Cycle Trader Pro and Jerome Bressert. Is this a performance con game?

Jerome Bressert of Cycle Trader Pro
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Jerome Bressert of Cycle Trader Pro wants you to send him $4,995 for his “live trading room” and “secret sauce” day trading indicators. Since Feb 2020, Mr. Bressert claims to have earned over $10,000,000 day trading Futures contracts. And now, for a limited time, you too can become fabulously wealthy and enjoy unlimited shrimp cocktail.

However, before getting out your credit card, you should be aware of a few things. He has filed bankruptcy (at least) three times in various State and Federal Courts. His most recent bankruptcy was in 2015 where he claimed he “had only $500 in cash” and owed money to pretty much everybody — including various payday lenders and pawnshops.

He has been sued in State and Federal courts for various reasons — which are too many to list in this little box. Got arrested for allegedly fighting a police officer, a fight with a guy named Verne Tepe which resulted in a judgment, contentious divorce with a restraining order, was called Chicago’s sleaziest rental agent, changed his name three times, got sued by the Futures brokerage in which he was employed, and now he wants us to believe he typically earns $1.5 million each month by day trading?

His claims of profitability appear to be nothing more than a ripe fantasy. 



Absolutely nothing to recommend


Three NFA arbitration complaints

Multiple bankruptcies

Would not verify incredibly claims of profitability

Self-destructive behavior



Thanks for reading today’s review of Cycle Trader Pro. What is Cycle Trader Pro and what are they selling?

According to the public-facing website, the company is owned and operated by a person named Jerome Bressert, and they specialize in teaching students how to get rich by day trading Futures.

Cycle Trader Pro is offering the following products and services:

  • $3,995 for Go Fish Pro, an “auto trader” program that manages trades on the trader’s behalf.
  • $2,995 for the live trading room.
  • $295 for the Market Pulse App.
  • $595 for the CT Indicators.

Additionally, the software, indicators, and live trading room can be purchased with a one-time fee of “only” $4,995.

For those with a limited ability to pay, Mr. Bressert will allow you to make him monthly payments of “only” $1,249 over four months. Or, in the alternative, the aspiring day trader can make monthly payments of $395.

Where is Cycle Trader Pro located?

That’s a great question — But there is no easy answer. On the ‘About’ page of the Cycle Trader Pro website, there is no physical location listed for either Cycle Trader Pro or Jerome Bressert.

How is a consumer supposed to build confidence and trust with a vendor when they do not reveal where they are located? When writing a review, this is the sort of stuff that drives me nutty.

However, with a bit of shoe leather, TradingSchools.Org was able to track down various social media profiles that give mere speculation to two different locations for Cycle Trader Pro and Jerome Bressert.

Jerome Bressert’s profile states that he is located in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

Jerome Bressert Cycle Trader Pro

However, the Twitter profile for Jerome Bressert and Cycle Trader Pro state that the business is located in Chicago, Illinois.

In summary, I have no idea where this dude is located. And considering that customers are expected to send HIM thousands of dollars for investment software, this does not speak well in regards to trust.

National Futures Association and CFTC complaints

My next step in the review process was to search the public databases at the regulatory bodies of the National Futures Association, and the Commodities Futures Trading Commission.

On the Cycle Trader Pro website, Jerome Bressert claims to be a former commodities broker with extensive trading experience.

We were able to confirm that Mr. Bressert was telling the truth. In fact, the earliest NFA registration occurred back in 1998, and then ended in approximately 2005, and then subsequently reappearing for 90 days 2017.

During his roughly 7 years of industry experience, he was registered to work at no less than 22 different firms. To me, that seems a little weird. Regardless, you can view the record through the following link:

The next step in the process was to investigate whether Mr. Bressert had any regulatory actions or reparations cases filed against him.

According to the public record, Mr. Bressert has no regulatory actions, but there were three different reparations cases that were filed against him.

Two of the three of reparations cases could not be found through the public records. However, we did find one of the reparations cases and was able to obtain the customer complaint.

In that complaint, a customer named Donald Greenhaw sued Mr. Bressert claiming he “over-traded” his account. It appears that Mr. Bressert “lucked out” as the plaintiff did not file his claim within the statute of limitations period.

