Buyside Global: Can you trust Jason Brailow and Peter Balla?

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BuySide Global: Are these Elite Con Artists?
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BuySide Global claims that they have developed world-class, Advanced Order Flow Software coupled with next-generation AI or artificial intelligence. In short, they claim that they can predict the direction of all financial markets, on all time frames.

Apparently, they have developed a “crystal ball” where users simply copy and paste the investment recommendations and massive profits will be delivered to investment accounts on a daily basis.

The software is accompanied by a live day trading room and an automated trading robot that executes live trades on investors’ behalf. The product has been highly touted and promoted by NinjaTrader through multiple live seminars.

The owners of the company claim over 25 years of Wall Street experience working for “Wall Street’s largest financial institutions.”

Unfortunately, neither owner of the company can provide any proof or verification with FINRA, the National Futures Association, or the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. Claims of financial affiliation appear to be a ripe fantasy.

Since at least the mid 2000s, the ownership of BuySide Global has been sued multiple times for fraud by numerous State Attorneys General, the United States Federal Trade Commission, and various parties for many multiple million-dollar ‘Work-from-home’ scams. They were even sued by Oprah Winfrey and Google Inc.

Their activities include admitting to specializing in ripping off Trump supporters through an elaborate and fraudulent billing scheme selling all manner of get-rich-quick whack-a-doodle.

Owners of the company can provide zero proof that either has ever invested successfully with live trading accounts.

This appears to be a complete and total scam. Avoid.


World class marketers

Expert boiler room salesmanship


Ownership sued multiple times for fraud

A long and sad history of regulatory fines and emergency injunctions

Lies, more lies, and a never-ending stream of half-truths and outright exaggerations

Thanks for reading today’s review of BuySide Global? What is BuySide Global and what are they selling?

BuySide Global claims that they have developed a highly advanced computer algorithm that automatically reads “order flow” of the stock market.

Further, the company claims that the software employs “cutting edge” algorithms that are completely managed by AI or Artificial Intelligence by their inhouse data scientist — a person named Dr. Jason Brailow, PhD.

Apparently, and according to company literature, the company claims they will “show you in real-time what the Smart Money is doing.” And, “its truly revolutionary because it reveals exactly what institutional traders on Wall Street are doing — in real-time.” And, “It predicts the future — on any time frame — for stocks, futures, ETF’s, commodities, Forex, or Bonds.

According to Mr. Brailow and Mr. Balla, “the institutions control the stock market, and we have developed Artificial Intelligence and special computer algorithms that reveal exactly where the stock market will go.”

And Jason Breilow claims, “with my secret knowledge” you can “use it to become fabulously wealthy in the stock market.”

Finally, the company also coos onto the sales page…

“How would your life change if you knew you could consistently make money trading EVERY day?” However, no mention of any investment losses.

How is the product delivered to the end-user?

According to Jason Brailow and Peter Balla, the consumer has two choices in order to become fabulously rich.

The first option is to simply log into the live interactive day trading room, which is hosted by Peter Balla. In this room, you can watch the Artificial Intelligence investment robot dole out live trading recommendations.

Investors are recommended to, “Simply copy and paste the live trading recommendations with your investment account. As you copy and paste the investments, you will become incredibly wealthy and very happy.”

The marketing materials of Jason Brailow and Peter Balla contain hundreds of testimonials of supposed real customers that have supposedly obtained fabulous success and are very happy with their decision to purchase the magical prediction software. The following are supposedly ‘real’ customer testimonials…

I have been very successfully trading with your indicator now for the past 2 months. In fact I am profitable everyday.  -Tom

Just wanted to send you a note telling how much I am loving the BSG room. I am almost about half way to my goal ($6,000). -Dave

I’ve been trading for over 20 years and tried everything to make money. This is freakin’ truly awesome. -Dr. Tom

$500 per day has never been so easy. It has changed my life. I can now quit my job and retire in style. -Joel

The second option to obtain great wealth is to simply purchase the Artificial Intelligence trading robot and let it autonomously execute the trades on your behalf — directly through your investment account.

Simply turn it, and let it start making money. Sort of like Ron Popeil’s automatic chicken roaster, “Just set it and forget it.”

Let the robot do whatever it does, and collect easy riches every single day!

Verified Performance?

