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Lance Ippolito is the latest charlatan to emerge from the financial den of thieves known as Wealth Press. According to Lance Ippolito, he started a hedge fund and managed $250,000,000,000. Yes, that is $250 billion — at Citigroup Capital Markets. Unfortunately, the SEC has never heard of this guy. Nor has FINRA — the regulatory agency that manages the licenses of Citigroup and over hundreds of thousands of financial professionals. It all appears to be a ripe fantasy. But ripe fantasies is what Lance Ippolito apparently specializes. He claims to earn 500% per month. And he claims that you can easily earn 1200% in only 7 days. So much financial huff puffery that this is quite possibly the worst TradingSchools.Org has ever written about. Never a mention of any losses. He claims he as a “2-Click Trick” where all you need to do is “click a button” and money is automatically deposited into your account — guaranteed. His secrets are revealed with a one time annual payment of ‘just’ $3k per sucker. But hurry up because “only one seat remains.” Lance Ippolito’s boss is a financial huckster named Roger Scott. A dude that claims he is an attorney (he is not) an claims he worked in the White House (he didn’t) and he also knows a rediculous “secret” to easy wealth that is slippery and reaks of snake oil. Avoid these Florida swamp critters and their promises of “get rich quick” glory.


World-class marketers


World-class marketers that are offering pure snake oil Absolutely ridiculous claims of easy profits Never a mention of any losses No financial registrations or qualifications Phony trumped-up track record of trades

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Thanks for reading today’s review of Lance Ippolito of Wealth Press.

For those not familiar with Wealth Press, I would highly recommend that you read my thorough review of Wealth Press, and the owner of the company — Roger Scott.

Wealth Press Roger Scott

The dude that owns this company is the king of whack-a-doodle investment products and services. Claims all manner of unverifiable huff puffery, like being a lawyer (he is not) and working in the White House (he didn’t), and some other bullshit about earning millions of dollars every year through some “secret.”

Roger Scott is a sort of curator of investment charlatans. Once he sells you every flavor of investment snake oil known to mankind, he conjures up a new group of investment hucksters in which to create and sell, yet more investment ridiculousness.

Roger Scott is a huckster of the highest order. And Lance Ippolito appears to be his latest flavor of investment snake oil.

Who is Lance Ippolito?

According to the Wealth Press website, and The Future of Wealth website, Lance Ippolito proclaims that he is a former hedge fund manager and worked at various hedge funds. (where have we heard this before?)

Lance claims that while he was working at Citigroup Global Markets, he managed $250 billion dollars in assets. Yes, you are reading that correctly, that’s $250 billion with a B.

Accordingly, this would make him one of the worlds largest asset managers. Right up there with the great Carl Icahn or Bill Ackman. Except neither of these legends manages over $250 billion, yet our dimple faced Lance Ippolito claims $250 billion?

Additionally, Lance coos onto the screen…”I started my own hedge fund.”

With such an august resume, one would assume that Lance Ippolito would appear as a registered investment advisor with the Securities and Exchange Commission. But of course, the SEC has absolutely no record of ANY Lance Ippolito.

Further, an investment manager with $250 billion in assets should also be registered with FINRA as an asset manager. But of course, once again, there is absolutely no Lance Ippolito registered in any capacity. Check for yourself.

Of course, I am forever curious about these sorts of internet investment charlatans, and once my nose gets a whiff of that strong odor of fakery…I just cannot stop until I track down and corner my prey.

Contacting Citigroup and FINRA

I really wanted Citigroup to confirm the existence of this supposed $250 billion dollar asset manager, but alas, the personnel department replied that “We have no idea who Lance Ippolito is.” And, “if he managed $250 billion, then everyone would know him.” But Citigroup does not know Lance Ippolito.

Next, I called FINRA, which is the regulatory body enacted by Congress to oversee the 634,000 registered investment professionals operating legally in the United States.

According to FINRA, there is no Lance Ippolito. Not now, not ever. I would highly recommend you contact FINRA at 800-289-9999 and speak with a fraud investigator — which we did.

FINRA reviewed our documentation and evidence and commented, “this looks very suspicious.” Accordingly, they filed a report and recommended that we file a report with the Federal Trade Commission.