However, the details of the complaint are very revealing, and were found to be “factual findings,” as per the court. The factual findings were as follows:

Mr. Greenhaw was a 66 year old plumber with a net worth of $75k. Of this amount, he had $35k in liquid assets. During the relevant period, Mr. Greenhaw purchased the Cycle Trader trading system from Mr. Bressert.

After purchasing the system from Bressert Marketing, he was then instructed to open an account with Bressert Investment. The customer was then instructed to let Bressert Investment trade the Cycle Trader trading system on his behalf, and that they were “experts at using Cycle Trader.”

Mr. Greenhaw was expecting profits. What he got was a financial nightmare. In fact, from December to March, a period of only 2.5 months, Mr. Greenhaw’s account had been reduced to only $421.

It was discovered that Bressert charged $15,143 in commissions and fee’s, and had lost his entire $26k investment.

I don’t know about you, but $15k in commissions over a 10 week trading period? That doesn’t pass the sniff test.

You can read the complaint in its entirety through the following link:

Additionally, there are two additional reparations cases. But we were not able to find those case, so we can provide no comment.

It appears that a short time after this complaint was resolved, Mr. Bressert disappeared from the Futures industry.

Jeromy Bressert: Lawsuits and Bankruptcies

After we completed our CFTC and NFA research of regulatory actions against Jeromy Bressert, we then began our public records research by searching through various State and Federal courts.

What we found was not encouraging.

In 2001, we discovered a bankruptcy filing in the State of Illinois.

Once again, in 2009, we found yet another Federal bankruptcy filing in the 9th Circuit.

In 2010, we discovered that Mr. Bressert was sued by his former employer, a Futures brokerage located in Chicago, Illinois. The allegations within the complaint were salacious and not very encouraging. And they were as follows:

  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  • That “Mr. Bressert stole company information while he was an employee.”
  • That “Mr. Bressert stole customer client files” and attempted to move clients to another brokerage using the alias name of Jay Beach.
  • That after being fired from the brokerage, he surreptitiously logged into the brokerage and randomly entered and exited trades.

As a result of his actions, the NFA arbitration panel found in favor of his employer and levied a penalty against Jerome Bressert and his cohorts for $245,265. You can read the judgment here:


In as recently as 2015, we discovered yet another bankruptcy filing by Jerome Bressert in the state of Illinois.

In his bankruptcy filing, he admitted that he had been using the “alias” name of Jerome Bressler, which can be seen below…

Additionally, he claimed that his total net assets included the following:

  • $500 in a checking account.
  • $1,250 in furniture.
  • $50 in books and tapes.
  • $650 in clothing.

The list of claimed liabilities included some of the following:

  • Various collection agencies
  • Various credit cards.
  • A payday lender in Chicago.
  • A payday lender in Wisconsin.
  • An auto note pawn lender in Chicago.
  • A pawnshop/payday lender in California.
  • Another pawnshop/payday lender in Hays, Montana.

Mr. Bressert seems to have plenty of experience in the filing of bankruptcy — this does not reflect well. Below is the most recent bankruptcy filing:


The aforementioned appear to be the “major” civil entanglements.

Additionally, we also found references to various “small-time” criminal offenses, including fighting with a police office, a restraining order relating to a contentious divorce, and some sort of physical altercation he had with a person named Vernon Tepe which resulted in a judgment of $19k.

The income claims of Jerome Bressert and Cycle Trader Pro

In a recent YouTube video, dated June 13, 2020, Mr. Bressert stated verbatim, “99% of the time, it doesn’t matter whether you buy or sell, it will make money.” That is quite a claim.

Additionally, on the Cycle Trader Pro website, Mr. Bressert makes additional claims regarding profitability that cross way into the realm of unicorns, fairies, and mermaids.

Frankly, I don’t believe that unicorns, fairies, and mermaids actually exist. And considering that Jerome Bressert has filed (at least three) bankruptcies that we know of…one should be very cautious about claims of earning spectacular profits.

And lets not forget, Jerome Bressert has been selling supposedly profitable trading software, as early as the 1980’s — according to public records.

If his software and trading is so amazing — then why file bankruptcy three separate times? It seems to me that if I had a “magical” trading software that delivered 99% of the time, the least of my worries would be money.

