentoring Program.”

I can imagine that Lauren was licking his lips.

However, before I sent the money…I asked Lauren if I could see the previous year, redacted account statements. I explained that it would only be prudent, that if I were to spend $40k, then the least he can do is show me a redacted account statement for ONLY THE PRIOR YEAR.

Is that so much to ask? He wants $42,500 from me, and all I ask is a simple gesture of reciprocal trust that he is not full of shit.

Laurens Bendorp’s response to my request was some of the most pathetic dribble that I have ever witnessed. He responded…(this is just a small sampling)

I never send track records because my finances are my concern only and I like to keep this private.

Track records are only sent if one wishes to invest with somebody. I however have gladfully stopped managing money for other people. I do not need it anymore in my life. Even if I would send you a track record I have no idea how you would interpret the record.

Laurens Bendorp

In other words, Laurens Bensdorp and Trading Mastery School is probably a complete and total scam.

Wrapping things up

This dude really got under my skin. How can he expect a consumer to send him $40k and place our absolute trust in him…yet he cannot extend even the most minimal amount of reciprocal transparency?

Are consumers this stupid and desperate to learn how to trade that they would randomly send this fool $40k with absolutely zero proof?

And the claims of being “professional money manager” and “hedge fund guru” and yet have no registration with FINRA, the SEC, or the NFA?

This guy stinks. And it stinks like a massive scam. Avoid Laurens Bendorp, and avoid Trading Mastery School.


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TradingNob (@guest_5056782)
3 months ago

Thanks for sharing. I actually read the book and the backtesting results were quite enticing. In fact, I started to implement this week. I’ve heard about mean reversion and trend following strategies, but it was nice to have a more concrete guide. Thanks for exposing your thoughts in this review.

Taras (@guest_5057302)
18 days ago
Reply to  TradingNob


I have backtested his weekly rotation and the results weren’t that great for me. Would love to chat with you to compare results and see what you have done differently than i have.

Michael (@guest_5056575)
4 months ago

Hi, i Was a student of laurens. I was scammed By him. I spent over $75,000. I and have proof of myself and 4 other students he scammed. None of us are profitable in our systems that he taught us…. systems he blames us for the loss. How do i contact u to make sure we can help stop others being scammed by him ? He is dangerously manipulative.

Taras (@guest_5057301)
18 days ago
Reply to  Michael

Hi Michael,

I was exploring one of his strategies in his book to use. I spent a couple of months backtesting, but the results don’t seem to be all that good. I was wondering what strategies you used. I would be interested in speaking with you to find out from you exactly what you used.

dtchurn (@guest_5056163)
6 months ago

What . a . shamshow. I was visiting amazon earlier today, and lo and behold , on a recommended slideshow for trading books, there was Ben-dopes’ big bare head on the “featured” book cover. At first, I thought, the name and the clown’s face looks familiar. Then it struck me, its the “Please…PLeeassse! Send me $42,500 for my trading secrets! I will not show proof” clown with the begging pic of this review, LOLol. Shame on amazon for featuring these shysters and enabling all sorts of recent books that are ads to these scumbags’ upselling services. Even the cheap kindle ones often lead to stocktwits and recent scam sites. Yes, we’ve mentioned this “trend” even last year before in the comments.
Of course this shammer clown hasn’t traded live since he could make a monthly churn of newbs. And laughably pathetic how he said he no longer needed to trade for funds or institutions as one of the excuses for no proof tradingschools discovered. Like no trading live for years or ever since they can churn new dupes with the help of book ads and crappy promo videos! good work as always Emmett, and the OTA nightmare seems to be finally ending. Hopefully one day tradingschools exposes DayTradingAcademy and Marcello Arambide (who a former duped student also exposed as a constructed international venture of the sham farce -> review: ( ) proper so those wealthy Brazilian wannabe daytraders get a wake up call about this exported shamshow.

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