Obviously, these are the sort of claims that TradingSchools.Org often writes about. Nearly all turn out to be scams. However, we decided to reach out to BuySide Global via alias email and alias recorded telephone calls to verify the claims and supposed investment performance.

What we recorded was not encouraging.

The company website clearly states that “trading performance is hypothetical.” However, once BuySide Global obtains your email address, you will then begin receiving marketing emails that claim the investment performance is not hypothetical.

Further, you will receive a nearly non-stop stream of marketing mumbo jumbo proclaiming amazing success and glorious investment profits. I have included several snippets of several recent emails below…

I call this classic “bait and switch” marketing. What does that mean? On the public-facing website, you will find relatively benign performance claims.

However, once your email address and phone number have been obtained, … you will begin receiving a stream of outrageous profit summaries.

The idea is to draw the target onto the primrose path of easy money riches, and then consistently tempt the target further unto the ultimate goal.

The ultimate goal is to convince the customer into purchasing annual subscriptions for investment advice. And the cost?

According to the company, the cost is $3,600 per year (when we first checked). With potential upsells and promises of “personal investment mentoring.”

The “private” mentoring includes much interaction with Peter Balla and Jason Brailow.

Who is Peter Balla?

According to the promotional materials provided by BuySide Global, Mr. Peter Balla is an elite MBA with “15 plus years of Wall Street experience and worked with the world’s largest investment banks.”

However, according to FINRA, the regulatory authority that manages investment professionals…there simply is no Peter Balla.

I find it hard to believe that a “15-year investment professional” that supposedly “worked at the world’s largest investment banks” would have absolutely no registration or little public trail.

Who are these “World’s largest investment banks?” Or is this complete and total bullshit…

Of course, you should not believe me. You should check for yourself by utilizing the FINRA investigation portal…

The only public trail that TradingSchools.Org could find regarding “Peter Balla” is a now-defunct product titled: Wall Street Forex Robot. Image below…

Peter Balla, Controlling Director at BuySide World-wide demonstrates the proprietary application algorithms.

Who is Jason Brailow?

According to the BuySide Global website, Jason Brailow is the Controlling Director of BuySide Global.

TradingSchools.Org performed an exhaustive public records search of Federal and State databases and court records. We discovered that although the BuySide Global website claims a business address in San Diego, Ca (mailbox) the company is actually registered as a New Mexico LLC.

Additionally, we discovered dozens of now-defunct websites that were previously operated by Jason Brailow. Some of these websites include:


Using Archive.Org, we investigated many of these websites and discovered that they all promise a “work from opportunity.”

The “opportunity” is basically the same pitch as, where the consumer sits behind a computer and executes “Proprietary techniques” that supposedly earn people thousands of dollars each day — all from the comfort of home.”

Additionally, on December 30, 2019, the Federal Trade Commission sued Jason Brailow and his associates for fraud. Incredibly, the FTC produced evidence that Mr. Brailow and his associates scammed over 50,000 consumers across the United States.

This is truly a staggering number. The fraud started in 2015 and continued until 2017 — when they were finally shut down by the Federal Government. The total losses for consumers were estimated at $14 million dollars.

The operation was both elaborate and villainous. According to the Federal Trade Commission, the company employed a boiler room sales operation and routinely charged credit card purchasers for products and services using “straw man” billing.

In other words, once they had your credit card, they attempted, through fraudulent means, to drain the entire credit card balance using various illegal billing channels.

As crazy as this all reads, I would recommend that anyone considering dealing with BuySide Global to please read the Federal Trade Commission’s press release and court filing.

Federal Trade Commission Press Release

Federal Trade Commission Verified Complaint

Additionally, numerous reputable news organizations have also reported negatively on Jason Brailow and his confederates…

Salt Lake Tribune/Associated Press

Forbes article on Jason Brailow

Fraudulent Online Advertising

Many readers are probably curious how these “BuySide Global” characters were able to ensnare thousands of people looking for “work from home” income opportunities.

Well, the methods were cold and callous. And outrageously fraudulent, for instance, they created fake advertising campaigns and regularly advertised on Fox News and CNN.

However, after extensively researching court filings, the company had a special affinity for targeting elderly Trump supporters. As the FTC discovered in subpoenaed emails and documents, Jason Brailow and his sales confederates simply delighted in Trump supporter’s perceived naivete. In short, it was their special set of victims.