But claims of 99% profitability are only the starting point…you have to look at his supposed “real” trading results that he posts on his website. He offers these supposed results as “proof” and he claims that all of these are trades are “real.” Lets have a look…the following screenshots were taken directly from the Cycle Trader Pro website:

Over $10 million in 7 months?
400% Monthly Average Returns? Really?

Are you seeing what I am seeing? According to Jerome Bressert, this is “real” trading and “its all true!”

This guy is claiming that he typically earns 500% on his Futures trading account — each and every month.

Additionally, he presents that he “withdraws” anywhere from $200k to $2.2 million — every few weeks.

And we are supposed to believe this? From a guy that has filed bankruptcy three times, and in his most recent bankruptcy (2015) claimed he “worked as a Realtor?”

Contacting Jerome Bressert

As you can imagine, TradingSchools.Org has received dozens of requests from readers to investigate Cycle Trader Pro.

Three readers in particular – all located in California – specifically requested that I investigate this significant public controversy.

And when I mean significant, I mean VERY significant. Apparently, Mr. Bressert is a very public figure and has over 700 followers on his YouTube channel where he daily advises on how to trade financial Futures contracts.

Additionally, Mr. Bressert and Cycle Trader Pro are recieving significant traffic and promotion from the Ninja Trader Ecosystem website.

And we all know that I have written many articles about the characters on Ninja Trader Ecosystem.

Regardless, on April 24, 2020, TradingSchools.Org sent Mr. Bressert an email requesting performance history in the form of redacted brokerage statements. This email was sent using an alias.

We conversed with Mr. Bressert the following, and his responses are below…

(Question 1) I have to be completely honest…the performance on your website looks “too good to be true.”

[>>  Jerome Bressert  >>] Its all live trading, so not what to say other than, I follow the math we created.

(Question 2) The cost of the trading room is arbitrary. And I would be more than happy to pay the subscription cost…but you have to show me that the performance is real. Can you provide redacted account statements?

[>>  Jerome Bressert  >>] this is all live trading. I have twice showed the statements. The manage account I do this with is very famous amd said I can not show his info.  I took his info off twice in the room. I am not going to do again.  Sorry. If this was real or not, does it matter, its real time.   People see me in real time do these trades.  Your sub to the room wont change my life style, but it will change yours if you are able to follow the models.


As you can read, Jerome Bressert was NOT able to show redacted account statements, which would have legitimized his supposed performance claims.

Wrapping things up

Considering the prior bankruptcies, being sued and losing a lawsuit to his former employer — a Futures brokerage, the CFTC complaint regarding commissions and losing trades, the multiple alias names, and third party complaints regarding his arrest record and employment as a Realtor, I would need to see actual, verifiable account statements in order to give this guy a pass.

There is just too much negative information in the public domain. And the refusal to verify he earned over $10,000,000 in only 7-months is a bridge too far.

Thanks for reading. And I would love to read your comments below.


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Steve (@guest_5061383)
5 months ago

Looks like he’s running new sites. Guess couldn’t take the heat.

dtchurn (@guest_5061391)
5 months ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

I noticed in the front page photo of his trading desk on (as typical, once the tradingschools spotlight “passes over” the termites re-emerge whack-a-mole like with a new site or new products; glad tradingschools’ reviews indexed on google search are making some impact in this day and age, when there used to be almost nothing but Sykes other shams’ funded phony “review” sites or pages. There’s never enough due acknowledgement of tradingschools on the general web or other trading discussion forums for steering potential new aspiring trading newbs away from becoming dupes of an exposed shamshow) that he uses the same model laptop I’ve been using for my trading for years. (yeah, Ross Scameron also mentioned he uses the same model laptop, but I already had mine before I even first saw his parachuting-hand holding-phony architect old WT site.) Except I always have the red backlight under the keys turned off. And I bet I made more real profits live trading in the past few years using the same laptop model than his continuing sim-shamshows! lol. ( saying it’s “live” trading just because of showing doing sim trades in realtime has long been a scammy pathetic attempt at justification of equating simming with live real trading. Like the two gals of the old “shadowtraders” tried to do and got caught by the cftc for violation with fake claims of real-time sim = real. And of course it exposes, additionally, the sham of a fake guru vendor because everyone knows or eventually learns real live trading is so much different psychologically with personal financial effects, requiring learning and practicing live trading management of trading psychology and risk management , so it defeats these shamshows’ claims of “real-time sim = real”, making them look even less credible, at least to veteran trading aspirants who have since known differently.)