Lately, the FTC has been cracking down on so-called phony “investment advisors” on the internet. It appears that Roger Scott and Wealth Press has cross-promoted several similar programs and related individuals currently under scrutiny with the FTC, according to our sources.

So, who in the heck is this Lance Ippolito?

Well, about the only thing we can find about Lance Ippolito is that he appeared to be an aspiring gay model that loved to shave his body and enjoy the adulation of screaming middle-aged men. Have a look for yourself…

$250 Billion Investment Manager?

Now, I dont want to make a fuss about Lance’s sexuality, because I dont really know which side of the fence he faces. Nor does it really matter.

However, it does matter when you claim to be one of the world’s largest hedge fund managers, and the only history that we could find came scraped from a website frequented by gay males staring at young men.

Legal Disclaimer: websites frequented by gay men are notorious for posting fake images with fake names. Although this image was scraped from Squirt.Org, the image also appears on a muscle promotion website. TradingSchools.Org is making no comments regarding the orientation of Mr. Ippolito, we are simply referencing the source of the material.

The whole thing is just weird. And it doesn’t add up.

Investment Claims of Lance Ippolito

In various promotional materials and videos recorded by TradingSchools.Org, Lance Ippolito makes some truly outrageous performance claims.

For instance, his flagship investment advisory product is something called the “Two Click Trick.”


According to Lance Ippolito, all you need is a $2,000 trading account and you can reasonably expect to earn 500% monthly returns. And he coos into the video webinar…” you can buy that new boat, a new Harley Davidson, or pay off your mortgage.

Never a mention of any losses.

Additionally, Lance claims that “while I was working at the hedge fund, I learned the secrets of the hedge fund” that he calls “the deficiency.”

Supposedly, he snuck out of the back door of the hedge fund and decided to spread his financial wisdom to the unwashed masses as some sort of financial prophet. Sort of like the Pope in Rome, instead of washing your feet, he wants to squirt the cash upon thee.

How outrageous are his profit claims? Some of the worst, if not the worst we have ever written about.


“Make $4,875 next Friday, and every single week thereafter and its hot, hot, hot because you make this every single Friday! Even my brother in law (Mike) is making huge “two click trick” profits — and he doesn’t know anything!


“You don’t even know how to do anything, you just click the bottom twice and collect the profits. These are hedge fund secrets and that is why they make all the money. Because they know the “two dick trick.” Oops, I mean “two click trick.” It’s as easy as pie!

And please, never give this dude your email address. Once you do, you will be inundated with the most rediculous financial claims since Bernie Madoff or Charles Ponzi.


Where are the losses?

I have a question….where are the losses? Nary a word on the potential losses for investors. Its as if they dont exist.

Who would be stupid enough to fall for this? Apparently, quite a few people have been suckered into this $3k per year “investment advisory service.”

Complaints about Wealth Press

Of course, TradingSchools.Org has received plenty of complaints about Wealth Press. For instance,

I paid for a subscription to Wealth Press and for the 6 months of my subscription I have shown losses continually in following their recommendations.

James C

I followed his recommendation and the very first one caused me lost a couple thousand dollars. The worst part was they also have double charged me; a $2995 subscription has become $5990

Dan K

Totally bogus.


Contacting Wealth Press about Lance Ippolito

Wealth Press is actually pretty easy to contact and speak with over the telephone. You can call, and the phone is always answered by what sounds like the classic boiler room.

You can hear salesman in the background clanging about, hear a crosswind of voices swirling words like “this is a great investment” and “dont you want to be rich?”

We contacted the sales staff and asked for audited performance summaries of Lance Ippolito and the staff was very friendly. However, they plainly admitted that “all performance claims are hypothetical.”

And, we have no actual accounts for Lance Ippolito. I take them at their word, and as their disclaimer documentation clearly states, “everything is hypothetical” in other words “it’s all a fantasy.”

Wrapping things up

You know that old saying, “if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.”

Yet, as much as I write about these charlatans and financial whack-a-doodles… it seems like every single day, someone is writing to me complaining that they did not earn 500% overnight — like that was promised in the marketing materials.

