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Mark Wentz of Dyno Trading is offering a magical trading software and claims that “you will know the exact tops and bottoms” of any tradable market, on any timeframe.

With his ‘super-secret’ investment knowledge, he promises that you can be just like him — and easily earn $20k per month trading Futures. Currently, he is advertising on Fox News through a series of slick video infomercials.

Mark Wentz claims that he is a world champion day trader of 20 years, the owner of a prop trading firm, and is the top-earning trader in Chicago.

He claims his software is the #1 selling trading software in the world and is used by ALL major prop trading firms to train their traders.

Unfortunately, nothing about Mark Wentz is real. He has no verifiable track record, he cannot verify the existence of his fantastical prop trading firm, and his claims of being a world champion day trader appear to be a ripe fantasy. Everything about Mark Wentz appears to be a fake — including his profile picture, which is currently being used by multiple men on Gay porn websites.

This dude is a real shitbag conman of the worst order. A truly pathetic internet marketer selling the financial desperate a pie-in-the-sky dream of financial glory. Everything that comes out his mouth sounds like the shriek of a financial carnival barker.



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Thanks for reading today’s review of Dyno Trading. What is Dyno Trading, and what are they selling?

According to the Dyno Trading website, the company is offering a day trading software product that is virtually guaranteed to pinpoint the exact top and exact bottom, of all trading markets.

The literature coos onto the sales page that it works for stocks, futures, forex, options, or any tradable markets.

Any tradable markets? Can I use it to predict the price of a used car? Or a handjob at the Asian massage parlor?

Additionally, the company claims its software will work on any time frame. Whether the time frame is 1-minute bars, 30-minute bars, or any time frame. It doesn’t matter. Just turn it on, and it predicts everything, with pinpoint accuracy. The exact top, and the exact bottom.

They claim their software has worked perfectly over 100 years ago and will work perfectly for the next 100 years, and the next 100 years after that. Yes, this is the exact language used in the sales material…verbatim.

Of course, I am not sure how you can promise that something will work perfectly 200 years from now.

Regardless, something this powerful should cure all your money problems. And perhaps for the next 200 years.

Please get ready for an unlimited shrimp cocktail, bikini babes, a new yacht, a mansion, sports cars, and popping bottles of champaign. It will all be yours!

How does Dyno Trading Software work?

According to the owner of the company, he has discovered a “secret.” And this secret is so powerful that the world’s elite money managers must not be given the powerful secret.

You must agree to strict secrecy of this supposedly amazing, truly next-generation, highly sophisticated trading software.

The owner promises that he uses over 200 proprietary investment methods that are condensed into a single powerful signal. And the data that pushes this super powerful signal is derived directly from the desks of Wall Street traders. Everything is processed through highly sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (hint: anyone claiming Artificial Intelligence combined with day trading is likely a fraud)

And the price of this super-secret fix to all your money woes? Only $4,000 per year. It’s perfect for single moms looking to work from home, recently laid off Coronavirus workers looking to replace their income, or elderly grandparents tired of chicken scratch social security checks.

Just import the software onto NinjaTrader and it gives you the exact point to enter and exit. Simply buy and sell for supposedly easy day trading profits.

Don’t have time to manage each trade? Perhaps you would rather be fishing, playing golf, or bathing your hamster? No problem! The owner of the company promises that “This is the #1 trading robot in the world” and “it actually works!”

According to the sales material, simply open an investment account at Ninja Trader brokerage, and then activate the trading robot. Once the robot does whatever it’s supposed to do, it starts quickly buying and selling on your behalf. Just set it and forget it! Just like Ron Popeil’s chicken roaster.

Who is Mark Wentz of Dyno Trading

According to the Dyno Trading website, various social media profiles, and multiple videos posted on YouTube, the owner of the company claims to be a person named Mark Wentz.

Mark Wentz makes the following public claims:

  • Claims he earns $18k to $20k per month trading Futures and Forex.
  • Claims to be Chicago’s highest-earning and most successful trader.
  • Claims to be “Winner of 2017 Masters of Day Trading”.
  • Claims he owns the largest prop trading firm in Chicago.
  • Claims to be a 20-year professional day trader.
  • Claims “nearly anyone can easily earn $1k per day.”

Additionally, Mark Wentz also claims that his “prop trading software is used by all major prop trading firms to train their traders.”

I wish I were making this shit up. But he puts it all in writing…

Really? Who would believe something so fraudulent?