Last edited 5 months ago by dtchurn
Boris (@guest_5057336)
8 months ago

If he was making so much money from trading, why does he need to charge so much money to teach people to trade. He would be doing it out of philanthropy and funding it from all the money he makes trading.

Set up some sort of fool proof way of monitoring him live trade where he can’t copy trade, let him do it for 100 days straight on the open of the ES and then tally up how much profit or loss he made

Also you will need to take note how much exposure and risk he is taking on. Trading without a SL or letting positions get into the red a lot in order to get them back into profit is basically a losing proposition for example

If he can trade 100 days straight profitably with sensible risk management and you have a fool proof way of verifying this, then he can earn some more stars.

dtchurn (@guest_5057338)
8 months ago
Reply to  Boris

Absolutely, if one could make 18 million in 7 months, why would you even bother with a sham site. Banks, brokers and others from the financial world would be knocking on one’s door to work for them in a hedge fund, or starting one yourself. Or one would just profit and run and lay low. Not some (sim platform) shamshow of a website to funnel 3k+ duped sales of newbs or a monthly churn. Years ago, I called up an options school shamshow, and the secretary girl (who was always still “learning” like they always say) was told by her lying boss to say their Thinkorswim account in their “learning” videos was $3 million. But it was revealed that it was the same old sim paper mode of ToS to put on a sham-show. Cylcletraderpro is just another sham iteration of every five years or so of new scams to use the tired old sham vendor tricks to attempt to full brand-new retail trading aspiring dupes except updated to using a modern sim showing platform, and a html-5 glossy site (well, ragingbull-Bond, Scott-nose-neighborhood wealthpress , and warrior-“architect”-fibber also use youtube ad videos and hired shamshow “testimonial” actors funded from their ill-gotten gains from their dupes). And a delusional farce calling sim platform results, often edited, to count as “statements”, thinking they can fool the next potential monthly drove of newbs to churn. Our best recourse is places like tradingschools & comments to call out these scams and hopefully have the CFTC and authorities expose and shut down these newer shamshows, however endlessly whack-a-mole these termites resurface year to year.

Last edited 8 months ago by dtchurn
Jerome (@guest_5057156)
9 months ago
Richard M
Richard M (@guest_5061100)
7 months ago
Reply to  Jerome

Jerome removed the performance result from the site.Maybe he noticed the FTC sues Raging Bull from the news, so he removed it to protect himself from the potential lawsuit. lol

Jerome (@guest_5057119)
9 months ago

do you want to do the 25000 challenge?

Richard M
Richard M (@guest_5057118)
9 months ago

I was in the trading room in late August until about first week of Sept for about 2 weeks into the 30 days trial. During that time I noticed that there were 2 occasions one each week that the trades went against Jerome. I was in sim mode mirroring his trades and was down big. I wrote email and asked Jerome how he manage losing trades… he gave me vague answer “did alot of buying and selling”. I asked him to show the screen, he said ” it is advanced for me to comprehend”. So he mentioned about the fund coming in future in the email. So naturally I did research and due diligent to see it is legit so I can invest in the fund when it plans to open. I saw on google search and clicked on the link. I was shocked to read the report. The next day I logged into the trading room and brought up to Jerome about the finding and post the link of That is when I felt Jerome went into defensive mode. He started deleting all the post or my link in the chatroom. And soon afterward, booted me out of the room for good. I emailed him afterward and never heard back from him.
From my experience in the trading room, you can see the trades in real time and can follow along with it most of the time and can make some money with a big account. But when the market went against Jerome significantly, he turned off the trading charts so you cant really see what he was doing , only to find out the next day that he made money ….when in my sim mode, I lost big…So Jerome does not show you how to manage losing positions, only winning trades. We all know trading is all about managing losing trades….

