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Tom Gentile is offering the “Fast Fortune Club” specifically tailored towards “cash strapped senior citizens.”

According to Tom Gentile, all an investor needs to do is “click some buttons” and investment profits will magically appear in your investment account. No kidding. No mention of any losses or risks in the sales presentation.

The Fast Fortune Club appears to be the latest scam from Money Map Press, a subsidiary of Agora Financial. Which of course, is currently being sued by the Federal Trade Commission for ripping off senior citizens with phony get-rich-quick investment schemes and snake oil health cures. Avoid this company.


Nothing to recommend


Tom Gentile is a serial carnival barker

Investment products and services are pure mumbo-jumbo

Marketing appears to be fraudulent

Thanks for reading today’s review of the Fast Fortune Club with Tom Gentile

According to Tom Gentile, he has obtained a “stunning secret.” And this stunning secret is so valuable that the largest investment firm “on the planet” paid him $20 million dollars for just a glimpse of his secret investment method.

In fact, Tom Gentile claims that all an investor needs to do, is simply open an investment account — and then begin furiously clicking buttons for endless profits.

Once the buttons are clicked, then an average of $1,000 per investment will begin immediately appearing in your investment account.

As crazy as this all sounds, this is exactly what he purports on his sales presentation video.

Cost of Fast Fortune Club

According to Money Map Press, a subsidiary of Agora Financial, the annual cost is $599 per year.

Once you pay the upfront fee, then Tom Gentile will supposedly send you “eight payday appointments” that are already “locked and loaded.” All you need to do is “click the buttons.”

“Perfect for cash strapped senior citizens” -Tom Gentile

These “payday appointments” are part of his guaranteed Money Calendar and they are specifically designed to “help distressed senior citizens.”

All the senior citizens need to do are “show up for the appointment date on the Money Calendar.” And these investment returns are delivered “in only ten seconds.”

Do you need much money in your trading account to earn “thousands of dollars every ten seconds?” According to Tom Gentile, you only need to invest a few hundred dollars for each trade, so that “you can live the retirement you deserve.”

The Fast Fortune Summit

Of course, every desperate senior citizen living on $1,271.52 each month is also going to receive a fully paid vacation to visit Tom Gentile at his Fast Fortune Summit.

All you have to do is pay $599 per year, and all your financial woes are a thing of the past. Its so easy! Coos Tom Gentile on his sales page.

Who would be stupid enough to believe something so outrageous? Apparently, plenty of people.

Fast Fortune Club Complaints

In the past two years, TradingSchools.Org has received no less than 18 registered complaints about the “Fast Fortune Club” with Tom Gentile.

The complaints are remarkably similar…

Tom Gentile is a serial con artist that scammed me for $12,000. This is my review of Fast Fortune Club. Zero stars!

-Henry Enrico (74 years young)


George (79 years old)

I lost all of my money buying options recommendations with Tom Gentile. He told me I was guaranteed to not lose my money. But I lost everything. And I never got a free vacation.

Jack (68 years young)

Honestly, I wish I could post all of the complaints — but they are redundant. Further, a simple Google search of “Tom Gentile Fast Fortune” reveals a venerable smorgasbord of complaints.

Contacting Tom Gentile at Fast Fortune Club

Of course, part of our investigation of Fast Fortune Club included contacting Money Map Press at their home office in Baltimore, Maryland. We certainly had a few questions.

The boiler room salesperson that answered the telephone was more than pleasant. However, at times it became difficult to hear what he was saying because of the cacophony of screaming sales agents in the background.

At one point, we could hear someone ringing what sounded like a cowbell to celebrate the sale of a $24,999 lifetime membership “investment package.”

Yet another conversation wedged into our ear. It sounded like a teenager jacked up on 6 cups of coffee, he could be clearly heard saying “Mabel, do you want to get rich — Mabel do you want to get rich? Then get your credit card out. Do it now.”

During our conversation with the Money Map Press salesperson, we asked if Tom Gentile had any sort of verifiable track record with this so-called Money Calendar? Not surprisingly, the company remarked that Tom Gentile has no track record that they would be willing to share.

However, the salesman began reading the voluminous amount of self professed accolades posted directly on the Money Map Press website. He read them off, one by one, like some sort of financial poetry.

We were not impressed.

Money Map Press is Agora Financial

As we have stated in prior reviews, Money Map Press is owned and operated by Agora Financial. Everything you need to know about Agora Financial can be found by reading a recently filed lawsuit from the United Stated Federal Trade Commission.

In their verified complaint, they detail how Agora Financial is systematically ripping off senior citizens with bogus investment products and phony health cures.

Additionally, TradingSchools.Org also published yet another investment scam by Agora Financial. This latest scam is from non other than the perpetually dishonest carnival barker known as Andrew Keene of Alpha Shark Trading.

You can read about Andrew Keene scam at this link…

Wrapping things up

When it comes to getting the regulatory agencies, like the FTC to take action, the best way forward is to bombard staff attorney’s with victim complaints.

However, the victim complaint process can be confusing and rife with bureaucratic channels. In the case of Agora Financial, Money Map Press, and their affiliated hucksters…I would recommend that all victim complaints be sent directly to FTC attorney’s currently working on the existing case.

And so, if you are a victim, please send an email directly to Gregory Madden or Omolara Josenay, who are both FTC staff attorneys.

You can reach Greg at and you can reach Omolara at

Remember, its your tax dollars that fund these regulatory institutions. Demand that you get your monies worth.

Thanks for reading.


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