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joe donzi
joe donzi (@guest_31704)
3 years ago

PLEASE review the trading mentor Michael Valtos “Order Flows.” He seems like a genuine and honest mentor with a long professional trading background, however he belongs to the Ninja group of mentors which harbors many fraudsters which you have reviewed. M Valtos actually seems like an experienced and successful trader, however his never ending self promotion make me wonder. If Michael Valtos is able to trade profitably, why would he bother sending hundreds of e-mails and hosting hundreds of webinars selling a one thousand dollar mentor-ship? From his videos he should easily be able to pull 20 ES points out of the market which would ne him the same one thousand dollars.
Thank you Emitt for this excellent blog and website.
Sincerely, joe donzi

Dean (@guest_3048105)
2 years ago
Reply to  joe donzi


Samir (@guest_4055477)
1 year ago
Reply to  joe donzi

Just another scammer. Stay away. His course is useless and he doesn’t trade. Go check out the thread on this p.o.s. He oly scammed me for $97 but there are plenty of stories online of people that left much more money with him. I tried excercising the advertised 14 day money back guarantee. Unenforceable via Paypal, much to my surprise. Of cours ehe did not answer any of my email. Pathetic thief.

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