I just hope that Jerome resolve this issue by providing the redacted statements to instead of the back and forth argument that serve no purpose, because I frankly want to invest in the fund

Jerome (@guest_5057112)
9 months ago

How ever the name of this room is, I will put together for your to be right. I will bet you $25000 in cash a bet. The bet is you can trade in SIM mode, but you have to show your screen in TeamViewer in our live trade room which I will set up. Then you start the day at 8:30 am Chicago Time. and end at 3:15. The rules are you have to trade within margin and winner takes all. The $25000 will be put into escrow account with instructions. are you gamed? Come on, you keep saying I can’t trade this way? Lets do this

Jerome (@guest_5057110)
9 months ago

Most people this is a system, it is not, all trades are shown in real time on the live trade room, so I thought I would post this results seen live in this neg post

Haze (@guest_5057063)
10 months ago

Lots of room members shilling in here.

Last edited 10 months ago by Haze
Mark R.
Mark R. (@guest_5057014)
10 months ago

Well, it seems like you are only willing to accept redacted brokerage statements to believe Jerome’s claims of trading profits and account withdrawals. On the surface, this seems fair.

You also suggest that because Jerome has posted a hypothetical trading disclaimer on his web site that his results are potentially fraudulent unless they have been independently audited or, again, accompanied by redacted brokerage statements to verify claims. Again, this seems fair.

To this last point, I assume you really want to verify Jerome’s trading claims versus his students. I will leave it up to him as to what he will provide you in the form of written verification.

I may be the dumbest guy in the room, but I would like to hear your explanation of why you also wouldn’t be willing to observe Jerome live trade in the trade room?

You could take the same trades as him, even in a simulation account which wouldn’t risk anything on your part. You could then decide by observation if his claims are true or not. He is not asking for months of your time. However, he has occasional losing days so 2-3 days of your time should more than suffice.

Emmett…you seem like a bright guy when it comes to trading cons. Do you have experience on how Jerome can fake live trading results in a trade room being watched by yourself with your own data feed? If you do, please share it with the rest of us. If you don’t, then why aren’t you willing to accept Jerome’s offer of doing this as an alternative form of proof? Personally, I would like to hear what you have to say as to why this wouldn’t also suffice. This only seems fair.

dtchurn (@guest_5057340)
8 months ago
Reply to  Mark R.

This is the same old argument asking why are sim in “live or real time” not the same as live. So many myriad scam sites and rooms in the past base their “business” on being “live” or “just like live”. It used to be rationalized as ok on the bs in past trading forms. But tradingschools is different. Vendors can’t get away with the same crap as they did on the media narrative on old trading forums and discussions anymore since Tradingschools came on the scene and became the new, real sheriff calling out this cess snakeoil. It doesn’t pass muster on the tradingschools standards as well as plenty of the veteran attempted retailers (thousands registered or lurking here) who have had enough with the “hypothetical” shamshows and having had paid to learn faked or bs garbage about trading one could just learn for free on the web or from old books.


also, a nearby comment here reveals what’s going on in the trading room about the fallacy of basically averaging down (euphemistically often called “martingale”) every losing trade. A “rookie”(as Ross of WT puts it, lol) beginner’s mistake and dangerous bad habit if perpetuated, and probably the biggest factor never reported publicly that drains a retail trading account the fastest, probably decimates most retailers accounts who try trading the first time within a few months or less, losing most of the account by averaging down and losing big in just a few trades or within days. A ubiquitous symptom of overleveraging and ignorant , lack of experience, or no adherence to risk management, or learned trading skills and wisdom that newbs often duped go through. And evidence of a big disservice by cycletraderpro and a worst example to average down big just to maintain a positive worthless sim sham account to put up so-called “statements”. That already in itself is a big warning and red flag to any newb thinking to learn the supposed trading “risk management” of cycletraderpro. A shame the obvious sane facts of the reality of trading and the scammy snakeoil traducation aspect, are hardly ever reported or mentioned for any of these shamshow sites and organizations, just more publicly exposed by the vanguard daring of the reported truth by tradingschools and its wised-up commentors.