Folks, the smartest and most able asset managers in the world very rarely earn over 50% per year. What makes you think an unlicensed and unregistered financial phony is going to give the “two dick trick” and you will earn $5k per week — on a $2k account?

Its just stupid. Use your common sense. Thanks for reading.

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nick (@guest_5061746)
2 years ago

Thanks! I almost also bought into this… lol 😆 But now it is sold for only $7/month, that is much easier to fall for…

John (@guest_5061337)
3 years ago

I watched the ad just so I could laugh. $2497 unlimited access and $1997 Annually! “Blitz“ Yeah blitz on your bank account! All I can say is if you’re fooled by this creepy looking guy… you don’t have any other sucker to blame but the one looking back in the mirror!!!

Dal (@guest_5061328)
3 years ago

Not really a comment. Just a thank you, for this article. You are a hero to those who believe in the hype, aka, blitz tracker

bankguy (@guest_5061293)
3 years ago

This guy is a pump n dumper. You’re the one getting dumbed. If you pay attention to the Blitz Alerts video, the earnings didn’t even happen on the days he says. Straight Liar!

Paul (@guest_5061234)
3 years ago

I honestly have to add this regarding WEEKLY BLITZ ALERTS…. If you buy into the trades too late, then you should not be buying at all. So if you don’t have access to your brokerage account as soon as a trade is recommended, (Either thru your cell phone or thru your Laptop/Desktop) then you will be getting in too late. I BELIEVE that is why many people lose money on Trade recos. (ie: if you’re buying Options after the stock is already up 4,5,6% or more, then you’re too late and the service is not for you. JUST BEING HONEST!

Paul (@guest_5061233)
3 years ago

I have to admit. I subscribed to Alpha Trades thru WEALTHPRESS and right from the start, I bought the exact opposite (options) the service recommended and luckily for me having studied about the markets for over 25 years and how the BIG MONEY plays the game, I came out ahead. It just so happened that the first 3 recomendations for me were not what I would buy options in. Again…maybe i’m just lucky, but I did the opposite and came out ahead. 3 Times is a charm. So I cancelled my subscrition to Alpha Trades (1/Yr $1495) knowing that I could transfer it to another service within Wealth Press. I decide to Transfer my subscription to Lance Ippolito’s WEEKLY BLITZ ALERTS (which was what I originally wanted in the first place) but never subscribed. So….do you really want to hear my honest opinion? THIS IS one of the BEST OPTIONS service I have ever subscribed to. The BEST PART for me was that when I transferred my service from Alpha Trades ($1495/yr) to Weekly Blitz Alerts, I was able to actually get 2 YEARS of WEEKLY BLITZ ALERTS instead of 1 year for the same price compared to ALPHA TRADES. WEEKLY BLITZ ALERTS is the REAL DEAL. Are all your trades going to be ahead? Of course not, but watch the videos and you’ll see why. This guy is the REAL DEAL and tells it like it is. He’s as honest as I’ve seen. I’m thrilled that I changed my service. I don’t know about his life history or any of that. He may not want his name to be known for various reasons, but his recommendations have not lost me money. I have no regrets in switching services to his WEEKLY BLITZ ALERTS and when you watch the videos, you will know why he’s the REAL DEAL.

BRA (@guest_5061295)
3 years ago
Reply to  Paul

The all caps on what you are trying to emphasize is a red flag. Lame. I would bet the source of this comment is Wealth Press

Laura C
Laura C (@guest_6062379)
2 years ago
Reply to  Paul

I agree with the above assessment (which is not the popular viewpoint here)

I have subscribed to Lance Ippolito’s 3D service since February 2021 and have had 8 out of 9 winning trades. My one losing trade was small and was actually a rollover to another month on KDP (so the jury is still out on this trade). Overall, I am up about $11,000 and have more than made recouped the cost of the service.

Because of my positive experience with his other service, I am considering the Blitz service by Lance Ippolito. Thank you for sharing the above endorsement.

There’s so much negativity here, I just wanted to share my positive experience so that readers could make a fair assessment.

Michael Lasichak
Michael Lasichak (@guest_5061227)
3 years ago

General rule of thumb Anything promising overnight wealth is a scam. Yes maybe once or twice a year you can get lucky and time the market correctly. However day after day getting 300%+ results just won’t happen.