Shall I continue? Ok.

The performance claims of Mark Wentz of Dyno Trading

Nearly all of us have experienced fraud on the internet. But this Mark Wentz character takes it to a whole new level.

His social media performance claims are the stuff of a complete and total psychopath. A person incapable of grappling with the truth. The type of person that would gleefully swindle Aunt Mable of her prized wedding ring.

Seriously folks, look at the following ridiculousness that I curated from his YouTube channel…

And this is just a tiny sampling of his fraud filled financial propaganda. How about another serving from this shit stain on the financial educational scene…

Really? Has anyone ever witnessed such a fraud filled bucket of donkey vomit?

Who in the hell would be so stupid to completely ignore CFTC regulations regarding performance summaries? Anyone with the intelligence of a retarded farmboy knows that each and every performance disclosure must by inconspicuously accompanied by a disclaimer that states “All performance is hypothetical.”

But alas, this diarrhea inducing rotten taco is so clueless and ignorant of the Commodity Exchange Act that he probably has no idea that what is doing blatantly fraudulent.

Perhaps he should read our review of SchoolofTrade.com and how the blatant fraud filled performance claims and a subsequent whistleblower complaint filed by TradingSchools.Org triggered an investigation from the CFTC.

The CFTC investigation eventually reaped a judgment in a Federal Court of $4.9 million against serial fraudsters Joseph Dufresne and his skanky wife, Megan Renkow.

The moral of the story…don’t lie about performance claims. Don’t claim shit that is not true. Don’t claim you are a professional trader when you are not. The CFTC does not mess around.

And most importantly, don’t lie about who you are.

Who is Mark Wentz?

That’s a good question. But no easy answer. According to his self-professed biography, he claims a 20-year career in Chicago as a professional trader and owner of a prop trading firm.

However, according to the NFA or National Futures Association, there simply is no Mark Wentz. Not now. Not ever. I suggest you search for yourself, using the NFA database.

Apparently this moron is not aware that being the owner of a prop trading firm requires, at a minimum, a registration as a CTA or Commodity Trading Advisor.

Additionally, there is no viable path to discovering his true identity through the FINRA search portal, or the SEC investment advisor search portal.

The dude simply does not exist. His identity is as knowable as a Nigerian Prince offering $100 million on Craigslist.

About the only piece of traceable information that TradingSchools.Org could find is a biographical picture posted on various social media accounts. Have a look…

Using Google search, TradingSchools.Org searched the Google images database for any websites using the picture of the person above.

What turned up is both laughable and horrifying. According to Google search, the headshot image used in the marketing includes a transportation manager, a guy marketing “beard butter” on Pinterest, a guy running a kelp farm, and most disturbing…an add on Grindr (used by gay men looking for sex) and a website named Rent.Men.

I suggest that you do not go to Rent.Men Some things cannot be unseen.

Ok, admit it. You went to Rent.Men. I told you it was disturbing. You should have listened.

What really pisses me off about Dyno Trading

As most readers are aware, the “investment educational” scene is filled with all sorts of charlatans and con artists.

They are selling all manner of investment whack-a-doodle — promising get rich quick day trading glory. But the truth is that nearly all are simply horrible people. They could care less whether you lose your life savings.

The goal is to fill your head and heart with the hope of a better day. With so many people suffering from layoffs due to coronavirus, these people thrive by selling you a dream. Which quickly turns into a nightmare of yet more loss and yet more distrust of our fellow man.

This ‘Mark Wentz’ character is no different. He is currently plying his fraud filled propaganda on FoxNews.com through a constant stream of hyped-up video ads on how you can earn money through day trading.

But the truth is that it’s all a false hope. At least from this charlatan. And yes, TradingSchools.Org reached out to ‘Mark Wentz.’ and attempted to verify these wild claims. But his only response was a tirade filled email that include all sorts of nasty language.

I won’t repeat it. It’s too ugly. This guy is too ugly.

But what really pisses me off amidst this storm of fraud and phony performance are a few people that actually do care. These are the people that actually do trade, and offer real value.

I won’t make a list of them. They are on the blog. And they are rare.

A special thanks to JoAnne Robbins of Valley Center, Ca for alerting me, and requesting this review. This review was written just for you.

And thanks to our sponsoring advertisers that care about keeping the industry clean and free from scoundrels. You know who you are.

That’s it for today. Thanks for reading.


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