Last edited 8 months ago by dtchurn
John L.
John L. (@guest_5057009)
10 months ago

I have been a client of Jerome’s Cycle Trader Pro (CTP) trading indicators since July of 2018 and have been in Jerome’s CTP trading room since July of 2020. I have not missed a single day watching Jerome trade futures LIVE using his live account. Since Jerome trades LIVE, anyone can personally follow and trade any or all of the exact same trades Jerome does as I have done in both my live and sim accounts. The only difference is that while Jerome traded E-Mini futures, I traded the micro E-Mini futures, mainly due to the difference in our account sizes. I did not know anything about the things you accuse Jerome of having done, other than where he lives (which of course if you had ever been in his trading room, even once you would have known that). Jerome loves Tucson, AZ and tells us how great the weather almost every day. What I do know is that I prefer to judge a person by what I personally witness them do and not what a Google search may or may not find. Yes, until you actually witness Jerome make $50K or even $500K in a single day while trading LIVE, it is a hard thing to believe but the guy does it consistently almost every day. By the way, that $10 million in gains you posted, is now up over $13 million.

So Emmett, before you judge someone, you should at least personally watch what they are doing today and not base judgement solely on a Google search for something they “might” of done in the past. I bet it would be interesting to do a Google search on you just to see what it may find. Who knows, maybe you were in a Federal Prison for years and now claim to have recovered. If that were true Emmett, would you want us to judge you by what you did then or by who you are now and by what actions we witness you do today?

I challenge you to take the free trial to the trading room Jerome offers to anyone and witness him trade during that time. Then come back and write about what you personally witnessed. It will mean a whole lot more to anyone that may read what you attempt to write.


Mark R.
Mark R. (@guest_5057006)
10 months ago

Emmett…I think you are wrong about this guy. I have known him for 2 years and watched him struggle to develop his indicators and hybrid trading system based on his father’s work. He is the hardest working software developer and day trader I know, and my opinion today is that he is the real deal.

I can’t argue with the public records you post, but if anyone should understand that people make life mistakes, it should be you. FYI…he was brave enough to post your negative review in his trade room and asked everyone to read it so they would hear your side of the story. He then confessed what happened in his life and the mistakes he made in the past. After which, he offered refunds to anyone who wanted them. He didn’t have to do any of this.

If you want to be fair, go to his website and sign up for a free trial and watch him trade live –

You’ll see the same charts as him and all his entries/exits as they happen. As real-time as it gets –

Sammy (@guest_5057005)
10 months ago

Seems like you have an axe to grind. This is not a fair review. This tarnishes all your other review.

denis mahic
denis mahic (@guest_5057004)
10 months ago

hi i am denis from jerome room jerome is best trader i meet ,room is legit and get some money and come visit us in room .when you in room call me up on this and you going to see for your self ,tx

Peter (@guest_5056959)
10 months ago

Ok Emmit, here is my respectful reply.
You have asked me for my trading records.
Who are you?
No information given, you have not provided your details and history.
Why would anyone give out trading records of any kind to someone who could be a scammer, or for that matter anyone?
Only a fool would do that in this industry.
You operate a click farm website that gets paid from clicks.
I do not owe you anything.
Jerome does not owe you anything.

I have given you my honest review of my time with the vendor and my honest appraisal of my received value of that experience. I have nothing to gain, nothing to lose. If you were truly interested in evaluating a trade room for suspected readers of your site, you would integrate positive responses into your review. That would be an expected honest approach.

That suggests this is not an honest value providing site.
Let’s do a little homework who you are and the reviews of your service. Seems like a fair approach.

What did I find: Let’s look at Trust Pilot.

It seems your reviews are not good. 67% bad. Why is that?

Actual reviews from Trust pilot listed below.

Melissa Reiner writes: “This is the most dishonest company on the internet.Complete fabrication and lies coming from a delusional past con man Emmett Moore. Please do your due diligence and research this incredibly malicious individual who is literally out to destroy peoples hard earner reputations and businesses. Unbelievable, you’ll get what’s coming to you one day.”

Mike Walton writes: “Shady, Extortion, Complete Lies… This guy just writes bad and negative reviews so that later on you fork over money so that he takes it down… the fact is we have freedom of the press now so of course, he can write what he wants, but just about all of it is fake so that he can extort money from you. Just read his bio – he went to prison. Come on.”