Eric (@guest_5061188)
3 years ago

Thank you, thank you, thank you! It is great to find such through research that proves beyond a reasonable doubt was I suspected. Good info is sometimes hard to find but this site made it easy. I had to read down quite a bit to get to the conclusive evaluations but the truth has been revealed. I’m glad there are resources and people committed to uncovering the truth and making accessible for the diligent seeker.

Charles Steven Church
Charles Steven Church (@guest_5057175)
3 years ago

I wonder if he even lives in Tampa as he claims.Anyone legit would allow free trading for 30 days to both test his service and generate funds to pay for his service.Thank you for the real truth.

Tim tharbs
Tim tharbs (@guest_5057041)
3 years ago

How much does it cost to join. And where can I get the application

nick (@guest_5061745)
2 years ago
Reply to  Tim tharbs


durango430 (@guest_5057001)
3 years ago

“this guy’s an idiot. nice trades on COMM, IQ, etc. and those were before the correction. you are a real disservice to people and their money-but as long as you got that subscription money huh lance? yep….as long as you screwed another person out of $1495…..not to mention the thousands lost on your “blitz” trades. what an idiot! check his ENTIRE blitz portfolio before throwing your money away on this guy and his “service”….and there we NO “blitz” calls that actually made money overnight like he advertises. and if you’re not satisfied there’s no recourse except to accept another of this wealthpress services. oh….and they bombard you with email advertisements for their crap…at least 10-15 a day to your inbox so beware.”

Ella (@guest_5057042)
3 years ago
Reply to  durango430

Thanks for the review. Was about to fall in the trap. There’s a group of them who calls themselves millionaires and they all speak the same language and advertising a new trade strategy every day. You are just lost in all the emails and adverts and I started to realized those guys came out of the woodwork to get membership from naive people who doesn’t know how to trade I am one of those people but I came to my senses very fast that this is a big scam to get people’s money. They are charging from $1499 to $6000 for money links, money calendar, blitz , trophy is the new craze amongst them, etc.. sad . They don’t tell people in their marketing videos that it is difficult to get approval for options trading account from level 2 onward.

Shelle (@guest_5061714)
2 years ago
Reply to  Ella

Options trading can be lucrative but it is highly risky. Most folks, especially those new to investing, simply cannot tolerate the volatility that comes with trading options. While it is easier than ever for average folks to invest, aka retail investors, it is important people educate themselves to avoid the pitfalls that often plague newbies.

Take your time. Learn how to do due diligence. Figure out your financial goals. Determine the level of risk you’re willing to take. Get a grasp of terminology and processes. Once you have a solid understanding, proceed with caution, increasing your contributions and upping your risks (if tolerable) once you’ve gained experience.

No Bo
No Bo (@guest_5056984)
3 years ago


Confused screaming
Confused screaming (@guest_5056968)
3 years ago

Help i sended my email what are they gonna do to it

Shaun (@guest_5056925)
3 years ago

I appreciate you

dtchurn (@guest_5056792)
3 years ago

Lol, along with the shill comments. wealthpress , “Mr.Rogers” scott-nose neighborhood guy blitzing new time wasting youtube ads no doubt funded ill-gotten from prior dupes. I wonder if he and his cronies were part of the “Wealth Insider Alliance” consortium of shamshows years ago including an earlier shamshow Sykes. comment image

Alex Ford
Alex Ford (@guest_5056741)
3 years ago

I was on the verge of providing money to this “presenter,” of false credentials. Quite a set of credentials with an inspiring story that sounds like it is too good to be true. Presumably, the first key indicator of a gimmick is if it is a gimmick: a strategy to turn computing power, insider trading and information into hidden information that no one else can figure out. Sell enough of these memberships and he will never have to work again, which appears to be the carrot on the end of a stick, placed out front of a senseless rabbit.

The only animal here should be a Cheetah, running away from suckering in ordinary folks with thousands of checks going to Lance Ippolito. I know that a version of the world “Polito,” means “clean,” in Italian. Seems like this gentleman just wants to clean out the credit card/checking accounts of people who’s eyes pass in front of him.

Mark Conn
Mark Conn (@guest_5056704)
3 years ago

You guys are the Best for this article…. 100%

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