Below is a small sampling of the fraudulent advertising that was used to defraud consumers by advertising on Fox News…

Of course, there were no “Work-At-Home-Jobs.” It was all a scam and part of an elaborate system to fleece consumers of whatever resources they had remaining.

Online Con artists since 2008

Of course, running online “work from home scams” is certainly not the first scam these characters have been running.

In fact, it is just one of many scams dating back to the mid-2000s.

The earliest recorded scams were phony diet pills that supposedly promised to get you skinny overnight.

And the company promised that the pills were “absolutely free.” However, all you had to do was pay for the shipping for a “free sample.”

Once your credit card number was obtained, then the company would systematically fleece the consumer of whatever credit was available on the credit card.

Yep, you guessed it…the Federal Trade Commission also busted these thieves in a separate Federal court case. I have included a link to the Federal Trade Commission press release from way back in 2009…

These are just the scams that we could easily find. There are perhaps many, many more online scams developed by these hucksters.

Through a court record search, we discovered that they were sued in 2009 by the Illinois Attorney General for fraud where they claimed that the products were endorsed by Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Oz. They were not.

Yet again, they were sued by Google in February 2011 for trademark infringement. In that case, Google alleged that they marketed “work from home” opportunities and that Google had sponsored their activities. They did not.

Shall I continue? There are plenty more examples. But you are probably now getting the picture. And to continue to highlight and expose each and every fraud would swamp the internet and weigh down my website.

The Underlying Theme: Work from Home Scams

I want you to think for a moment…what is BuySide Global? Essentially, at its very core is a “work from home” opportunity.

These characters are simply selling the same mumbo jumbo that they have always been selling. But its been repackaged as an “Artificial Intelligence Trading Robot.”

Here is a hint: There is no Artificial Intelligence Trading Robot. There is only a scam. From a couple of characters with no registrations or qualifications to be offering investment advice to anyone.

Shame on NinjaTrader

What I find really unsavory about this BuySide Global investment nonsense is the involvement with NinjaTrader Futures Brokerage.

It appears that after the “work from home” scam was finally shut down by the Federal Trade Commission in 2017, these characters threw together this trading robot nonsense and partnered with one of the largest futures brokerages in the United States.

In fact, NinjaTrader has been aggressively selling their nonsense and providing marketing support and webinars to their thousands of brokerage clients.

Again, this is not my opinion, the following links are recent webinars where NinjaTrader is providing marketing coverage and promotion… (over 5k consumers watched this nonsense)

We have uncovered at least three of these NinjaTrader promotions to thousands of potential victims.

Wrapping things up

These are the sorts of scams that really get under my skin.

What really irritates me about this shitshow is that consumers can easily debunk this nonsense by simply asking for verifiable account statements from the brokerage. And I assume that would be NinjaTrader.

The honest and legit companies that I review all have one thing in common — they allow me to contact the financial institution to verify performance claims.

But of course, these bozo’s have nothing to share. Go ahead and ask for yourself, TradingSchools.Org certainly did.

But be warned, they are expert telephone salesman and the ultimate slick talkers with an ultra-smooth delivery. They sound so honest. Brailow especially, can use is forked tongue to slick out your credit from the tightest wallet. He is that good.

The overwhelming evidence supports the opinion that these characters should be placed in a concrete box with barred windows. Let them eat prison starch for a few years.

I am afraid that until someone finally charges them with criminal fraud, they will simply keep offering “work from home” scams. We are way beyond a “slap on the wrist.” Hopefully, readers will agree.

Thanks for reading. Avoid BuySide Global.

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I think this article is incorrect. I have known Peter and he sold 100% of his company mod last year so this has nothing to do with him. He doesn’t run it. No skin in the game. He is working in another industry. I’m not here defending anyone but I don’t like people’s name smeared when they didn’t do anything wrong.


Article is about life time long scam not last year.


If you are so adamant about buyside being a scam then don’t get into it. There are plenty of other signal providers you can seek. I know it works for me. One need to practise & practise & practise and prove their profitability in SIM before they actually go live. More than 90% of Traders don’t do that & hence they lose money. They then blame signal providers rather than themselves. I call such traders losers who are trying to become instant millionaires and looking for schemes which will make them millionaires so they can drive gladly cars. Making a… Read more »


Didn’t you read the article ir you are the vendor youself?