Dean Handley writes: “Be wary of Emmett Moore and what he says or offers.
Emmett Moore approached me many years ago with a business model to make me into the JD Power of the Futures Trade Industry. Calling himself Moore & Associates, his business address and building picture on his website were false; business associates emails were not delivered and their phones were non-working numbers. I walked away. He then siphoned off my approach to rate rooms, now even using the same criteria I have developed, and puts rooms down at 1 star ratings but as you see with Pitbull, offers a simple solution – onetime payment, to reverse the poor rating. He has an SEC fraud and conviction background, 3 years in a federal penitentiary for having swindled and defrauded hundreds upon hundreds of people of many millions of $ dollars, without any restitution – all covered in great detail on my video: Dr. Handley’s Review: Felons, Criminals and Rogue Traders.”

Jack writes: “Bunch of scammers, these guys purposely write reviews on sites to black mail , the site pay the most they rank them to the top. do not believe what they say, always take the opposite of what they say!”

Seems you are an ex-con. That explains why you like to dig up dirt on vendors and then give them low ratings for possible extortion according to reviews on Trust Pilot.

Elite Trader site thinks the same. Posted pic.

How much was it you scammed? The posted pic infers 956 million?

You, yourself have no gratis to be asking vendors for anything. Have you learned nothing from your prison time?

Anyone trying to gleam value from trading rooms has come to the wrong place if theytake anything you say seriously.

This will be my last post to you as I don’t think you deserve anymore clicks on your website. This topic certainly does not deserve any wasted attention, time or space.

This has been my respectful opinion.

Trust Pilot
Trust Pilot 5
Trust Pilot 6
BigLou (@guest_5056956)
10 months ago

Another one bites the dust!

Peter (@guest_5056955)
10 months ago

You have done your best to smear Jerome Bressert. Looking for things to imply or infer negative character without an equal assessment of his accomplishments and positive attributes. The question is why? What is your motivation? It reeks of smear reporting. If you follow your own reported technique for evaluating someone, you would have spent a few weeks in Jerome Bressert’s trade room keeping track of his daily results. Having done so, you would have witnessed the real time results accumulated throughout the day match the NinjaTrader account results he shows and posts everyday. I have seen the results posted of his trading account just as he says. The trades he takes, he does so in real time showing the real results in his app and the NinjaTrader results page. There are no smoke and mirrors. What you see is exactly what you get and what was offered.

What you failed to mention is that Jerome comes from a lineage of a profesional and well respected Legend in the Trading industry. His father was Walter Bressert, who made great inroads and discoveries into the use of cycles in trading stocks and the futures market. Jerome has furthered this knowledge from his father and offers a useful approach to cycles that I have not seen anywhere. This is part of what makes Jerome’s techniques work is the understanding of cycles and mean reversion.

The other piece of history you failed to mention is that Jerome Bressert wrote software that established the first fast electronic connection to the Globex market so people could trade the futures market. He sold that technology to PFG. That is a huge accomplishment and should be recognized, that you and I may not even be trading the electronic futures market without his contribution.

I have been a client of CycleTrader for several years and I am a member of his Trade Room. I have watched his technique develop over the years and witnessed the specialization of his craft and trading skill which developed his technique. I have belonged to many trade rooms and have studied with some of the great traders. Jerome has talent and understanding and trading skill. I have taken some of his trading technique, and wisdom and it has changed the way I trade and the way I see the market for the better. I could not be happier with Cycletrader software, the Go-Fish product and his trade room. I am not saying this from a point of cognitive dissonance. I am truly a better trader because of the value Jerome Bressert has given to me. If someone takes the time to learn with Jerome, they will likely get a real trading value that can last a lifetime.

Jerome (@guest_5057141)
9 months ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

down 8.975% there you go, you got me,

Curtis (@guest_5056939)
10 months ago

He provides a lot of detailed trading information for free on his site. I am not sure you mentioned he averages down without a stop loss. I have never seen returns like he has. But, with the way the market has been trading, I think those returns are possible as he is only doing like 1%-3% per day while risking 20-30% of his account.

What I believe he is saying with it doesn’t matter if you go long or short is that the market doesn’t move much in the short term and if you average in then you can usually take a small profit. It is probably true that you can win a very high percent of time like that. What’s not said is what happens you lose. I believe several traders in his room blown out with the increase in volatility.

According to this room, he recently went to renew his licenses and plans to open CPO account. I must say if he is not trading real money then he is really brazen about it.

One other thing, he also does not claim to be trading his own money– he only earns 25% of profits..

My guess is he could be trading live money but the tradings style is prone to total loss, regardless.

Hopefully he provides a real proof and clears it up.

Curtis (@guest_5056942)
10 months ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

Emmett, that is simply not true.

While the raw numbers are impressive if he is risking his entire account without stop loss and averaging down it is not as impressive as you make it out.

He’s making around 100k-300k per day on 12 million or 4 million margin. That would be like making $250 per day on a 10k account without a stop loss and allowing to take the account down 3k-4k in a single day. No trading firm would even fund a trader to trade in that way. I think many day traders could put up good numbers for several months with those risk parameters. You could also look at it like that if you had a 4k daily loss limit with a goal just to make $250 consistently– very modest or $25 on a $400 daily loss limit.

Perhaps his backer had the capital to restart him several times if he did not do well- just thinking here.

But, I agree given his background and the risk of investing with him– he needs to show some proof. His method is already high risk even given.

Jerome (@guest_5056948)
10 months ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

So one of my members above said you wrote this. You must have spent a lot of money and time to dig up so much dirt. SO, my 1st BK was a result of the 2007 Real Estate Class, the 2nd was because not in a million years would I pay Russ from PFG who stole my work. My 3 CFTC cases were a direct result of owning the IB’s and not me, as you can see, there were others on the list. But, what gets me silly is your claim about the results. I don’t know if you know this? but we do live trading each day in the room. I can get your thoughts if this was NOT the case, but how can you claim this if it’s live trading? THINK ABOUT THIS? All the traders are LIVE in front of YOU. Think for a minute what the difference is? So, go out find my bad things OR learn from someone who has come back and made good things happen. I get people to like you all the time haters is what I call you. We won’t be auditing this account because the LIVE trades speak for themselves. Think about that. really think about how can you change a live trade in front of hundreds of people? Then report these results? This is not like your guy who reports something online. It’s life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jerome (@guest_5056949)
10 months ago
Reply to  Emmett Moore

I was thinking since you spent so much time and money trying to find dirt on me, let me help you. In 1983, I had my first beer at ASU. In 1984, I joined a frat and had more. In 1988, I moved to Aspen to ski for 6 months and actually had a car accident because my JEEP could not stop in time. In 1989, moved to San Diego to live on my parents 75 foot ship and got my first series 3 lic. Worked for ITG, MV and OI which are allllllllllllllll known bad places to work because of the sales training. Like wolf of wall street, you know!! and then went to Dallas to work with one of the best traders in the world. Went to Chicago, to work on the S&P 500 floor to learn more. Not sure your money learned all this yet? Then started and developed my own IB and online trading system called BEST Direct. Look it up on American Greed where Russ took 200mm from our company. So, we kepts building ideas. Oh, Yes, I got in trouble with drinking and driving.. yep, you found that.. Oops. and now, I live in Tucson AZ. Yep, I did live in Playa Del Carmen on the ocean fo;r 5 years. I have to admit, it was a dream to do this.. I highly recommend it. In any event, we developed GoFishPro app for NT. It handles most all your trades. In fact, one customer said, that if you were to SIM this or not, IT DOES NOT MAKE A DIFFERENCE because the ONLY decision is the entry, from there, it takes over. We show how to use one of the 18 trend models to enter and ONLY reach for fill prices to enter. We also created Market Pulse that monitors 15 market charts at the same time CycleTrader Pro indicators. Bottom line, I love that you wrote this because it give me so much attention. Thank you!!! I have done nothing wrong! I invite you to the trade room and download GoFishPro and see for yourself. It is all Live.

Curtis (@guest_5056953)
10 months ago
Reply to  Jerome

I confirmed the episode referred too is the “The Falcon And the Con Man”. Jerome is featured in the episode.

Jerome (@guest_5057111)
9 months ago
Reply to  Curtis

I was gone for 8 years before this

Curtis (@guest_5057140)
9 months ago
Reply to  Jerome

Jerome– sorry you need to read my comment again. I was merely confirming the veracity of your statement where you claimed you were featured on American Greed. Episode refers to the TV episode referenced.

The meaning of the word “Episode” should be clear given the context. I was not implying you were part of Russ’s fraud.

Last edited 9 months ago by Curtis
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